Thursday, May 31, 2012

SALE ALERT - Third MegaBrands Sale on June 1-3

MCT Events Management Holds the 3rd MegaBrands Sale in June 2012

Megabrands Sale is considered as one of the most anticipated events where shoppers buy their favorite brands at reduced prices, and as an effective venue for exposure and promotion for great and upcoming brands in the market.

Once again, MCT Events Management will stage the Megabrands Sale on June 1-3, 2012, at the World Trade Center, Pasay City with its official credit card partner, RCBC Bankard.

A Back-to-school and Mid-Year Three-day Sale will showcase leading brands, both domestic and international. Price cuts of up to 70% discount from tag prices will truly make this SALE event worth going to.

Discriminating customers await BIG discounts in shoes, bags, gadgets, men’s and ladies’ fashion, sporting goods and accessories, personal care, perfumes, time pieces, eyewear, housewares and appliances. 

Top participating brands include Samsonite, Giordano, Luminox, Cole-Haan, Levi’s, Dockers, Hush Puppies, Sebago, Rudy Project, Nokia, Tefal, Dowell, Moulinex, Nike Golf, Slazenger, Elle, Wenger, Skechers, Bossini, Gola, Vans, Tomato, Parker, Puma and many others.

There will be a soft selling on May 31 for the RCBC Bankard Credit Cardholders and for the event partners. The event will be officially open to the public on June 1 until June 3, from 10am to 9pm.

The event also falls on a payday weekend that makes it perfect for back to school shopping. Shoppers are also in for a treat. Aside from buying your favorite brands at a discounted price, there will be giveaways, raffle draws and entertainment within the duration of the event.

During the Megabrands Sale, Anime Alliance and Innovision Entertainment Production will stage the Pinoy Super Heroes, Batang Standout, Teen Super Model Philippines and Cosplay.

All major credit cards are accepted. Per DTI NCR Permit # A1-0300 Series of 2012

For more details about the event, please call 643-5490/ 576-6362/ 502-1546/ 399-2935 or follow us in MCT Events Management Facebook and Twitter.

The 3rd Megabrands Sale is organized by MCT Events Management in partnership with RCBC Bankard and Innovision Entertainment Production! With our media partners: The Manila Times, Business Mirror,, Lifestyle Network,,, and yours truly - Brew of The Day!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

OOTD - Teal Appeal

Shoes - Australian
Denim Jeans - Bazaar
Cover up top - Mom got it from Australia
Teal Tank Top - Thrifted
Bag - Tomato

Necklace - SM Accessories
Bangles - SM Accessories
Watch - Timex
Ring - Girl Shoppe

Hey Coffeeholics! I haven't done an Outfit Diary Post for some time now so I posted this outfit that I wore to a late lunch event at the mall. This has probably got to be one of my favorite casual mall outfits. Believe it or not, wearing any color besides black has always been a challenge for me so finding an outfit besides black is always OOTD worthy! I love the cover up coz its quite unique. My mom got it from one of her friends in Australia when she went there years ago. So its kinda vintage. I love the "old" feel that it has to it. Also one of my favorite part of this outfit is the accessories! hehe. I know I'm a sucker for accessories. So it was my first time here to wear the necklace which I love very much.

Anyway, that's all for now. I think I can safely say "Goodbye Summer" and HELLO Raniy Weather?  After the scorching heat, now we have to endure the humid and sticky air. I greeted the Rainy Season last week on my bed coz the sudden change of weather hit me hard and triggered my asthma. I had to stay home for 3 days and just rest and sleep so I wasn't really active online. Good thing that I was able to recover well coz I was able to attend Philippine Fashion Week last Weekend. Definitely you will hearing that from me in one of my posts.

So coffeeholics, how was your summer vacation so far? Classes will start again starting this Monday! Are you ready for that? If you haven't geared up yet don't miss out on the Green Light Sale that Trinoma will be having this weekend. See you there!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beauty Time - ARTDECO launch at Beauty Bar

ARTDECO now here in the Philippines.
I don't often get to attend makeup workshops so I was really looking forward to the ARTDECO Beauty Bloggers Workshop held at Beauty Bar, Greenbelt 5, Philippines. 

ARTDECO: Germany's no. 1 Selective Makeup Brand was created in 1985 and is now available all over Europe and the world and now back here in the Philippines! ARTDECO is more than just a cosmetic brand - ARTDECO combines numerous collections into one integrated concept which is unique on the market. 

ARTDECO products are tailored to customer expectations. ARTDECO stands for individuality that customers demand from a premium retailer, just as much as the exclusivity of high-priced international brands. ARTDECO symbolizez trends; it incorporates the trends faster than its competitors. This enables ARTDECO customers to obtain the newest must-have products at affordable prices at all times. 

We were graced by Make-up Artist Ms. Carmen Reyes who showed us how to use the ARTDECO products. 

She demonstrated how to make a day to night look on blogger Issa.

