Monday, October 31, 2011

OOTD - Boracay in Kenneth Cole

Swimsuit - Kenneth Cole
Black Tube Top - Landmark
Black Swimming Shorts - Landmark
Hat - *D'mall Boracay
Shades - Gai Sano (Roxas)
Like I mentioned before, I was at Boracay last October 22-24. It was a wonderful treat for me after a week (or more like a month!)  long of super hard work at the school where I'm teaching. I was with my students during that time even in Bora so I'm in super conservative dress up mode. LOL. Actually, even if my students weren't there, I'd still wear THIS much at the beach. Yes, still a bit body conscious so I'm wearing black shorts and black tube top coz my Kenneth Cole Swimsuit reveals too much cleavage.. even for me! LOL!

Anyway just a back story of this swimsuit-- I got this when I went to the States last 2010. I was at Ross' (of all places!) and found this cute "Tankini" - Tank Top Swim Wear with matching bikini. (Yeah I'm wearing the bikini but you won't catch me just wearing only that! Shy ako.. haha) Anyway, when I saw the print and that the brand was Kenneth Cole, I was very happy! I don't normally wear these colors but I'm glad I got it coz its a very generous print. It hides a lot of "flaws" LOL!

So thanks to Kenneth Cole Swimwear, I was able to enjoy my Boracay Vacation without worrying or be conscious about my body figure. Isn't great to finally find a swimsuit that suits you? I wouldn't have posted this here if I weren't happy with what I was wearing - promise!The weather here in metro manila had a summer-like feel lately plus the PFW SS 2012 shows also helped in giving the illusion that summer is here na!  So coffeeholics, have you found the perfect swimsuit already? What would you prefer to wear for summer? Tankini, 2 piece, or a 1 piece suit? Do share your summer wear thoughts na!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

OOTD - PFW Spring/Summer 2012 SM Ladies Fashion

Still need to finish some back log blog posts but just wanted to post this outfit I wore during this Philippine Fashion Week 2012 Summer/Spring Collection at the SM Fashion Ladies' show last Tuesday, October 25.
If I look bronzed and semi-haggard, please forgive me. I just came from a week long convention at Roxas City then a 3 Day BORACAY vacation the night before and I wasn't feeling so good. In fact, by the end of the show I was quite sick already and had no voice. So I apologize to my fellow bloggers that night coz I wasn't able to socialize as much. 

Tank Top - Random Bazaar
Black Coverup - Details
Denim Skirt - Forever21
Shoes - SM Parisian
Also was feeling kind of conscious because I gained weight during the convention. Ba naman, buffet breakfast at dinner ba naman during that one whole week! haha.. Not an excuse I know but I felt the weight so I tried to compensate by wearing BLACK. Yes thank goodness I had a lot of black clothes! Wearing black always makes me feel so much better because black is a very generous color and covers and disguises and is a very effective optical illusion. (something I try to convince myself of whenever I wear black! lol!)

Photo credit thanks to GIE!
With another ALL B|LACK OUTFIT gal - JES ROQUE!
She looks absolutely FAB dontcha think!
Photo credit: GIE
With the bonggang Miss Genn D! Love her outfit here!
And here's a super cute photo of me with Gie!
Love this sweet gal! Photo belongs to her.
AND even though we are different body shapes and sizes
I'm so glad my sis Laura and I can share shoes. hihi..
So she's wearing MY animal print shoes and I'm wearing HER netted fierce black shoes.
And yes, both shoes are SM PARISIAN!
AND so Coffeeholics, that's all for now for a sneak peek of my Philippine Fashion Week (PFW) Adventures! Were you guys there? Have you checked out already all the photos of Fashion Week? Which collection/brand did you like best? Do let me know!

Food Diary - Appetite Restaurant Festival at Shangri-La Plaza

Appetite Restaurant Festival at Shangri-La Plaza

Brew of The Day attends another Food Trip Galore! This time the challenge was to "Taste The World" thanks to Appetite Magazine's 7th Anniversary most delicious event of the year - the Appetite Restaurant Festival 2011! Together with Shangri-La Plaza and MasterCard, Appetite presents a unique dining experience where you can let your taste buds travel all over the world -- all in one fabulous place. Foodies can indulge in international cuisines from different restaurants for irresistibly affordable prices!

Unveiling of the beginning of the Appetite Restaurant Festival
Hosted by Sam Oh dressed as a Flight Stewardess!
Thanks to Mega Publishing and Appetite Magazine, we were given a treat and was able to have a foretaste of what foodies can expect when they "Travel the World" by trying out the specially-made Appetite Sampler Menu platters from the participating restaurants at Shangri-La Plaza up til the end of November. I swear, I have never tasted so much food in such a short amount of time.My taste buds were overwhelmed and extremely satisfied with the samples that the participating restaurants showcased. Here are some of the food that I sampled.


