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Clinique Party Part 3 - The Search for Miss Clinique Contest by wickeRmoss

As you all know, I've done several posts earlier about wickeRmoss' Clinique Party that was held last week. I thought that was the end of my post series but Charles sprang another awesome surprise to us by holding a contest for the Clinique Party attendees which is the search for wickeRmoss' Miss Clinique! She will be giving out "limited edition" prizes from Clinique and some personal prizes as well from her! The best part of this is that its just only first part coz the second part will be for those who weren't able to attend. And I just can't wait to see the prizes. It looks like its going to be a surPRIZE that you don't wanna miss! So go visit wickeRmoss and read more about this contest in detail. 

And now, the main reason for this blog - A Hundred Reasons why I'm the perfect wickeRmoss' Miss Clinique!

The future wickeRmoss' Miss Clinique?
*crosses her fingers and prays!*
1. I'm the perfect candidate for wickeRmoss' Miss Clinique because I'm in love with Clinique and Clinique loves ME and MY SKIN! lol. Yep thats right! Ever since I tried out Clinique's 3 step, my face has never felt the same way again! Step 3 is my favorite now because Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel is like cool water on dry land .. well maybe a bit oily "land" at that! But the point is, I can feel the softness and see my face starting to become radiant and healthy looking AGAIN!

2. I'm the perfect candidate for wickeRmoss' Miss Clinique because Clinique loves me and my eyes! I'm super duper in love with Clinique's "All About Eyes" because it keeps my eye makeup intact. No smudges, no streaks, and oil free! (I will product review about All About Eyes very soon). 

3. I'm the perfect candidate for wickeRmoss' Miss Clinique because I love their eyeshadow palette. Especially Color Surge Eye Shadow Trio - Totally Neutral. It has all the basic colors that I need and love! I know that Clinique also loves me because of our luv luv relationship during college as my one and only eyeshadow. And oh, of course, the famous lipstick that was my staple for quite some time. Plus, all the effort of NOT getting makeup from any
Thanks soooo much sis!

4. I'm the perfect candidate for wickeRmoss' Miss Clinique because I'm happy coz Clinique makes me happy especially with their Happy Fragrance for women. I too used to be NOT Happy. I was full of drama, pain, and depression. I hated the unfair world. I hated myself and I hated my body and face. I felt I was plain, ugly, and fat. But a lot has changed since that time. I'm now a better person who has found true happiness and satisfaction because of a special encounter. Most importantly, I now love God, love myself, love my body, and love everybody -- especially Clinique!

5. I'm the perfect candidate for wickeRmoss' Miss Clinique because all the Clinique products, especially the reputed limited edition, is begging to stay with me forever! LOL. I have never won a blog giveaway/contest before. So having CLINIQUE as my FIRST definitely sets the bar. Its just like the saying, "First Love.. Never Dies.." Plus a little trivia: I'm single, unattached, and available so I'm definitely still a "Miss"which all the more qualifies me right? (hehe) I'd definitely love to add the title "wickeRmoss Miss Clinique" to my name! 

6. I'm the perfect candidate for wickeRmoss' Miss Clinique because Clinique and I MATCH. I'm allergic and Clinique is allergy-free! We GO TOGETHER!

7. I'm the perfect candidate for wickeRmoss' Miss Clinique because I... will NOT blog up the rest of the hundred. I am so\ understanding right? I am so willing to be sooo detailed in my blog right? AND I am soooo excited about this that I'm even skipping my precious sleeping time before I go to work. Yes, that's how much I want to win. Please excuse my competitive streak.

So again, I just wanna say thank you to wickeRmoss for all your hard work,  for the invites, and for thinking this up. I am truly blessed to even attend the event. This follow-up contest has really challenged me again and reminded me why I write.. why I blog.. and why I want to be wickeRmoss Miss Clinique. 

So how about you coffeeholics? Have you joined the contest na and won? Share your experience! How did you win? Or do you have a contest or giveaway that you joined already and wanna share? Go ahead and post in my comments. I love giveaways and maybe in the very near future I might hold one myself. In the meantime, so share share share my dears! 

p.s. Have you read my Clinique Party Experience yet? Read Clinique Party Part 1 here and Clinique Party Part 2. 

p.p.s. Have you clicked that LIKE button on my FB BLOG PAGE there at the right side? Pls just do so. Or click that plus 1 there. Anyway, that's all folks! Thanks so much!
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

PLDT myDSL’s Internet to Sawa TRANSFORMS my Internet experience from super slow to SUPER SPEED!

