Thursday, March 29, 2012

OOTD - Snoe Suntervention

Black Top - Thrifted
Black Bondage Skirt - Bazaar
Accessories - c/o SM Accessories
Australian Beige Flats
Hey Coffeeholics! Last weekend I was given the privilege of attending an Bloggers' Convention "SUNTERVENTION" by SNOE. I will be posting about the event in a bit but right now I just want to share to you what I wore. I love wearing black! And when I found this top, I fell in love with it immediately. Remember how I mentioned before that it was pretty rare for me to borrow clothes from my sister? Well I raided her closet the other day and I saw this black top that she never wore. Since its black, well it is now residing happily in my closet. Haha. Thanks sis!

Also I just acquired this new pair of beige flats from Ausrtralian! I got this pair on a huge discount at Landmark. It used to be Php600+ but I bought it for Php 209. So if you wanna get a cute pair of flats, check out Australian shoes which are on 70% sale right now at Landmark, Trinoma! I just really love getting my hands on quality items at an awesome deal!

Anyway, I really had a blast during the SNOE event and I'm so excited to share to you some of the products that I got thanks to SNOE. I'm now using it everyday and what with the freaky weather right now, it has been my hero since I've been using it. More on that on the next post.

Anyway, hope you are all having a great week. How was yours my dear coffeeholics? Any recognition or awarding ceremonies you've attended recently? Well I will be attending one this Saturday and I will be the MC! So yeah, I will be showing off some of the outfits I've worn throughout the years I've been the Master of Ceremonies during our school's Recognition day. 

The Body Shop Launches a New Beauty Movement - Beauty with Heart


Last March 22, The Body Shop launched a new beauty movement called Beauty With Heart that will inspire individuals everywhere and transform the boundaries of beauty.

Beauty With Heart places emphasis on a beauty experience that is more than skin-deep, putting a human stamp on beauty and empowering people the world over to Look Good, Feel Good And Do Good.

Lily Cole to act as first global Brand Advocate for pioneering beauty brand 
Beauty With Heart will spring to life through a new store experience called Pulse, as well as through the active support of the first global Brand Advocate for The Body Shop, Lily Cole.

Activist, model and actor Lily Cole is the embodiment of the Brand’s strong Values and the first of a community of inspiring young activists.

Sophie Gasperment, Executive Chairman, The Body Shop, said: "We know that our Brand delivers more than beauty; our products truly contain heart as well.  Today, we’re looking to a future where our vision of beauty can be experienced by new generations for whom it is all about looking good, feeling good and doing good, too.”

Lily Cole, global Brand Advocate for The Body Shop, said: I have long been an advocate of the potential of using business and consumer power to cause positive change.  The Body Shop takes a responsible attitude to people and the environment, and it feels amazing to be supporting a brand who are pioneers in that way of working.

The launch took place in central London and attracted figures from the world of fashion, beauty and lifestyle such as Vivienne Westwood and Jo Wood.

The Body Shop became one of the world’s first ethical businesses when it opened its first store in 1976 in Brighton, UK. Today, The Body Shop welcomes over 275 million shoppers to its stores every year, and has over 2,700 stores in 63 countries worldwide.

Beauty With Heart will be rolling out in the UK on May 3, with global roll out to follow from May 15 onwards.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Skate Summit - Converse Asia Crown with Kenny Anderson and Mike Anderson

International Pro Skaterboarders to Grace Converse Phils. Asia Crown Skate Summit

Hey Coffeeholic Skaters! What better way to hold the country’s biggest Skate Summit than to let two of the world’s best pro skaterboarders to lead it?

This is exactly what Converse Philippines has in store for the hundreds of skateboard enthusiasts who are set to compete for the Converse Asia Crown title on March 31 at the Trinoma Mindanao Open Parking in Quezon City.

During the summit, US-based pro skaterboarders Kenny Anderson and Mike Anderson are set to show Filipino skaters how skateboarding is really done with their extremely polished skate tricks that seem effortless.

Kenny Anderson, who returns better than ever as an alumni to the Converse Skate Team (having been on the original team in 1997), is considered “untouchable” on a skateboard for his consistent style and fluidity; while for Mike Anderson’s part, his skating is often described as “effortless,” because he is said to make his tricks look as if was very easy to do.

