Friday, June 24, 2011

Accessory Haul at SM Accessories' RED SALE at SM Manila

SALE ALERT GUYS! It's Manila Day today so its a nonworking holiday for most of you there in Manila. So why not drop by SM Manila and get your accessory haul now! They are having a grand accessories RED SALE at the upper ground floor of SM Manila from June 24-26. Fashionable items for men and ladies are up to 50% OFF and as low as Php 50. If you're looking for accessories that fit your style and budget, then don't miss out on SM Accessories' RED SALE!

Here's a sample of the things that you could check out now..

Cool hats from as low as P70-200 
Lovely bracelets as low as P50-200

Romantic Hair Accessories from as low as P50-200
(I want the vintage like hair  ribbons and flowers!)

Must have clutch, pouch, or bags from as low as P50 - 300

Statement hats only P75-200

Scarves perfect for the chilly weather as low as P75-300
(I need a new one.. want animal print!)

Statement necklaces for as low as P100-150
(That's a steal! love the necklaces!!!)

Trendy Colorful Belts for as low as P100-150

Perfect for the weather cool hats for as low as P100-150
I on the other hand, grabbed some awesome SM Accessories in advance at SM Makati last Saturday. I was checking out some stuff at the SM Department Store when I saw this section of accessories. They had some items for sale! From Php 150, it was marked down to Php 100. BUT that's not all! (haha.. I sound like an infommercial!) Not only was it just 100 pesos BUT it was BUY 1 TAKE 1 Sale!!!! When I found that out, I HAD to buy some of the accessories even though it wasn't on my agenda. So here is my current SM Accessory Haul:

AWESOME HUGE RING! Its plastic BUT i love the colors. Its sooo me!
from SM Accessories m.i.c. collection
Cool stud earrings!
So what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to get an accessory haul from SM Accessories RED SALE at SM Manila. You might stumble upon some wonderful "treasure" finds at SM Accessories. Don't forget, SM Manila's SM Accessories' Red Sale is only up til Sunday, June 26.

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