The PLDT LogoImage via Wikipedia

I wish I had PLDT myDSL back when I was in college. I remember the days when I first started going online. That was like more than 10 years ago during my college years! Yes, those were the prehistoric ancient days of technology when I would weep, wail, and tear my hair out of frustration because of the super slow dial-up internet connection. I would buy internet prepaid cards that promised a lot of free hours--but all quite useless really when it comes to the crucial moment when you need to upload documents, download stuff, or email that very important and very large email file to your professor during finals. It would take almost forever to upload a pic or download a song. Worse of all is when it suddenly stalls and we lose the connection and you have to do it all over again!

BUT thank GOD those days are long gone now. After a lot of convincing, my dad finally agreed that it would benefit the whole family to get PLDT myDSL. WOW! From super slow to SUPER SPEED! It really changed my whole internet experience! School papers, online streaming, downloading and uploading tons of picture was a breeze thanks to PLDT myDSL.

Life became so much easier. Especially now as a blogger and article writer online. I need super speed and awesome internet service so that I can edit pictures, surf the net, write and post blogs and articles online without any interruptions. I used to be just your ordinary blogger, posting blogs just to express my inner self, thoughts, and ideas. But an awesome transformation took place when I became a "nuffnanger." Nuffnang opened a lot of new opportunities for me and helped my blog life and writing became more focus and clear. It was truly an extra ordinary transformation that I got from PLDT myDSL and Nuffnang.

Now I have awesome news for all of you as well! You can have an extra ordinary transformation from PLDT myDSL Internet to Sawa! PLDT myDSL Plan 3000 Subscribers will be enjoying a FREE and UNLIMITED speed boost from 3 mbps upto 5 mbps! That's crazy super speed for all your streaming, downloading, and online playing needs! PLUS you get WATCHPAD and one year of free PLDT to PLDT NDD Calls.

So what are you waiting for? GET THAT SUPER SPEED! Visit www.myworldmydsl.com for more information or call 171 to confirm your subscription today! 

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Clinique Party Part 2 - Clinique Skin Consultation and Makeover

I said YES to great skin all thanks to CLINIQUE!
So like I mentioned earlier, I was given this wonderful chance to have a Clinique makeover thanks to Charlesangel's Clinique Party invite. One thing I appreciate about Clinique is their focus on skin care and customizing the skin care products especially for your skin care needs. So I had a wonderful time chatting with Miss Baby, my Clinique skin consultant and she started the session by  asking me several questions about my skin concerns. She explained to me that Clinique has identified four skin types and will address the concerns for these types.

          • Skin Type 1 - Dry to Very Dry
          • Skin Type 2 - Dry Combination
          • Skin Type 3 - Combination Oily
          • Skin Type 4 - Oily (or Very Oily)

 Then she started to ask me a set of questions using this chart below as a guide. 

Clinique chart to determine my skin type!
I explained to her my skin concerns. One thing that I definitely know about my skin is that I'm very oily. I hate it whenever I see pictures of me with that shiny forehead or nose. I also told my clinique skin consultant that another concern of mine is the once a month breakout on my T-zone area which also causes blemishes and dark spots once it has healed. Also another noticeable thing about my cheeks are the large pores which is the culprit for my "oiliness" as well. Then as a final test to verify my skin type, Miss Baby very gently and lightly touched my forehead to the bridge of my nose down to my chin and my cheeks. And without much ado she indeed confirmed that (tada!) I'm a Skin Type 4 - Oily. I kind of knew that already. hehehe.

I'm Skin Type 4/Oily - shiny all over
She then started to get the Clinique products that I needed to address my skin care concerns. Clinique says that great skin can be created. In just 3 minutes, twice a day, and for two weeks, Clinique's 3-Step Skin Care System creates the clearest, healthiest version of our skin! As a not so young woman anymore (no, I don't think I'd like to share my age to y'all just yet.. hahaha..unless you back read my blog!), I have to start thinking about taking care of my skin. Through Clinique's easy 3-Step Skin Care System, I don't have to worry about my skin anymore coz taking care of it will be a breeze! So here are the Clinique products that I need to use for clear, firm, and skin.