CLAWDADDY Barbeque Baby Back Ribs
was absolutely DELICIOUS!
Its a MUST TRY for those meatlovers out there!
This was my favorite pick out of everything I ate during the whole event.
Yes, it was THAT memorable!

Photo credit -
I was also able to try the Fish and the dessert and loved it!
So for those interested, you may drop by Claw Daddy at Level 6 The Ledge, Shangri-La Plaza Mall. 
For inquiries or reservations, you may call them up at 6365679.


I LOVE PASTA and this Tom Yum Spaghetti is THE BOMB!
I LOVE it! I wanted to eat more of this but I can't coz then there wouldn't be anymore room
to taste the other dishes. lol. But this is definitely FILLING! I love love the pasta its super worth it!

The Chocolate Indulgence Cake was perfect! It wasn't too sweet and yes I definitely indulged in 
this cake and ate it with no guilt feelings whatsoever. hihi, goodbye diet!

Photo credit -
Don't forget you can still avail of this special Secret Recipe Appetite Festival Platter up til the end of November!
Check out Secret Recipe at the 5th Floor of Shangri-La Plaza Mall.
You may contact them at 6370367.


One of the best salads that I tasted during the whole event! 
I love the tropical feel to the salad and it just reminded me of breezy summer
days when our yaya would mix something like this for us to eat.. 
I guess the memory trigger was due to the seaweeds included here.
Promise, it tastes nice and refreshing! Love it!

Anyone up for a different kind of dessert?
Try out C2's Durian Brulee!

Photo credit -
Don't forget to check out C2 at the 6th Floor of Shangri-La Plaza Mall!
You may contact them at 6361510.


After all the heavy meat and rice meals, I found an oasis of light delicious sandwiches
that really appealed to me basically because it looked appetizing. But also I was intrigued by the 
name of their sandwiches. In the end, I ended up tasting ALL of the sandwiches there.. (ahahaha.. yes I literally STUFFED myself!) and also couldn't resist a bite of the Bolognese pasta being served.
My verdict? LOVE IT!
Animal Farm sandwiches!
Journey to the Center of the Earth sandwiches!
The New York Times Best Seller Sandwich
(Signature Triple Decker)
Bolognese Pasta
I know you are probably wondering, how on earth was I able to consume everything?
Simple, I only took a bite. LITERALLY! lol. It was very hard though coz the Bolognese pasta was sooo light that I wanted to eat more!

Photo credit -
Wanna try out their awesome sets? Check out Pages Deli at the Ground Floor (Streetscape) of Shangri-La Plaza Mall. You may contact them at 477-4718.

So now I have a confession to make, I stopped taking photos after a while and just concentrated on tasting and eating! LOL. I really wanted to know how good the fare was. I was able to try out 10 out of the 13 participating restaurants. AGAIN, I promise I didn't overindulge (swear! lol) but I just took bites out of the others. 

For more information on participating restaurants and their special Appetite Festival Platter Special Menu, please visit
  We were all given a passport so that when we have finished visiting a "restaurant destination" we get our passports stamped. So yes, here are all the participating restaurants of Appetite Restaurant Festival 2011!
Of course eating won't be super fun without wonderful friends with you!
So here are my eating buddies.

Me, UrMajestySire (Twitter buddy!),  Mrs. Sabater (mom), Dra. Maris Sabater-Paredes, Tin (, and Jen (
Photo credit - Jen

We had an awesome time talking with Dra. Maris. She looked super cool and fab that I couldn't resist taking a sneak photo of her shoes.

What is.. WEDGE! Love it!!!
Shoe of the day - Zara

Thanks Dra. Maris for reading our blogs! She said that she enjoys reading blogs and well I'm happy to hear that we have such a lovely reader like hers.

With Appetite EIC, Ms. Nina Daza-Puyat.

With Paula of When In Manila
Really had fun at the Appetite Restaurant Festival 2011 Event!
So Coffeeholics, do let me know if you tried out one of the restaurants during the festival!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

OOTD - Finding The Key

There was once a girl who thought that she was an outcast.
It wasn't that people called her outright that she was an outcast. 
But in her messed up mind she thought that each look, each word, and each day 
were full of hurting words and hurting people.

The sad thing was - she thought it was real. The voices in her head kept hounding her at night -- that she was worthless, she was ugly, she was fat, and she was nobody became like a chain that slowly wrapped and entangled her. Chaining her. Bounding her. She could no longer smile or feel happy. She felt that she was a person with no emotions. That couldn't be quite right! How to survive daily life?