And also with the help of Angela from Lush Angel, Ms. Carmen also showed us how to make the "Red Lips" look your very own. 

One of the awesome things that Ms. Carmen showed us was this very helpful ARTDECO Eyebrow Stencils which I'm really loving! I have very thin and messy eyebrows so this ARTDECO Eyebrow stencils and Eye brow powder is definitely a must have for those having eyebrow defining problems. 

Eye Brow Stencils pack has a brush applicator already and three Eye Brow Stencils to choose from.
The bloggers were all given a chance to try out their products.

Here are some of the ARTDECO products that I was able to try out and really liked.

ARTDECO Hot Chili Lip Booster really plumped my lips!
Available at Beauty Bar Philippines at P 825.00
ARTDECO Make-up Base - P 995.00
ARTDECO High Performance Lipstick - P 895.00
ARTDECO All in One Mascara - P 850.00
ARTDECO Longlasting Liquid Eyeliner - P 825.00
I tried this one out and fell in love with it! Its a must have!!!
ARTDECO Rich Treatment Foundation - P 1,200.00
ARTDECO Eyeshadow - P 350.00
ARTDECO Camouflage - P 450.00

ARTDECO Professional Brushes and Eyeliners.
ARTDECO also has nail polishes!
ARTDECO truly has a lot to offer all with affordable prices. :)
Uniquely ARTDECO - Create your own Make-up Palette and  get your Beauty Box Quatro for Free!
With Miss Carmen Reyes at the ARTDECO Event.
Anyway, I'd like to thank Beauty Bar Philippines and ARTDECO for this event!
Really enjoyed it and also meeting up with some of the bloggers. :)

Always having a blast with my blogger buddy and bff SHOPGIRL JEN

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...
Hehe.. couldn't resist getting this shot!

The eye shadow base, lip stylo (lip foundation), and high performance lipstick are my favorites!
Hey Coffeeholics! Stay updated by following BEAUTY BAR PHILIPPINES on Twitter. Have a great week!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Winner of Kaisensei x Royal Koffer SATCHEL BAG giveaway

Who doesn't want to own this bag? :)

Hi Coffeeholics! I apologize for my late pst of the winner of my giveaway. I was sick the past few days so I was only able to finalize things only now. The reason why it took so long was because I had to total the number of entries per person and then assign RANDOM ticket numbers per entry to give everyone a fair chance. My goodness.. assigning random numbers per ticket per person is no joke. I think I did it the hard way coz I swear I know it shouldn't be this hard. On my next giveaway I will use Rafflecopter. ANYWAY, using, the first number to appear after clicking the "generate number" buttont -- the winning number is 17! So after checking my excel list, this means the winner is...


Kindly email me your contact number and mailing address so that I can send the bag over. You have 72 hours to confirm and contact me about these details. Otherwise, the prize will be forfeited and I will draw again another winner. 

As for everyone else, thank you so much for all your support in reading my blog. Hopefully I will have another giveaway again thanks to my blog sponsors. There might be another one again very soon. :) So let's look forward to that.

Anyway, I hope you all have an AWESOME weekend! God bless!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Fashion Tribute to American Idol Jessica Sanchez

Philip Philipps verses Jessica Sanchez
Whose gonna win?
Photo credit here.
Its nearly time to find out who wins the most coveted title as THE American Idol, and as the world waits with bated breath on who finally snags the title - lets then have a small breather and just bask on everything that is awesome about Jessica Sanchez now shall we?

Well obviously, I'm a fan of Jessica Sanchez. That girl has some guts and some talent! Will she win? Well this is my personal opinion, but I think the both of them are great singers. Who wins American Idol means that they have the bigger fan base. So yeah, basically I think it will be the battle of the AI fans. 

Now what better way to fangirl about our dear Jessica (besides her amazing voice!) then fangirl about her awesome outfits on stage. Whenever I watch American Idol, I always end up checking out Jess' outfits coz its truly astounding. Now I know some people think her outfits make her too old. But me, I think she is still trying to look what looks best on her. 

Photo credit here.

Photo credit here.

Photo credit here.

Photo credit here.

Photo credit here.
Photo Credit here.

photo credit here

Photo credit here.
Photo Credit here.
Photo credit here.

Photo credit here.

Photo credit here.

Photo Credit Here.

Photo Credit here.
Photo Credit Here.
Photo credit here.

I love watching Jessica go on stage and sing. I especially love checking out her outfits as she wows people with her voice. My favorite has got to be the latest one.. the white cut-out dress that makes her look cute, young, fresh, and oh so fashion forward! Nice one Jess! What is your favorite Coffeeholics?

Now that the stage is all set.. tomorrow will be the last chance for her to win everyone's hearts and votes. So yeah, please continue to support Jessica and let's all make her the next American Idol!