Catering to the best skateboarders around the Metro, the Asia Crown aims to give Filipino skateboarders the chance to show off their dope moves on the board and compete with the best of the best skateboarders across the country.

More than bragging rights, the local Asia Crown skateboarding champion will be hailed as the first official skateboarding ambassador of Converse Philippines—That means a year of Converse skateboarding goodies, P50,000 cold hard cash, and plane tickets to official Converse skateboarding events worldwide.

An open skate for all, free of charge, the skate summit will also be a day-long celebration of physical recreation, while fusing music and the arts, to reinforce Converse Philippines’ position as a key proponent of the global sport that is skateboarding,

For interested registrants, check Converse Philippines Facebook page or visit Registration forms are available for download at the Converse Philippines’ Converse Asia Crown FB event page and in stores nationwide.

So don't forget to drop by the Converse Asia Crown event this Saturday at Trinoma! Check out the Converse Spring/Summer 2012 collection as well as it would be displayed there. See you all this Saturday!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Writing and Starbucks Metallic Tumbler

Hey Coffeeholics! How was your weekend? I had a blast! After a long time, I was finally able to go to another event. But I will share about that in a different post. This post is a bit personal coz I just wanted to show off (hahaha show off talaga!) my brand new metallic tumbler that I bought at STARBUCKS!

Meet my new baby, my Starbucks Vivi (vivi as in violet.. hahaha!). Yes, I name inanimate objects. And yes, I call my tumblers my babies. Hahaha! I'm a big fan of coffee-related things (ay obvious ba?) and well most of my mugs and tumblers came from Starbucks. Vivi is my brand new addition to my Coffeeholic Collection! When I saw this at the Starbucks shelves, I swore that I will buy it! It's so rare that Starbucks will sell a violet/purple tumbler. Plus its a metallic one! (I don't buy plastic tumblers anymore coz it never lasts around me.. it usually ends up with a crack in 1-2 months time.. so I invest in metallic tumblers instead.) You can ask any of my friends.. I swear I visit Starbucks Gateway EVERYDAY to check on those violet tumblers -- to see if it was still available! (parang nursery visit lang ah!)I couldn't buy it yet coz it wasn't on my budget coz I still had a functional Starbucks metallic tumbler but not as pretty as this one. Since it was a "WANT" and not a "NEED" on my budget, I couldn't justify myself in buying it. I swore that I will buy it once I get my hands on "extra" money. So I wished and prayed and forced myself to not buy it yet but wait for the blessing to come. 

And I'm happy to say that the money came! Some came from my dad (he gave me some Starbucks GC for Christmas) and from the money I got because of my writing projects on Odesk. I was able to withdraw my money from my ODESK earnings and it arrived last week. So I was pretty happy coz I now felt justified that I could buy my Starbucks tumbler. Yay! 

So yeah, I bought Vivi also as a remembrance that WRITING is not only FUN but is also FINANCIALLY REWARDING! I remember that when I was in high school, I hated writing soooo much. I found it mind draining and stressful. Haha. I remember even swearing that I'd rather READ than WRITE. But what I didn't  know was because I read a lot, the writing part came naturally. And so voila! I never thought I'd earn through writing but here I am. 

So yeah, I love my work (and my new Starbucks baby VIVI)! Teaching and writing has never been so rewarding. I'm definitely looking forward to another whole exciting year of fun through blogging, writing, and teaching. :)

SALE ALERT: 2ND Binondo Warehouse Sale

Hey Coffeeholics! SUMMER is here! Get your gear ready and shop shop shop coz its an up to 70% OFF at the 2nd BINONDO WAREHOUSE SALE! Last November 2011, over 30 brand owners and managers came together to hold the first Binondo Warehouse Sale. It was a huge success drawing shoppers around the metropolis who enjoyed huge discounts on great selections. Because of this, the 2nd Binondo Warehouse Sale will be pushing through full blast next week from March 26 to April 1, 2012, at the Ground Floor of the State Center Investment Building, along Juan Luna St. and across the St. Lorenzo Ruiz Church. 

This year's event promises to be bigger in terms of more brand participation and wider choices of summer wear, accessories and other specialty items. Exhibitors will find the event rewarding, and shoppers will be delighted to find many more brands and bigger discounts. 

