Sunday, July 31, 2011

SM Accessories Winners at Myx VJ Search 2011

Myx VJ Search 2011 Finals Night finally commenced last Wednesday at SM City The Block Atrium.
 A lot of fans showed up to show their love and support to their chosen VJs. I had a blast watching the event thanks to SM Accessories who were the co-presentors of this event. A lot of things happened during the event but for now, I just want to focus on one of the highlights of the evening -- the SM Accessories Challenge that was given to the MYX VJ 2011 finalists.

Meet the finalists!
Before the new MYX VJs were announced, SM Accessories held a "stylish" game were they challenged each Myx VJ 2011 Finalist to make a distinct look for themselves by using only a certain amount of SM Accessories. They had to go to the racks and display and pick out items for themselves that will personify what a stylish VJ should look like! And here are some of their looks! Check it out!










Joyce, K-la, and Marge wearing awesome SM Accessories necklaces!

Angelia, Camille, Cara, and Chewy
Out of all the wonderful and stylish outfits that the Myx VJ 2011 Finalists, only one guy and one girl can be chosen as winners of the contest! It must have been difficult for the judges to choose which one wins the challenge. They all looked fab to me! Such distinct personalities and styles can immediately be seen in the way they have chosen to accessorize themselves.

SM Accessories Team ready to award the winners!
Each winners gets 5 Thousand worth of SM Accessories!
Wow sarap naman nun!
So who do you think won the SM Accessories Challenge?

Awesome necklace! I think that's two necklaces combined? 
Love her silver cuff as well! 
AND the winner from the guys is DREW!

Definitely caught a lot of people's eyes!
 CONGRATULATIONS to the Drew and Joyce for winning the SM Accessories challenge!

So Coffeeholics, whose your favorite VJ who styled themselves right? Deserving nga ba? Hehe. I love the accessories! Serious. Totally digging Joyce's silver cuff! Watch out for part 2 of this series!

OOTW - Introducing What My Sis Wore

Starting this August, I'm going to start a weekly post about my fasyon fashion sister Laura! I've mentioned her here before and  she has sort of guest blogged here as well.  I've always admired her fashion style and I think she deserves a space on my blog. After all, some of my outfits and shoes were all orchestrated by her! So every week, I will start a series called "What my Sis Wore" or WSW that will feature one of her outfits for the week.
Meanwhile, check out my sis' previous looks. Isn't she so fab? Love yah sis!

I really love the print of her skirt!
Shoes - Michael Korrs
We have the same shoe size but it doesn't fit me! sad!!!!

ME and SIS! 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

OOTD - Black & White Stripes and Gongcha!

I haven't done this for a while. It is always challenging for me to even wear white. So this is my only concession with white -- black and WHITE stripes! It was a bit chilly when I had this photo taken and I only used my cellphone cam. Sorry about that!

Top - Random Shop, Black Leggings - Bazaar, Black Scarf - Miss Essentials, 
Black Wedges c/o SM Parisian.

Now take a look at my new favorite hangout at SM City North Edsa Skydome!

Get ready for some Gong Cha Love! Gong Cha is finally here in SM City North Edsa! They just had their soft launching at the Sky Garden so please bear with them for the moment. ANYWAY, ever since I found out about them, I haven't stopped craving for more of Gong Cha! haha.. my poor coffee taste buds are now wondering why I'm converting to tea. Now here's a look at their yummy drink!

YES! I finished ALL of that! Yum yum yum.

 Milk Tea with Pearls at Php 95.00

Bought Gong Cha Milk Chocolate at Php 110.00 for my sister!

What can I say about it? BOTH drinks were THE BEST! I super loved it! I can't help rave about it! As for the drinks, you can choose the level of sweetness according to your taste. I wanted to cut the sugar so I chose 70% level of sweetness for both drinks. Another Gong Cha drink that I love is the Gong Cha Winter Melon Tea. The tea itself is sweet so there's no sugar added to it. I swear, its one of the best tea drinks ever!! Its a must try! 

