Monday, December 22, 2014

Be Stress-free and Acne-free this Christmas with Proactiv

Christmas season can be a very stressful time of the year. It’s the time of year when we usually experience a lot of good stress like the excitement brought about by Christmas shopping and family reunions. But we can also experience bad stress such as Christmas rush traffic and year-end business activities. Regardless if good or bad, stress may aggravate acne.

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I've had my fair share of stress and the aggravating acne that comes with it. The increased levels of stress stimulate the body's production of various hormones and trigger different changes in the skin. Sometimes it causes the skin oils to become more viscous making you more acne prone. Stress also reduces your body’s natural immune defense and your skin doesn’t fight off bacteria build-up as well. When these happen, we become more prone to breakouts. Acne begins when oil collects at the base of the hair follicle and becomes trapped by dead skin cells. Bacteria flourish, form a plug and swell beneath the skin. Stress can make acne worse, causing more anxiety, and creating a vicious cycle.

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I for one has been a bit stressed these past few days.Last week was the "last" week in school for the year 2014. Of course we were all happy but still stressed out with all the practices the students had to do to give their wonderful Christmas presentations for their parents and families to see. Trying to squeeze in some Christmas shopping was also a bit stressful.. whew especially with the TRAFFIC oh diba? To top it off, one of my closest cousin just got married last Saturday, and being one of her bridesmaid was fun but I couldn't help but feel a bit stressed with all the wedding preparations and other bridesmaid duties. But the good news is.. I SURVIVED. I had to.. despite all the puyat and pagod. That's because I made sure that despite all that stress.. I had to find a way to "de-stress" coz bawal din ako ma-stress sabi ng doctor ko (more on that on another post).

Here are some of my favorite ways to de-stress

1. Pamper your feet with a foot spa!
Imagine relaxing your feet in that warm bubbly water. :)

2. Have a mani pedi and relax at your favorite nail salon.
3. Have a MASSAGE (my most favorite way to relax!!!)

FYI I did 1-3 the night before my cousin's wedding
hehe.. that's me and my sis relaxing.. syempre the bride had a massage first 
while we had our nails done. 

4. Snuggle in bed and read a book.
5. Or better yet, Use Proactiv Solution Combination Therapy to prevent acne before they begin.

It's better to start early and prevent acne to become more aggravated right? This can be done with the Proactiv Combination Therapy System. It is a 3-Step System that work together to cleanse your skin, fight the blemishes, help stop new one from forming, and gently heal damaged skin.

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Step 1: Renewing Cleanser
This medicated Renewing Cleanser is made with exclusive micro-crystal benzoyl peroxide – featuring smaller, finer particles designed to quickly penetrate pores to start killing acne-causing bacteria on contact. Tiny exfoliating beads gently remove dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells to help keep pores from clogging.

Step 2: Revitalizing Toner
This refreshing, alcohol-free toner helps remove impurities and excess oil so your skin looks and feels clean, soft and refreshed – not tight and dried out. Soothing botanical agents gently balance your skin tone.

Step 3: Repairing Treatment
The repairing acne treatment is a feather-light medicated treatment that gets deep into clogged pores faster but is designed to be gentler on the skin. It’s an oil-free formula that’s safe for your entire face.

Bonus: Refining Mask
Our rich, deep cleansing mask uses sulfur, a proven acne blemishfighting ingredient that reaches deep into the pores, heals existing blemishes, pampers inflamed skin, and softens and refines the skin’stexture.

So this Christmas, have a stress-free and acne-free face by using the Proactiv Solution Combination Therapy. Gift it to yourself or to your loved one this Christmas! Don't forget to take advantage of the ongoing Proactiv promo which is  The Proactiv 60-Day Limited Edition Pack with FREE Proactiv Advanced Daily Oil Control 50ml which is available at Watsons and SM Department stores (Beauty Section) nationwide. Also, don't forget that you can order your own Proactiv Set ONLINE.. just click this link here.

Have a Merry Stress Free Christmas! :)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Win Free Tickets to Bloggers United 8 x OLX Holiday Fiesta

You've probably heard it by now.. YEP, its BU8 na! How quick time flies. I remember the excitement and the fun I had in shopping at the first ever BU several years ago. Now I'm happy that not only do I get to attend BU but become a part of the BU Team. I will be at the Registration Table so do say Hi when you go! :) So here are the deets people.. AND FIND OUT BELOW how you can get FREE ENTRANCE TICKETS to one of the most awaited shopping events this Christmas season!!!

We've found our perfect match!
We’re leveling up this Bloggers United 8! Come join us and find not just our pre-loved clothes but also other items like gadgets and other unique finds! Just like in OLX where you can find unused items that are still functional, in #BU8xOLX, you can also find a lot of other things that we once loved but can now become yours!

The biggest fashion blogger gathering in the metro, Bloggers United, partners with the #1 online buy and sell platform in the country,, for a grand holiday fiesta this December 7, 10am to 7pm, at Whitespace, Makati! Mark your calendars and expect lots of great finds at affordable price tags from your favorite fashion bloggers!

OLX offers a fast and easy way for Filipinos to sell their secondhand items online. It is the Philippines’ largest marketplace for buying and selling items of all kinds, such as clothes, mobile phones, cameras, bicycles, musical instruments, furniture, and cars.  It is available on the web at or on the OLX app on Android and iOS phones.

BU just keeps getting better with lots of fun activities, games & prizes and new participating bloggers, so make sure to be there at the best pre-holiday celebration for you, your friends and your family! And since we’re partnering with OLX, expect your favorite bloggers to sell a wider variety of items! #levelup It’s also the season of giving so our charity partner Philippine Red Cross will  be there to collect old books and toys.

But not only that, you can also win iPhone6, GoPro Hero 3+ and H&M GC’s by attending this event and posting what you bought that day on Instagram with the hashtag #BU8xOLX and tagging @bloggersunitedph and @olxph. So do not dare miss this event!

Tickets will be available at P100 on the event date, or catch the many free passes contests from the BU Bloggers and our event sponsors. See you there! 

For more information and updates, follow Bloggers United:

So do you have a ticket to BU8xOLX already? If not, good for you coz you might still get a chance on these free tickets! I will be choosing 5 winners and each winner gets 2 free entrance tickets so that you and a friend get a free pass. How to win? Here's how:

1. Copy, paste, and retweet this: " Win free tickets to #BU8xOLX for this Dec. 7. Visit #KaisenseiBU8Giveaway @kai_sensei "
2. Comment below your name, your twitter username, link of your tweet, and your email address.

I will randomly choose 5 winners from those who joined and announce winners this Friday night on Twitter and tag you and PM you. :) Upon winning, all you have to do is go to the Reg Table and mention that you are on Kaisensei's Guestlist. Oh and most probably I will be there at the registration table so no worries. :) Good luck and have fun shopping! See you there! :)