Monday, March 31, 2014

Clear-Skin Summer with Proactiv 15 Day Maintenance Kit

Its the last day of March already! Yes finally, classes are over. Its time to officially say hello to summer with -- what else but a super fun vacation! Can you feel the heat? Whew! Honestly, the sweltering heat is driving me nuts. I can't make up my mind if I should go to somewhere near water (hello beach! hello swimming pool!) or go up up and savor the cool breeze of the mountains (hello Baguio! Flower festival! Here we come!). And I bet you too are making lots of plans this coming April especially the Holy Week where almost everyone either goes back to their respective provinces or to the choice summer destinations in the country. But whatever you choose, one thing is common. We all might end up traveling these next few months. My question is -- are you geared up to have clear-skin ready for summer break?

If you are a frequent traveler, than you know how difficult it is to travel light. Usually the big bulky stuff you end up lugging around with you is your toiletries. Yep that's me! I spend some time convincing myself that I don't need to bring with me my whole morning ritual preparation items. I know there are a lot of cool advices on how to pack and organize things so that you may bring only the essentials. But what about skin care items? I really do not like transferring them to "smaller travel sized containers". It is convenient yes but I feel like the quality and cleanliness of the product is compromised and ends up unhygienic. And if you have spent like how many thousand pesos on that -- all the more frustrating right? So whenever I end up traveling, I end up bringing the big bottles which makes traveling a bit more difficult than it should be. But there should be no worries now for all Proactiv users because Proactiv has made life easier for you and me especially this summer with the new Proactiv 15-Day Maintenance Kit that is now available in the Philippines!

Proactiv 15 Day Maintenance Kit is perfect for travel! First of all it's compact and easy to carry. The kit includes the complete 3-Step System-Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner and Repairing Treatment-in three 1-oz. take-aboard bottles. Oh and get this, it even comes with a Free Refining Mask! The snap-close pouch is 3.75 x 4.25 x 1.25 inches and fits easily into a backpack, purse or gym bag. This is definitely a boon for those always on the go. The kit makes it easy to maintain your acne-treatment regimen. So yay! No more lugging around huge bottles for your acne treatment! Really though, its definitely a good thing that Proactiv made these smaller sized containers. Coz even if its summer or even if you are traveling, you cannot also have a "vacation" on your skin care regimen if you want to have an acne-free vacation!

Don't forget how Proactiv works on your skin! It intervenes the process of acne-formation therefore resulting to the treatment of your existing blemishes, and at the same time giving you the protection of preventing future pimples from ever appearing again. From the moment you are born, your skin begins a lifelong process of shedding dead cells and producing oil. This process can be disrupted by your hormone balance, which throughout your life. The acne cycle is initiated when excess oil and dead skin cells combine to plug the pore of a hair follicle; behind the plugged pore, bacteria grow and multiply, triggering inflammation and swelling. That’s an acne blemish.

Proactiv intervenes in this process by:
1. Killing the acne-causing bacteria
2. Reducing swelling and redness of existing pimples
3. Preventing pores from being clogged
4. Removing dead skin cells thru mild exfoliation
5. Removing excess oils

And you definitely want Proactiv to keep on working hard to maintain your clear skin during your summer vacation. I mean hello?! Who doesn't want a pimple-free instagram worthy summer vacay photo right? And so you definitely need to use the Proactiv® System every day, twice a day,  as it is critical to maintain that clear skin. The Proactiv 15-Day Maintenance Kit has everything you need to maintain your regimen, no matter where you are. The handy carrying pouch includes convenient 1-ounce bottles (approved for airport security) of your complete 3-Step System: Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner, and Repairing Treatment. The Proactiv Solution 15-Day Maintenance kit is Php 1,650 ONLY-- available at selected Watsons and SM Department stores nationwide.

All "summer" photos are courtesy from @travelmerchant16 :) Many thanks!
So yep coffeeholics, this summer have lots and lots of fun under the sun and maintain that healthy clear skin. Don't forget to take Proactiv with you wherever you go by using the Proactiv 15-Day Maintenance kit!