So the next time you drop by SM City North Edsa, try out Gong Cha! The staff there are also super friendly and they were the ones who recommended me the drink and level of sweetness. They were very patient and helpful. Plus, it was really sweet when one of their "baristas" (haha.. I know we use that term for coffee shops -- does the same term apply to them?) remembered me! (Chos, ganun na daw ako ka addict at kadalas magbisita!). So yes, super recommend ko GONG CHA. Go na coffeeholics, your coffee taste buds will love tea lattes. Ang importante, there's still CAFFEINE! (Warning, drinking tea though will make you diuretic!)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011



Watch the Finals Night of MYX VJ Search 2011. 
Its at SM THE BLOCK ATRIUM and starts at 6:00 PM.

Who will win?

You can watch MYX at SkyCable Channel 23. Also, check out and log-on to and also join MYX Phlippines Fanpage on Facebook. Tune in and find out who will be the new VJ MYX this 2011! See you there at SM THE BLOCK ATRIUM!

VJ MYX 2011 is co-presented by SM ACCESSORIES.  Follow SM Accessories on Twitter and  SM Accessories on Facebook for more promos and info on what's latest in Accessories.

So Coffeeholics, whose your bet? Its sooo hard to choose! Let me know who you think will win!

Rubber Flats for Commuters on Rainy Days

I know, I konw.. the weather here in the Philippines has gone bonkers! Its super hot and sunny one moment then bam! The sky suddenly darkens. The air suddenly becomes hot, sticky, and humid (which by the way really gets to me coz it triggers my asthma.  I swear, I know now when it will rain coz I suddenly start wheezing.. >> scary but useful!). Then lightning, thunder, then the whole cats and dogs and water comes splashing down. And now, classes have been suspended. Thankfully they announced this early so I don't have to worried about getting home or get drenched as I commute home.

I know there are probably other commuters out there who share the same dilemma with me, SAVING YOUR SHOES! I know, I know.. its tough! The weather is so erratic that the shoe you wore to work might not survive on your way home due to the rain. I remember one really bad day where my shoes were ALREADY SOAKED. I hated it and I knew that if I continue it would really be ruined. I had to run to a nearby shoe outlet that were selling rubber slippers before I continued commuting home. So ever since then, I followed one of the recommendations of one of my friends! Let me introduce to you my new rainy day shoes - JESSICA!

Its now my favorite pair of  travel rubber flats! Its super affordable only Php199 and can be found in our favorite department store - SM! Since its rubber, you have absolutely no fear in walking in puddles, getting your shoe splashed and drenched on, and having it ruined because it can stand the weather! Plus, it doesn't look like the typical rubber flats (croc imitations). It looks cute and durable. Which is the most important part eh? Check out the "Jessica" line. They have other awesome "rubber" stylish shoes being sold at SM Department Store. Practical and stylish. Need I say more? So coffeeholics, the rainy season is here to stay. Go get your "Jessica" and save your shoes from water abuse! Go na!

P.S. I wasn't paid to blog about this. I bought my own Jessica shoes weeks ago! I even went hunting for it from different SM branches because it was out of stock in SM City North. I got this at SM Cubao. I heard it was one of their best sellers. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shopping for Feather Earrings and Feathered Ear Cuffs

Ever since last summer, I've been seeing celebrities and other bloggers wearing feather earrings and necklaces. I find the feather accessories very attractive! Here are some feather accessories that I like very much that some celebrities wore:

Gwyneth Paltrow - The HOT PINK feather earrings really stand out! LOVE THIS!
Photo Credit

Vanessa Hudgens - The longer, the LOUDER, the better!
Photo Credit

Lauren Conrad - Peacock Feathers for an elegant touch! Love it!
Photo Credit
I love accessories! I guess it all rubbed off from my mom. She makes her own jewelry using a lot of glass and swarovski crystals, pearls, and prescious stones. So she taught me how to use her tools which made me
very much tempted to make my own version of feather earrings.

