Saturday, August 6, 2011

NCTQ Survey for Teachers about Teacher Preparation

I remember the first day of teaching as a preschool teacher. As a UPD FLCD graduate (that's Family Life and Child Development!), I was thrilled and terrified during my first day. I'm proud of my school and how they trained me, but seeing the real thing turned my whole self cold. Maybe it was the thought that I would be in charge of those cute darlings and figure out how to capture their attention, their interest, and instill a love of learning. Oh I survived the first day, and the succeeding days after and now I have a barrel full of funny stories of  my teaching experience and the things I had to do to improve myself. But I swear there were times I wished that I had known more about certain things before I started teaching. I bet you dear teachers also had moments like that!
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Well, here's the good news! Someone cares and would like to hear YOUR opinion about this matter. The National Council on Teacher Quality is a research and policy group that works to ensure that each child has an effective teacher. They just recently launched a national review of preparation programs last January in the States. But nothing beats first hand information -- they want to hear from YOU! Yes, even you my dear Filipino coffeeholic teachers can participate in this survey. They would like to hear what YOU have to say in this matter. They would like to know how ready teachers feel on their first day of class. Do they value their teacher preparation programs? What do aspiring teachers need to know about the programs they are considering? These are some of the questions that aim to be answered in the survey. NCTQ will be using the results to make sure that the forthcoming National Review provides the information teachers need.

Answering the survey is easy! I already took it and it was easy breezy! It only took me around 10 minutes or less. I'm glad to be given an opportunity to be part of the "solution" to this issue. Don't you wanna be one too? So pls don't be shy and do click this link to the NCTQ Teacher Prep Survey and make your opinions known! And as a token of gratitude, NCTQ will be holding a drawing for the next two weeks for anyone who completes this brief survey. Everyday, they will be choosing TWO respondents to give $25 gift cards! Its a daily draw my dear teachers! It would be awesome if you could participate in the survey! I already answered it and now I hope I win as well! 

To my dear coffeeholics out there who aren't a teacher, well don't you want to help a fellow teacher out? Spread the word and share this to your friends who happen to be a teacher. You may forward this link to them: For more info, do kindly check out the NCTQ website and facebook.

So coffeeholics! How about you? Do you still remember your first day of work? How did you feel? Did you feel that you were prepared enough to take on the job? Do share! Mwah!

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