So before the summer heat begins, make your way to the #binondowarehousesale to get cool summer outfits, trendy and comfy flip-flops, sports and fitness accessories, electronic gadgets, and cellphones. You'll be surprised that with the wide array of choices, you can find something that you'll need long after the summer is gone! Check it out - Hush Puppies, Puma, Levi's, Crocs, S&H, and so much more!

All major credit cards are accepted!

For more information about the event, call MCT Events Management at 502-1546 or 399-2935. You may also follow through their Facebook Fanpage: Events Management or their twitter: @mcteventsmngmnt

Location Maps:
 Have a happy shopping spree coffeeholics! 

Friday, March 23, 2012

OOTD - Shades of Gray

Earrings - Girl Shoppe
Key Ring - Anagon Collection
Leather Bracelet
 Black Ring 

Black Cover Up - Lucky Brand
Gray Top - Oxygen 
Black Bondage Skirt - Bazaar
Boots - Thrifted

As you all know, I'm not a big fan of light colored outfits. Especially recently coz I have gained weight again. Wearing white, silver, or gray isn't appealing at all. I'd stick to black most of the time. BUT this top beckoned me. You know the feeling that you get while scanning or digging through your closet and this one piece of clothing suddenly sparkles above the rest? Yes.. that kind of moment! This grey top sparkled and begged to be worn. The funny thing is that it isn't mine! haha. It belongs to my skinny sis who likes to wear huge draping tops which suits me just fine coz I get to wear em too. Yay! We don't get to share clothes often but I'm so glad that this Oxygen top fits me as well. I'd totally wear it again if I could. Thanks sis!

So what about you coffeeholics? Have you had some fashion fun with borrowed clothes from your siblings or friends? Or are you particular with your stuff and prefer not to coz swapping clothes just aint your style? Let me know your thoughts! Have a great summer!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

COFFEE - Great Taste Trio 3-in-1 White Coffee

Hey Coffeeholics! I know its been a while. I've mentioned before that I'd be pretty busy this March and it has been quite busy! But thank goodness I'm not that busy to share to you guys what keeps me goin' in the morning, which is of course -- COFFEE! Haha I know I'm stating the obvious here but I just thought I'd mention it just in case I've neglected to do so. 

As a true blue coffeeholic, I'd like to make a disclaimer first. I'm not an endorser of any particular coffee brand. If I rant or rave about anything that has to do with coffee -- than that's just my personal preference at that particular moment. Honestly, I've graduated from being a fan of 3-in-1 type of coffees. It doesn't affect me or "energizes" me as much as brewed coffee does. (Is it possible to develop immunity from instant coffee???) But I can't be choosy. I don't always have access to brewed coffee (sighs!). Desperate times calls for desperate measure. So YES.. I've tried and tasted all those 3-in-1 coffee mix which you can buy at your next door neighbor's sari-sari store! You betcha I did. And as for my quest for an instant 3-in-1 coffee that will make my taste buds happy and my mind awake.. well, I FOUND THE ONE!

Morning Brew - GREAT TASTE White Coffee!

Have you tasted GREAT TASTE White Coffee? If you haven't -- YOU MUST TRY IT!!! Its one of the best tasting instant 3-in-1 coffee out there! Especially if you like your coffee as sweet and creamy as I do. When poured, it froths. Once mixed, you can immediately smell its amazing aroma that really tingles the senses awake. This instant 3-in-1 coffee from Great Taste really makes my day whenever I don't have access to brewed coffee. Best of all, its sooooo affordable! I'm so glad that they make instant coffee taste better now. If only they could make the caffeinne effect as impressive as brewed.. then it would be perfect. Hehe.

So coffeeholics, what's your poison favorite instant 3-in-1 coffee mix? Do you have the same taste as mine? Let's compare notes shall we? Share share share!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

OOTD - Lovin' Summer Outfit with SM Accessories


Summer Yellow! I'm not a big fan of yellow but I thought I'd give it a try. 
Supposed to feel summery.. but with the erratic cool and rainy weather and all.. I tried to compromise!
What do you guys think? Pwede??? hehe!
Yes I wore this to the SM Accessories event!
I really love the knit detail of the poncho. :)

Wedge - SM Parisian


Yellow Poncho (Cashmere) - Thrifted
Gray Skirt - Forever 21
Accessories - c/o SM Accessories
Watch - Timex

Hey Coffeeholics! I know its been a while. Yeah I've been busy with work. The month of March is a very busy month for us teachers what with the end of the school year looming ahead.. the grades that need to be completed and computed.. the numerous activities that are yet to be planned and executed (outreach class project!).. plus of course my pet writing projects which includes this blog! Yep March has already been eventful for me and its not even half over! I've got so many plans and I'd just like to share three of them right now!