Unfortunately, great ideas that are not worked on become distant dreams. I didn't push through with making my own. But I did end up finding some stores online and places where you can physically visit to get your hands on some of these fine feather accessories!

Get it for 300 pesos!
One of the first stores that I saw super cool accessories is from the STYLE PRODIGY SHOP which is owned by Izza, the sister of one of my favorite beauty bloggers, Say Artillero. Her unique creations are not only lovely but outstanding! I saw several feather ear cuffs worn by Say herself in one of her vlogs and it really stands out! I love how chic, trendy, and so feminine she looks when she wore the ear cuffs. Watch her latest vlog on How To Apply Eyelashes and check out those feather darlings as well.
Visit Ear Cuffs by Izza Artilllero to check out the other styles available and prices.

Trendy and Stylish BLACK Feather Earrings from MIC SM Accessories at Php 199.
2. SM ACCESSORIES - M.I.C. (Make It Complete by SM)

When I saw this at SM Accessories department, I just knew I had to get one! AND I DID! Many thanks to SM because I was able to use one of my GCs that I got from SM ACCESSORIES (THANK YOU!) and I did some Accessory shopping (which I blogged about here) during the Great Northern Sale at SM City North Edsa. The brand is actually called "M.I.C. - Make It Complete". So far the only colors that I saw were just black and white. They had two different styles for the black feather earrings so I had to choose which one best suits me. So this is what I chose. As for the price, it is quite affordable. You can purchase your own feather earrings for as low as Php 199. Word of caution though, check each feather carefully for any defects before making actual purchase.

Wonderfully Shocking Fuchsia Feather Earrings by Girl Shoppe at Php 130 ONLY!
As an accessory lover, one of the shops that I often check out for new, chic, and very affordable accessories is GIRL SHOPPE. Most of my rings came from there! Plus, I also happen to pass by 2 branches of Girl Shoppe on my way home from work - its my route during my train hopping/mall shopping adventures before I  arrive home. This fuchsia feather earrings caught my attention at their window display on a mannequin. When I found out that they only had THAT as its only pair of Fuchsia Feather Earrings, I immediately had it removed from the mannequin! I didn't care, those last pair of cute feather earrings were meant for me! Plus its super affordable at ONLY Php 130! Winner sa price diba?

Feathery Purple Cuteness! I SUPER LOVE THIS!
WINNER ang price! ONLY Php 100!!!!
Anagon has been in the accessory business for about five years already. So she knows and understands that sometimes girls need to find their accessory fix and other fashion trends at a much cheaper and lower price. This is what I adore about the Anagon Collection! I haven't had the chance of buying from Anagon yet but I probably will soon. *crosses fingers* (T_T I'm currently on a major shopping ban especially for this upcoming
August. huhu.)

Also, I had a chance to meet Ana in person.  She's super nice and friendly. I'm really glad to have met her! Do you know that she appeared on TV as well? She was featured on ANC's Shop Talk just this month! Oh diba! Please do check out her Anagon Collection Multiply Store and her blog, The Fashionista Commuter.

So there you have it! My pick of 4 stores that can stave your hunger for your feather earring fix!
Now as to HOW or WHEN to wear your feather earrings, why not read this very helpful "How To" article at Euphoria Online by a dear blogger friend, AVA, from She gave very helpful tips on how to wear your feather earrings properly. Visit Euphoria Online to check out her article there.

My Gwyneth Paltrow Feathered Earring Peg.
How do I look? :)
So coffeeholics, do you have feathered accessories na? Are you IN the trend? Or do you don't like it at all? Let me know your thoughts! 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Captain America is My Inspiration!

Can't believe that all our favorite comic book heroes are now all jumping to the big screen. Thanks to special effects and advanced technology, what seemed only possible in comics can now be translated to real life! Well or something very much like real life.. Hehe. And now the first avenger is introduced. So what's so special about him?

