Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Buy Proactiv and Get a Chance to Win Tickets to Alicia Keys Concert

Hey Coffeeholics and all Alicia Keys fans! I've got some awesome news for you dears! Yes, you have probably have heard by now that the fiery songstress Alicia Keys will be performing her biggest hits like "Girl on Fire" and "Empire State of Mind" in her SET THE WORLD ON FIRE Tour LIVE in Manila at the Mall of Asia Arena on November 25. If you haven't got yourself some tickets yet, well then better get ready coz Proactiv is giving all their dear customers a chance to win tickets to the Alicia Keys' Concert! So are you ready to score some free tickets to the concert?

“Buy Proactiv and Get a Chance to Win Tickets to Alicia Keys Concert”
per DOH–FDA CDRR Promo Permit No. 102 series of 2013.
Well getting a chance to win those tickets for free is super easy especially if you are a regular customer of Proactiv. All you have to do is purchase a Proactiv 30-day or 60-day kit during this promo period of September 16 up to November 14, 2013 from participating outlets. This will give you a chance to join the eletronic raffle to win VIP ticket to Alicia Keys Concert "Set the World on Fire" Tour at Mall of Asia Arena on November 25, 2013.

Make sure you buy your Proactiv Kits at these participating outlets:
1. Proactiv Online Shopping Site:
2. Proactiv Door-to-Door Delivery Phone Hotlines: (729-2222, 1-800-8-729-8888, 1-800-10-889-4444, 0917-801-8888)
3. Proactiv Mall Kiosks:
    a. Trinoma, 2nd Floor (Telephone: 380-3801)
    b. Glorietta, Ground Floor (Telephone 388-2848)
    c. Marquee Mall, Ground Floor (Telephone: 0935-8341523)

How to Join?
1. Buy a Proactiv Solution 30-day kit (Php 2,495) or 60-day (Php 3,995) kit from any of the participating outlets within promo period. Purchase of 30-day kit is equivalent to 1 raffle entry, while purchase of 60-day kit is equivalent to 2 raffle entries.

2. For customers ordering from, there is no special instruction or forms to be filled out. The system automatically tags eligible customers and the Account Name will be used as official entry. The promo can be viewed at:

3. For customers ordering via phone hotlines, the Customer Service Representatives shall automatically tag all eligible customers and your Account Name in the database will be used as official entry.

4. For customers ordering from Proactiv Mall Kiosks, the friendly Sales Personnel will assist you and help you fill-out Official Raffle Entry Forms available on site.

And how many winners will be chosen? You might just get lucky and be the:
One (1) Grand Prize Winner of 2 VIP Tickets worth Php10,560 each or
One (1) Winner of 2 Lower Box B Tickets worth Php4,760 each or one of the 
Three (3) Winners of 2 General Admission Tickets worth Php1,060 each

Please take note that the prizes are directly purchased from SM Tickets, official ticketing agent of the event. Proactiv Solution is not a sponsor of the said event and is not endorsing the event. Concert organizers are not connected to Proactiv Solution.

So get ready and cross your fingers on the raffle date -- November 15, 2013 (Friday), winners will be contacted directly with instructions on how to claim the prize.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Purchases outside the promo period or from non-participating outlets are not eligible to join the raffle.
2. If a customer avails of the Proactiv Money back Guarantee that comes with every Proactiv 30-day or 60-day kit, this forfeits the subsequent activation of the raffle entry. If the customer won and subsequently availed of the Money Back Guarantee after claiming the prize, the actual cost of ticket will be deducted to the refund value.

So coffeeholics, don't miss out on this chance of winning free tickets to the Alicia Keys Concert even as you purchase your Proactiv 30-day or 60-day kits! 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Reis and Irvy's Frozen Yogurt - Served by a Robot

Reis & Irvy's Frozen Yogurt in the Philippines
Hey Coffeeholics! Its been a while since I've been invited to a food-related event. So I was pretty glad that I was able to attend the launching of the latest yogurt craze here in the Philippines - Reis and Irvy's Frozen Yogurt, the World's First and Only Robotic Frozen Yogurt Kiosk.

Served by a robot? YES! I'm not joking! When I heard that, it immediately caught my interest. I suddenly had this "Back to The Future" moment coz I never thought that I'd see the day when a "robot" would be serving food, much less Yogurt for the matter. Reis and Irvy's Frozen Yogurt Kiosks are located all over the world. And now they have opened the first one here in the Philippines at SM City North Edsa, The Block, Third Floor. 


Reis and Irvy's Frozen Yogurt Kiosk already had their soft launch here for about two weeks already before they "officially" opened to the public around the last week of September. Several lucky people were given a chance to get a free taste of Reis & Irvy. 

The Reis & Irvy's Frozen Yogurt Kiosk looks a bit like some of the robotic toy machines you can see in an arcade. It can be daunting for those who have never tried it before. Some might have seen the kiosk already but felt a bit shy to try it out because it looks different and unusual. Well then let me encourage you. Don't be shy, TRY IT! Getting your frozen yogurt is super easy!

How to get your yogurt at Reis & Irvy's!
First things first, BUY YOUR COUPON. In other countries, the serving of the cup is bigger and a bit more expensive. After a bit of a market research here in the Philippines, Reis & Irvy's found out that Pinoys like their serving smaller and more affordable. So now the serving cup is only in an 8 ounce cup and only costs Php 125. Yay!

Your Reis & Irvy's yogurt coupon pass would look like this! :)

Next you insert this pass to the right side of the kiosk. Its just like a vendo machine! 