1. BIG THREE OHHH! Giveaway. I just celebrated my birthday last week and I turned 30 (wahaha.. inaamin ko na!) so I really wanted to celebrate it by having a GRAND birthday giveaway which I plan to launch by the end of March. I already have some stuff set aside for this giveaway but it wouldn't hurt to give out MORE right? Hehe. So yeah.. those who would like to help me out here by sponsoring my blog giveaway.. YOU ARE VERY MUCH WELCOME!

2. LAPTOP. Ok so since I just turned 30, I wanted to buy myself a gift. I was thinking of getting a new laptop AND/OR a new cellphone. I'm leaning more on the laptop (budget wise and mas practical!) but I'm still confused on what brand or laptop model that I should get. The laptop will mainly be used for my online work and surfing. Definitely I don't need one specifically for gaming.. just enough "entertainment" factor so I can play FB games and watch live streaming. haha. I've been checking out models and saw a Samsung laptop but I still haven't decided.. so techie blogger writer people.. HELP! Advise advise? haha!

3.TRAVEL. SUMMER is almost here!!! And yes one of the things I'm REALLY looking forward to do in summer is to travel. I would love to travel either locally (Koron/Palawan/basta beach!) or go abroad (HK/SG wish wish pa lang ha!). Of course when I saw the latest FB application promo by SM Accessories, the urge to go away for summer really really kicked in! Check out their wonderful promo and you just might be one of the lucky FIVE FB winners of 2 round trip tickets to anywhere in the Philippines! Also Ray-Ban and D&G shades will be given to 10 other runner ups.

Its so easy to join! Do visit SM Accessories Facebook Page to access their Facebook Application promo. So coffeeholics, get a chance to win FREE tickets to an awesome summer vacation thanks to SM Accessories! Promo ends on April 14, 2012. Happy shopping, posing, and voting guys!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lovin' Summer with SM ACCESSORIES 2012 Launch

Hey Coffeeholics! Can you feel the heat? Looks like summer is definitely here to stay and so is the new accessories line launched by SM Accessories called LOVIN' SUMMER. I had the privilege of being there during the launch and saw the items first hand. There are some awesome pieces that I would definitely love to have. So go ahead and check out what SM Accessories has in store for us!


Everything bright, bold, and beautiful.  SM Accessories draws inspiration from the corals of the sea and aqua blue waters; as well as the earth toned beach sands for its summer collection. Reptilian inspired pieces will also draw fashion raves.






Super love the statement necklaces here!



I bet you want those bangles, rings, and that super cool necklace as much as I do!


What is FIERCE? Love the necklace!


Nautical inspired pieces that make waves, high energy sportiff savvy, and classic neutrals showcase the summer style of fashion forward men.



Kids are cool with a lot of looks for fashion play from SM Accessories:  free spirited boho, dazzling brights, and military mixes. 

So glad to have met again old friends and new during the event! 

Me and Jen
Jen and Tatie! Glad to have met up with you again dear!
With the gorgeous Earth! 
And the rest of the bloggers!
Thank you SM Accessories for the invite! This special to what Summer could be like (which was a bit ironic though coz it was raining that time!) still made me all excited for the vacation! And yes my dear coffeeholics! The Summer Lovin' Collection of SM Accessories is already available at the nearest SM Dep't Store near you! Indulge yourself this women's month and get some awesome summer accessories while its hot. 

COFFEEHOLIC PROMO ALERT!!! Become a fan of Style Me: SM Accessories FB and check out their upcoming Lovin' Summer with SM ACCESSORIES "Win a Trip to Anywhere in the Philippines!" promo! Looks like 10 lucky people will be getting PAL round trip tickets plus cool shades from Ray-Ban and D&G. Visit their page and watch out for further announcements on March 14 to know more about this. Just get ready with your SM Accessories Summer Collection receipts. Also do follow them at Twitter.

So what are you waiting for my dears? I'm going shopping this weekend. What about you? What collection will you be getting? Share share share!