So before doing these steps, off with the makeup! So Miss Baby removed my makeup using Clinique's "Take The Day Off" Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes, and Lips. I loved how clean I felt after she gently wiped away all my makeup off. Even my waterproof mascara was gently removed! I always had difficulty in removing my mascara. My usual makeup remover doesn't work so I use oil. Still it was tough. But Clinique worked like magic! Miss Baby even taught me a simple trick on how to remove waterproof mascara.

Just by using tissue, cotton buds, and Clinique's makeup remover  -
removing waterproof mascara is easy peasy!
My makeup free face = not happy face. LOL. Sorry about my scary photo.
I was taking my own photos using my cellphone so I had to take pics real fast  in between the times
Miss Baby would be fetching something. 

Clinique products I need for my customized 3-Step Skin Care System
So now my Clinique's 3-Step Skin Care System is all ready to begin!

STEP 1 - CLEANSE "The first step in Clinique's 3-Step Skin Care System. All the benefits of Clinique's dermatologist-developed Facial Soap in a liquid formula. Cleanses without stripping protective lipids. Preps skin for the exfoliating action of Clarifying Lotion. Convenient pump dispenses just the right amount."

Miss Baby very gently rubbed the liquid soap on my face taking care to avoid the eye area. The great thing about the liquid facial soap is that you have an option to either rinse off the soap with water or by wiping it off with tissue. My skin consultant used cotton and tissue to clean my face. She told me that we must be always gentle with our skin. Whenever we use tissue or cotton to our face, we must only apply light pressure and wipe it gently. Miss Baby redefined "gentle" in my vocabulary! I thought I was already gentle in the way I remove my makeup or clean it but it was nothing compared to what she did!

STEP 2 - EXFOLIATE "Exfoliation is a key step for every skin type because it removes dead cells in the surface which are not soluble in soap and water. It also helps to release trapped oil and without exfoliation this would be left behind and one would not be able to achieve the great skin that we know is possible."

For my skin type, Clinique's Clarifying Lotion 4 was used. Perfect for my skin type - very oily. "It helps clear away pollution, excess oil, dulling flakes for clear, glowing skin. Helps block a blemish. Purifies pores to look cleaner, smaller. Skin grows stronger, stays clearer, healthier. Dermatologist-reformulated to be comfortable, non-drying."

I used to be a strong astringent user when I was in high school. But then I noticed that my face was becoming dry and flaky. It scared me so I stopped using astringents. But after listening to my skin consultant, I am now convinced that Clinique's clarifying lotion will not only address my oily large pores but make it cleaner and healthier by removing the old dead skin cells. In fact I was advised to do this twice a day! I'd never think to do that with my old astringents. But with Clinique, they made it possible!

STEP 3 - MOISTURIZE "The moisture "drink" all skins need, developed by Clinique's guiding dermatologists to maintain optimal moisture balance. Works to soften, smooth, improve the condition and texture of your skin. Lotion formula is for drier skins; oil-free Gel is perfect for oilier skins."

For my skin type, Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel was used. "The oil-free moisture “drink” developed by Clinique’s dermatologists to maintain optimal moisture balance for skins comfortable in the cheeks but oily in the T-zone or oily all over. Oil-free formula softens, smooths, improves." 

Photo credit goes to Eunice. Thanks dear!

I've always avoided moisturizers. Since I have an oily face, I never bothered with moisturizers because I felt it will only make my skin more oily. I did not want to add oiliness to my face. But Miss Baby explained that moisturizing is an important step that I shouldn't miss. It helps restore the skin's water retaining abilities and makes the skin much more comfortable. That is why Clinique provided a moisturizer that is water based. When she applied it to my face, it felt cool to the touch. My skin absorbed it immediately! I was pretty much impressed.

And there you have it! Three easy steps to greater skin. I touched my face after Clinique's 3-Step and it felt smooth and soft to the touch. Wow! Its been a while since I felt like that. Also there was a slight tingle to my face but it subsided after a while. I really felt "sparkling clean!"

Just finished using Clinique's 3-Step Skin Care System! Cleaner  Face yeah!
And of course Miss Baby proceeded to make me more beautiful than ever! Since I usually use heavy eye makeup, Miss Mira from Clinique advised that I should try a lighter peachy look highlighting my smile. And here is my before and after photos!