Insert coupon like this! Chos. Pa model model lang. Pagbigyan pls. hehe
Then there's touch screen interface which gives very simple and easy-to-follow instructions. I don't remember when it appears, but sometime during the choosing process, you get to pick which "robot" will serve you. I chose Reis - the pink female robot. 

That's Reis the robot over there!
YES! There are several robots to choose from for the animation in the background. Mind you, the actual robotic arm is only one. You are just choosing what "robot" will be featured to "serve" you. Its coz once you've chosen the robot, it will dictate what kind of "dance" it will do! Yes, the animation AND the robotic arm itself will do a lil dance just for you. Oh yan ha, may dance entertainment ka pa! hehe. I later found out that the animation and design for Reis & Irvy's were done by Filipinos. Naks!

One of the unique features of Reis & Irvy's Frozen Yogurt is the 4 layered yogurt experience. For Php 125, you get your first layer of yogurt, then 1st topping, second layer of yogurt, and the 2nd topping. Toppings vary until supplies last. The toppings available when I was there were Peanuts, Sprinkles, Chocolate Sprinkles, Muesli, Chopped Cashews, and Chocolate Pieces. I chose chocolate pieces for my first toppings and then chopped cashews for my second toppings. 

DESIGN your 4 layers of freshness. WATCH a robot prepare it for you. ENJOY your creation.
The yogurt that they serve comes in two yummy flavors. During that time, they were offering regular and chocolate flavors. They also offer the combined "swirl" option of the two flavors. I chose regular yogurt for the first layer and chocolate as a second layer.

Reis and Irvy's Frozen Yogurt Robot in action!
Once all the layers are in place, the yogurt is ready to be served! The robot will then gently place the cup in this receiving area with revolving doors. Sosyal! hehe.

And VOILA! Its yogurt time! Hehe. It was yummy and filling. It wasn't too tart. For me, it had just the right amount of tartness that you want in a yogurt. I really liked the 4 layered feature of the yogurt. I love having a bit of crunch in my yogurt. Makes it a more enjoyable experience.

I think the cup is pretty! Its a very firm type of plastic cup that you could bring home as a souvenir or turn it to something useful. :)

My 4 Layered Yogurt from Reis & Irvy's served by a robot. 
Buying yogurt from Reis & Irvy's is definitely an enjoyable and yummy experience. I'm pretty much sure that kids and even teens would find it fascinating to buy at their kiosk because of the sheer novelty of the experience of being served by a robot.  Its pretty cool and I recommend parents to drop by with their kids and let them have a bit of a taste of the future with Reis and Irvy's!

"Have some yogurt?"
She's cosplaying as Reis!

With Lydia, one of the daughters of the owners of Reis and Irvy's!
Had fun getting to meet these bloggers for the first time! :)
Photo courtesy of Thanks so much Roch! I'm so glad to have met you!

Had a lovely time with Hana! It was awesome meeting you!
So Coffeeholics! Wanna be served by a robot? Then do drop by SM City North Edsa, The Block, and don't forget to try out Reis and Irvy's Frozen Yogurt at the 3rd floor. Hopefully in the next few months they will eventually expand to other malls here in the Philippines!

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Rēis & Irvy’s™ was developed by Robofusion®, Inc., the leader in Interactive Robotic Kiosks. 
Nowhere else can your customers design their own 4-layer Frozen Yogurt treat and 
have a robot build it to their exact specifications.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Judy Ann for Champion Fabri-Con

Hey Coffeeholics! Guess whose the new face behind Champion's Fabri-Con -- its the one and only Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo. She looks absolutely fresh and wonderful in her outfit during the press con as surely as Champion's Fabri-Con is with its Freshness Capsules. I can still remember watching Judy Ann way back during her Mara Clara days. As a champion mom, wife, actress, and woman herself, it is no wonder that she is still a household name and definitely fitting to be the endorser of Champion Fabri-Con. 

Champion Detergent, currently one of the leading detergent brands in the country, has reached another milestone in its commitment to offer meaningful quality products to Filipino consumers with the release of its CHAMPION FABRI-CON – Liquid Fabric Conditioner with Freshness Capsules. And very much timely as Peerless Products Manufacturing Corporation, the company behind the Champion brand, is celebrating its 50th Anniversary since its founding in 1963. This new product continues the company’s 50-year tradition of excellence in all its products.

And who better to help launch this latest fabric conditioner product than the Philippines’ primetime television and film queen Ms. Judy Ann Santos. “It was a natural decision for me to join the Champion family. The same reason, my husband (Ryan Agoncillo) agreed to do it, it really is the virtue of the brand’s integrity that made me say yes to it,” says the newest face of Champion Fabri-Con. “When we talk about Champion, it’s all about high quality. It’s about top-of-the-line ingredients, which is also true for this new product with its quality fragrance oils that release a fresh and airy fragrance throughout the day. And that’s what I love about it.”

It was a light afternoon, during an intimate luncheon with friends from print, online and television media at the Paranaque Function Rooms of Shangri-La Hotel in Makati City, when the endorser gamely showed off her newfound love to the newest addition to the roster of premier quality products of Champion. 

Champion Fabri-Con provides an elegant, well-balanced and sophisticated profile of fragrance—one that comes from all-quality ingredients and that reminds us of the comfort of home. “I use it everywhere, and I always get wonderful end-results. Aside from softening, it also leaves this powdery fresh scent in all my fabrics – whether it’s home linens like blankets and curtains, or the clothes of my loved ones.” That’s the power of Champion Fabri-Con. It makes you feel right at home,” she ends with a smile.

So Coffeeholics, feel right at home wherever you are with Champion Fabri-Con fragrance. Don't forget to buy and try it out yourself when you go to the grocery. Happy shopping!