She wore a mask. Each day. Every day. A mask that would hide the pain. A mask that would hide the bitterness. A happy mask, a strict mask, a goody-goody mask, a blank mask.. until finally, she didn't know what she was anymore. She got lost.. buried under those masks. Masks were only temporary solutions.
Illusions on what really was underneath. But masks tend to crack through time..  to then slowly reveal 
the innermost self that she didn't want others to see because she was scared that they will reject the REAL her and it will be all the more painful. That's why she numbed herself in the first place.

The day finally came when the numbness was too much. The cracks were too hard to disguise.
Amidst the hazy mist of pain.. Finally a light shone through.
The light was gentle. The light revealed the TRUTH.
That all her fears and hurts were all unfounded.
A dark cloud that blurred one's sight. 

Hearing the TRUTH heals. Allowing the TRUTH to sink in can sting but in a good way.
Time heals wounds. Scars fade. She soon realized this that  
by facing her unfounded fears one by one and confronting it -- 
It wasn't fearful or as painful as she thought it would be.
The Light helped her see all of this. It was hard to swallow and it took some convincing.
BUT it was life changing. Nothing beats encountering the Light!

The LIGHT dispelled the darkness hovering over her for so long.
It was the KEY that she needed to open and loose the constricting chains that had
tied her up for so long. The LIGHT made her realize that she was loved. 
Most importantly, that SHE WAS WORTH IT.
No matter what shape, size, or weight she currently had.
She was fearfully and wonderfully made!

With that realization, she could walk and stand tall.
 She embraced her self for what she was and realized that it wasn't bad at all! 
She found out the secret! 
The secret that with the LIGHT in her, she was BEAUTIFUL and everything was beautiful. 
And that she can smile and be happy again because she was secure in this LIGHT.

Denim Jacket - Landmark
Brown tank top - Random Bazaar
Denim Jeans - Random Bazaar
Shoes - c/o Manels
Bag - c/o Tomato
Key ring - Anagon Collection
Black ring - gift
Black Bangle - gift
Beige Bangle - SM Accessories

So now she can feel good about herself and smile proudly.
That as God's Masterpiece, she can be happy about who she is and love herself as well. 
Thank you God for showing me the way. 

Psalm 139:14

New International Version (NIV)

14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; 
   your works are wonderful, 
   I know that full well.

(taken from


Hi Coffeeholics, felt like somewhat sharing what I went through before I started blogging and "loving" myself. 
Sorry for the somewhat "emo" post style of this OOTD. 
I'm currently struggling again with body figure issues and I had to remind myself about this.

I don't normally open up this kind of stuff online but I wanted to be real. Have any of you have felt something like this before? Insecure? Felt like you've been wearing a mask all your life? Or been insecure about certain things? Well, if you feel like sharing -- go ahead! Or better yet, meet up with me sometime and lets talk it over with a cup of coffee. Or maybe you have experienced something similar to this AND has overcome it. I'm sure others would be encouraged by your story. Would love to hear from you guys!  

Food Diary - IL MERCANTI for Barkada Food Trips

FOOD TRIP - One of my favorite phrases when I was in college. I clearly remember the days when we would just go out and to a particular place and say those magic two words and we'd scour the mall, the street, or the area for any food stalls there and just buy, taste, and stuff ourselves with delicious goodies! It has somewhat become a therapeutic ritual especially after exams and the like. Now that I'm no longer studying, I still look for "food trip" times. So when Miss Genn D shared about IL MERCANTI, a food bazaar located at Metrowalk and invited me and a bunch of my other blogger friends to hang out and taste the fare there, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to do so! Nothing beats good old fashioned Food Tripping! I didn't care that it was raining! I had to go. Even in our excitement to go there, some of our church friends were also intrigued and came along with us! That's the beauty of a food trip -- enjoying food and fellowship with friends. Check out IL MERCANTI through the eyes of Brew of The Day!

If I'm going to describe the place, I would say FOOD OVERLOAD. There were so many food stalls to choose from that I really had a hard time choosing where to eat! In my excitement, I started snapping photos before I met up with Miss Genn D and the gang. When you get there, the food stalls and the various aromas take over your senses. The place was set up in such a way that there were a group of tables for eating on both ends at the back of the tent so that most of the food were showcased in the middle and on the front side of the tent.

Of course one of the SOP in FOOD TRIPS here in the Philippines is chowing down some of our famous and infamous street foods! Yes your favorite ihaw-ihaw (in English - grilled!), turo-turo (point), and tusok-tusok (speared? haha I'm not sure about the correct English translation of that!) food can be bought at Il Mercanti Food Bazaar. I mean, seriously, this is a staple! No food trip should be without it. And that's where my dear cousin headed and had some yummy Chicken and Pork ISAW.

Fans of this Filipino delicacy can choose from the various errr choices and my cousin swears its delicious! Don't know what ISAW is? Google it! I dare you! hahaha!