I'd like to thank Miss Baby, my skin consultant for making me look really fabulous! Also a great huge THANKS to Miss Mira from Clinique. I can't find my photo with you (huhu..) I know I had a picture taken with you but it must be on someone else's camera. Anyway, thank you for giving this opportunity to us bloggers. I really learned a lot! AND of course, many hugs and kisses (hehehe) to the wonderful Wickermoss aka Charles Angel for hosting this party. I'm so happy that I got in the list! I had a blast.. thank you so much!

Of course, thanks to CLINIQUE for making all of this possible! Thanks also for letting me to further try out these products at home. I'm having greater skin thanks to you guys!

P.S. Wanna have greater skin? Visit CLINIQUE now in Rustan's Makati or at Trinoma. Have a skin consultation with Miss Baby or any of the fabulous Clinique skin consultants. Experience it yourself. I swear it makes all the difference!

P.P.S. Busy with work? Then why don't you visit CLINIQUE's website and check out their products. I got the exact product information (the one in italics) from the Clinique website. They also have an online Skin Consultation where you can discover your skin type yourself.

So my dear coffeeholics, have you tried out clinique yet? Or do you have your own skin care regiment? Share share! I'd love to hear your comments and suggestions! Share share! 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Accessory Haul at SM Accessories' RED SALE at SM Manila

SALE ALERT GUYS! It's Manila Day today so its a nonworking holiday for most of you there in Manila. So why not drop by SM Manila and get your accessory haul now! They are having a grand accessories RED SALE at the upper ground floor of SM Manila from June 24-26. Fashionable items for men and ladies are up to 50% OFF and as low as Php 50. If you're looking for accessories that fit your style and budget, then don't miss out on SM Accessories' RED SALE!

Here's a sample of the things that you could check out now..

Cool hats from as low as P70-200 
Lovely bracelets as low as P50-200

Romantic Hair Accessories from as low as P50-200
(I want the vintage like hair  ribbons and flowers!)

Must have clutch, pouch, or bags from as low as P50 - 300

Statement hats only P75-200

Scarves perfect for the chilly weather as low as P75-300
(I need a new one.. want animal print!)

Statement necklaces for as low as P100-150
(That's a steal! love the necklaces!!!)

Trendy Colorful Belts for as low as P100-150

Perfect for the weather cool hats for as low as P100-150
I on the other hand, grabbed some awesome SM Accessories in advance at SM Makati last Saturday. I was checking out some stuff at the SM Department Store when I saw this section of accessories. They had some items for sale! From Php 150, it was marked down to Php 100. BUT that's not all! (haha.. I sound like an infommercial!) Not only was it just 100 pesos BUT it was BUY 1 TAKE 1 Sale!!!! When I found that out, I HAD to buy some of the accessories even though it wasn't on my agenda. So here is my current SM Accessory Haul:

AWESOME HUGE RING! Its plastic BUT i love the colors. Its sooo me!
from SM Accessories m.i.c. collection
Cool stud earrings!
So what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to get an accessory haul from SM Accessories RED SALE at SM Manila. You might stumble upon some wonderful "treasure" finds at SM Accessories. Don't forget, SM Manila's SM Accessories' Red Sale is only up til Sunday, June 26.

CLINIQUE Party with Beauty Bloggers Part 1 | My Clinique OTD

Whenever I hear or see the word CLINIQUE, I am always brought back to childhood memories of playing with my mom's makeup kit and secretly putting on my mom's clinique makeup! She had eyeshadow, mascara, and a lipstick that I really wanted bad. I remember bugging my mom about it til she finally agreed to give it to me.. and it was my favorite! It was already half-used when I got it and I was just too happy to complain about that and used it all up! I remember using it everyday during college. It was my number one lipstick at that time.   I also had a small clinique brown eyeshadow that I carried with me during my college days. It was lightweight and so easy to use.

So when _wickermoss_ (charlesangel) announced in her blog that she's going to hold a CLINIQUE party, I really wanted to join! I was already in the midst of emailing her about it when I double checked my calendar and realized that it might be in conflict with an important school event. I asked if I could be just a little bit late to the party. Charlesangel is such a dear for being understanding. So in other words, I arrived at the Clinique party last June 18 at Rustan's a little bit late. 