Well, Captain America, a.k.a. Steve Rogers, started to appear in his comic world universe during the World War timeline. He was a sickly young man who became a super soldier because of an experimental serum to aid the United States war effort. He was a true patriot and immensely loyal to his country. Suspended animation and a revival brought Captain America into the Avengers mix which later led him to become the leader of the Avengers. And the rest is Marvel History!

What do I like most about Captain America? For me, I think Captain America is my inspiration because he never gives up. There were times when he wanted to quit. In fact, there were times that he DID quit or was forced to quit his "Captain America" title. Yet eventually, he always somehow finds himself going back to his identity and to his destiny -- which is basically to save the United States and the WORLD  from all sorts of destruction as Captain America. I know I heard this somewhere.. "Once a superhero, ALWAYS a superhero." And that is sure a fitting description of Captain America. 

And so now, here we are! We get to watch the story of Captain America to unfold in the year 2011! 
I can't wait to watch it! Let me know what you think when you do.
So don't forget to drop by your favorite SM Cinema to watch this upcoming movie very soon in a theater near you! 

For more promos and updates, like them on Facebook and visit Check it out now!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Valii Time Pieces Launches New Collection Gummy Scu

Last Wednesday, I was invited to the Valii event with Jen (many thanks to Anagon!) and met up with fellow bloggers at The Peninsula Manila Hotel. 

Yes I'm right smack in the middle! hehe.
With some blogger friends eating and chatting while waiting for the event to start.
It was quite a posh event which really says a lot about Valii. After all, we were all having cocktails and snacks at The Manila Peninsula Hotel! Valii, a name that expresses the perfect blend of luxury and elegance, just launched their latest collection of watches, Gummy Scu that night. Here are some highlights of the event:

Valii's wonderful hosts, Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdez, Abs, and Ms. Grace Lee
 I always find Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdez's outfits amazing and astounding.
I believe she's the only one who can pull off these one of a kind outfits!
Hosts with Anita Chan
Valii Time Pieces are originally designed by renowned jeweler Anita Chan and feature Italian craftsmanship combined with Swiss and Japanese movement. Her main idea was to create a watch that would complement her jewelry. Using different colors and materials, Valii offers the wearer the ability to mix and match the watch of their choice with their jewelry, clothes, mood, and lifestyles.

Arnold Vegafria and Michele Sison  with hosts
Anita Chan is joined by partners Michele Sison, fashion designer, and advertising and marketing strategist, Arnold Vegafria to bring Valii to the spotlight. Their collaboration will undoubtedly create excitement and visibility for Valii. 

Take a look at the elegant and stylish time pieces offered by Valii! 


Diva - Love this!

The Amore Collection
Valii's Latest Collectio - GUMMY SCU 
Gummy Scu
The Philosophy of Valii - Elegance is Luxury. Style is Luxury. Time is Luxury.

Valii is exclusively available at Anita Chan at 
1st Level Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Drive Corner, Estrella St., Makati City.

You may contact their store at +632-898-1459 or +639178634358
Visit their website at

Earth, Ana, Tracy, Krissy, Keigh, Honey, Reg, Ava, Jen, and Yours truly. 
I learned a lot of things this night.The value of friendship and kindness. So may I end my Valii night with this:
Having elegant and stylish friends plus spending time with them is also a luxury!
(hala! i-apply daw ang philosophy ng Valii sa totoong buhay! hehe! love yah gals!)

P.S. I wasn't able to do my outfit post later in the evening due to me not feeling well by the end of the event. I would also just like to thank the wonderful staff of Peninsula Manila Hotel for their wonderful assistance. Thank you to the superb service of Miss Sol, Miss Gina, and Miss Irene (Night Manager on Duty)! Thank you also to Keigh for offering help and to the other bloggers as well. Your concern was much appreciated! Mwah! 

P.P.S. Plus of course, many thanks to Jen, my blogger buddy for the night for being extra patient, understanding, and wonderful! Love yah! Mwah.

P.P.P.S. Many thanks to Frank for the photos of the group pics!