Have a Beauty Break at Bioessence

BEAUTY BREAK. Yes please! Hehe. Well, who doesn't need it? So when I found out that Bioessence has invited us to visit them again to experience their version of a Beauty Break, I was thrilled! Every girl or guy needs a break every now and then and Bioessence has come up with such an awesome plan for those who desperately need a TIME OUT from their busy schedule and get "recharged" again in a short amount of time.

So a Beauty Break (BB)  is a 30 minute treatment. Its specially designed for those who are so busy at work or stressed and need a quick break to release the tension and stress that one is experiencing at that time. I don't know about you but for me, one of the ways I de-stress is by having a massage or having a "pamper me" time. So I can really relate to what Bioessence is offering.

Miss Cha from Bioessence giving us some tips on how to de-Stress!
Since I've already been here at Bioessence, I didn't take the grand tour anymore. Since the Beauty Break Event was for bloggers, most of the others did take a look around. Then we all sat down to listen to a short lecture on the cause and effects of stress on our bodies. Some of the tell tale signs of stress can be attributed to hair fall, lack of sleep, and lack of water intake! I learned a lot during this talk and will definitely keep in mind the things I should do to avoid breaking down due to stress.

BIOESSENCE is offering you a Beauty Break Facial for only P350
The most complete 30 Minute pampering facial.
This treatment includes, steam, extraction of blackheads, Vitmain C Cream, and back massage. 
After this, we all had to wait for our turn on the various treatments that they were going to let us try out. We were all offered a facial treatment, a back massage, and a foot reflex. Because I already had a facial from Bioessence just recently, I decided to opt not to do that but instead go for the massage and foot reflex. I had been really looking forward to having this back massage. I was given a "Shiatsu" type  of massage which was a first for me. Like I mentioned earlier, whenever I am stressed -- one of the major de-stressing activities that I do is to get a massage. Usually, most of the masage parlors here in the Philippines offer a combination type of massage which would incorporate the Shiatsu, swedish, and "pinoy hilot" style. So technically, this is my first time to experience the Shiatsu massage which is a combination of medium pressure on acupressure points using the whole hand or fingers and also some stretching is also involved. What can I say about the massage? Well my face above says it all! I am happy and relaxed. I never thought that exerting pressure at the right places can remove stress and be so relaxing.
Some bloggers at the event - Krissy, Jen, Kit, and Carriza
Anyway after that, I had to wait with some other fab bloggers for our turn. Most of the other bloggers during that time were already experiencing the wonders of Bioessence. Look who I stumbled upon -- Cha in one of the rooms and snapped a photo of her having a facial!

Cha from enjoying a Bioessence Facial
During the wait, some of us were offered to try out their Hand Paraffin Wax Treatment. I've never had this treatment before but the fact that it was "wax" had really caught my interest. So I was pretty excited to try it out.

Liquid Paraffin Wax
So the first step to the treatment was to dip your whole hand inside the liquid paraffin wax. Having a low tolerance to pain, I was kinda feeling a bit scared and freaked out (I mean it is WAX after all!). Especially after watching the others do it before me. LOL. But I wanted to try it out especially after finding out the beneficial effects it has on oneself.

ME psyching myself up that I can do this!

No pain no gain! lol!
My whole hand was submerged in the liquid wax. Oh boy it was really a shocker! The first dip was definitely hot! The attendant fanned my hand so that the wax will solidify. After that, my hand was dipped in the wax 3-4 times so that my hand was fully coated with the wax. It wasn't so bad after that.

Then they wrapped my waxed hands with cling wrap for several minutes.
The hand paraffin wax treatment is good for those who work a lot with their hands (aka for people always online and typing and using their latptop! lol). It is said that the treatment is good for your hands especially for those who have pasma. Also smoother hands anyone?

Jen and Carizza showing off their paraffin wax treated hands!
The best part of the treatment, when they slowly peeled off the wax off my hands!
Then some lotion was added and my hand was treated to a wonderful massage.
Hmm.. talk about pampered hands! I could get used to this. :)
After the hand paraffin wax treatment, I was finally able to try out the foot reflex. It was such a divine experience that I totally forgot to take photos! lol. Lets just say that its definitely a treatment I want to 
get if I spent the whole day standing up and on my feet. 


Pampered feet. Pampered hands. A back massage. A facial. A Beauty Break at Bioessence is definitely on my list of things to do when I am stressed. 

Carizza, Jen, Miss Anj, and Me!
Many thanks to the wonderful and super accommodating staff of Bioessence West Ave. for treating us bloggers to this Beauty Break. Thank you Miss Anj and Bioessence for inviting us over!

Check out what Bioessence has in store for you!
So Coffeeholics, wanna have a taste of a Beauty Break by Bioessence? Then do drop by a Bioessence branch near you.You may call 376-7106 or 0918-8-BEAUTY for inquiries and appointments. Also, to check out their latest promos and offers, check out BIOESSENCE Facebook page and BIOESSENCE Twitter for more updates.

Hope you all have a wonderful week! I'm still currently on the road of recovery from my asthma episodes. Yes, thank God I'm definitely getting better. See you all soon! mwah!