Saturday, June 11, 2011

To Android Users: Android App Alert - Little Photo | OTD
Let me just say that I'm soooo glad that I chose to get an android phone when I bought one last November. One little blessing with my android phone is that I get updated FAST with all my friends' blogs and I get to read em all even when I'm not online.That makes me one happy blogger! Now let me introduce to you one amazing Android App that can do wonders to your photos - LITTLE PHOTO.

Anyway, with all the hype about Instagram, I've been curious about it lately. I love how the photos come out with the Instagram (an iPhone app unfortunately.. ) and I also found out that it has also a "social network" feature to it. Lucky apple users! Still I wanted the photo effects badly so I searched in the android market and found Little Photo - a photo app that adds "film and retouch effects" on your everyday ordinary pictures! I couldn't believe that it was free (THANK GOODNESS!) and I love the amazing photo effects! It even makes ugly photos look good with the effects! And the choices are endless! Here are some samples:

Original Photo
with "Instant Film" feature
with "White Story"
A combo of several effects! (Model: Stephen)

Model: Sofi (shopgirlJen's baby!) - I used "Angel Kiss + black paper frame" 
The Little Photo app makes me feel like a pro! I love it! Its sooo good that I just had to blog about it. Here are some additional features that makes me love it a whole lot more:

  • Auto saves original photo
  • Can use high resolution 800px (may not work on some older phones)
  • Has sharing capacity (twitter yeah!)
  • Has additional tools such as text, draw, frames, 4eyes (4 photo collage), etc.

It now has around 10,000 plus people installing it on the market but more than a million at Appbrain. And I just wanted to share it to you guys to satisfy your craving for instagram! LOL. Here are the links to Little Photo Facebook and Little Photo Android Market App. Or simply go to the android market and search "Little Photo" to download and install it on your android phone. They also have an additional plug-in if the effects are not enough to satisfy your photo editing tendencies, they are offering a plug-in of MORE film and retouch effects for $0.99 or  Php 42.55. Not bad eh? So go get your Little Photo now and enjoy!

AND to end, here's my Outfit of The Day!!!

Top - Thrift Shop, Jeans - Forever 21, Black boots - Solo, Necklace - bought in Palawan, Ring - Girl Shoppe,  Bracelet -  my sister's!
Yes I was using my cellphone camera so pls excuse the crappy photo details. :)
And no, I decided to NOT Little Photo edit this one. 
And this is not a sponsored post. :)

Thanks for visiting! (A Little Photo Edit! Yes with text!!!)
Soooo coffeeholics, what's your favorite iphone/android app? 


Shopgirl Jen said...

love it ate kai!! :) cutie SOfi! :)

Kaisensei said...

:) Sofi looks like an angel there! super cute!!!

Unknown said...

I'm also using an htc phone! and Im in love with it. would check this app asap! LOL

I gave you an award sis! check it out :)