Besides isaw, betamax, pork barbeque, and the like... foodies can buy other standard stuff that is grilled and you can choose it fresh and have it grilled right in front of you! Other stalls showcase raw fish, meat, and seafood -- this at a budget price of Php 100.

I think that's fishball right there and kwek kwek (quail's egg in orange batter)

Then we also had the traditional cooked Filipino dishes where they are either pre packed or still in its serving dishes and you can just from it. I know there is at least one stall there who offered THREE VIANDS for a Php 100! Wow for super busog food trip, that's definitely a steal!

I think this is Lechon Kawali!

Sign says Php 85 only!

Then you have other choices of type of cuisine! Yes, so if you really wanna food trip, Il Mercanti is the place to be coz they have Korean, Japanese, Persian, American, and ala Italian style of dishes being served here!

PIZZA anyone! May stuffed pa!
PASTA! Yummy!

Do you SEE how THICK that is? It smelled absolutely wonderful while it was being grilled!

Fried Sushi at Php 50 each
Of course, Il Mercanti also has a treat for sweet tooths out there! There were a lot of pastry stalls to choose from. But I ended up buying from the famous MED CHEF who also has a stall here at Il Mercanti. I was able to buy some absolutely chewy, gooey, and mouth watering brownies from him. I will probably rave more about that in another post on my food blog. (hopefully when I have more time to update it!)

MED CHEF - Homemade Cakes, Pastries, and Desserts
Right here at IL MERCANTI!
The Med Chef Team - Chef Hasset Go with business partner Jayson Paul Carlos.
I found out that the reason why they are called Med Chef is because Jayson happens to be a medical rep.
So Med (Jayson Paul Carlos) and Chef (Hasset Go). The name is catchy and memorable!
Wish I had taken a photo with them pero nahiya ako! haha! kasi nagulat naman ako at si Chef mismo andun! hihi!
super big and yummy brownies! 3 for 100!!!!
I think that's Almond brownies, Cheese brownies, Butterscotch brownies, and Pecan Brownies.
I really had a super hard time choosing which three to take home coz I wanted to try em ALL!
I asked Chef which was the best seller so that I will choose that amidst the rest.
I ended up bringing home all 4 flavors! Yay thanks so much Chef!
One of my favorites -- Cheese Brownies!
Super sarap promise! And I like the texture and the size!
Great for pasalubong (which I ended up doing) to your family and friends.
Also am thinking that this would be great gifts for Christmas.. yumyum!
Med Chef putting yummy finishing touches on one of the desserts!
So many cakes to choose from! I didn't buy any cakes na.. hahaha.. I haven't  even bought my main dish  yet!
So with all that food, what did I end up with? As we were given a budget of Php 300 to try out Il Mercanti wares, I really had difficulty in choosing. So the first Php 100 went to the Brownies. Haha, Yes I ended up buying dessert first! Then I went and bought this:

Chicken Pesto Pasta with Garlic Bread at Php 60.
Too bad the pasta was a bit too dry. Its a good thing that there are a lot of stalls offering
various pasta dishes so I will probably try a different stall next time.
The pasta left me unsatisfied but I was determined to eat something a bit unusual or not readily available at other areas. Then I saw this!

I've been craving for something like this for a while now..
I bought Fish Fingers n Chips!
It had more servings.. hihi..
The crispy outer texture tastes wonderful with the soft succulent Cream Dory Fish
and tasted divine with the squeeze of lemon and ranch dressing!
When the others tasted that, they suddenly wished they bought the same thing as I did!
Yay, score a good one for me!
At Php 135 with 4 pieces of fish, this was really a deal! Pwede for sharing pa!
Fish n Chips Whole serving!
So with that I immediately consumed my Php 300 budget! May Php 5 change pa! But I ended up buying a Gulaman drink at Php 25 so talagang simot ang budget. So here is now the FOOD TRIP IL MERCANTI barkada that night!

Bloggers, Friends, and with Miss Connie Sison herself!
With Kei and Angel
with Miss Genn D and Tiffie
with Aya!
Photo credit - Angel
with Gel! Yes that's Gel with her happy face! LOL
and what are we holding?
Yay thanks so much Miss Connie Sison and Miss Genn D for this wonderful treat!
I ended up buying another fish n chips set to take home to my parents!
Fab Bloggers at Il Mercanti = Happy Food Trip!
Rache, Jen, Genn, Tiffie, Aya, Angel, Kei, Gel, and Me
Photo credit: Jen
Barkada Bloggers having a Happy Food Trip at Il Mercanti!
Photo credit - Aya
Here are the bloggers of the Barkada Il Mercanti Food Trip for that night:

So don't forget to drop by IL MERCANTI for your Barkada Food Trip! They are open
from WEDNESDAY to SATURDAY from 7 pm to 4 am. Happy eating!