I also had a bit of wardrobe issues before going to the event. Since it was a clinique event, we were encouraged to wear clinique colors! Unfortunately for me, most of my wardrobe consists of black, black, purple, black, brown, black, and a whole lot more black. LOL. My transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly feels like its too recent. (Referring to THIS blog post). So I'm still in the process of embracing the new me and new colored wardrobe. Whatever colored clothing item I have, is like almost 1 piece per color. Hehe.. Anyway, I tried to wear white. And some green. So not my colors. I told myself that its part of growing up. And improving.. and finding this "new" side of me of trying out new colors. I consulted my sister for help in this area.I stared at myself in the mirror wearing the white tank, black skirt, and green coverup and was appalled! I ended up buying and wearing a black tank top, black skirt, and green coverup.Thank goodness that black loves me..it has never failed to show off the best side of me! So here's my OTD for the clinique event:

Green Top - bought from Plumpinay during BU, Black Tank Top - Bazaar, Black Skirt - Attitudes,
Yellow Flats - SM Parisian, Bag - Tomato, Belt - SM, and Ring - Girl Shoppe
The party has already started. I was one of the last to arrive with Jen. It was all good though coz it would take some time before a skin consultant could attend to me. Clinique had three skin consultant's at that time and were attending to the other bloggers at the event. So I had some time to get to know some of these awesome "Beauty" Bloggers and Vloggers. I really enjoyed talking to all of them and make great friends with them.

with the darling APPLE of Appledapple!!! She's super pretty!
Bianca, Me, Mitch, and Jen
Bianca and Mich were already all dolled up by Clinique! They look awesome!
We talked, ate awesome snacks from BIZU, and took photos. LOTS of photos. hehehe..We really should hang out again soon!

Yummy Snacks from Bizu! 

BLOGGERS with their Clinique Skin Consultants giving them a makeover!
Starting from the left clockwise: Mitch, Jen, Trina's Mom, Eunice, and Ann

Then my turn came and I had a skin consultation with Miss Baby. She has amazing gentle hands and I really learned a lot from her. I will be talking more about that on my next blog post. 

Me with my Clinique Consultant Miss Baby
All in all I really had an amazing time. I just wanna thank wickermoss' Charles for hosting this Clinique party. I love it! I really had fun meeting up with you again and also getting to know new bloggers. :) Everyone was nice and friendly. Thanks also to Clinique and Miss Mira for the amazing makeover and some Clinique products that I was able to take home. I know I have a picture with Miss Mira somewhere, but its not on my cam. I think its with Lorena! By the way thanks Lorena for all the wonderful pictures that you took.. now if only I could get a copy of some of those... hehehe..

with LORENA! Thanks for the photos!
(And yes, I love my makeup! I look very different from my usual self! Gets a bit getting used to..)

Me with Charles and Jen.
And so this is a summary of my first "beauty" event! Next post I will share to you what Miss Baby revealed to me that you should also know about and also show to you the Clinique products that I got to take home.
Again, thanks clinique!

P.S. Visit Clinique Website for more clinique information on their items.  

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

My first Blog Award - Butterfly Blog Award | OTD

Here are the rules:
1. Write about yourself.
2. Pass the award to 7 bloggers.
3. Notify the bloggers who got it!

Hey coffeeholics! I just got my very first blog award thanks to Miss Kat of Beauty Straight Forwards (thanks girl! mwah!). I feel touched that she sent me this award. Cute pa coz its a butterfly. I love butterflies! Now its my turn to return the favor.

1. I took up several masteral units in Guidance Counseling in University of the Philippines, Diliman. I stopped because I had difficulties juggling work and my grad studies at the same time ( 4 case studies/sem/subject.. deadly!!!). But I enjoyed it a lot especially when I took up Career Guidance and Group Guidance subjects. I learned a lot especially on discovering myself and helping me realize certain things about myself that I didn't want to face. The butterfly in this award reminded me of something significant during that period of my life (2009). Before I felt like I was ugly, fat, and unfashionable. I felt like an ugly fat caterpillar. Then I had an Encounter with God last 2008 that changed my life and changed the way I looked at myself. I was going through a lot of things and had a lot of realizations after that encounter. Then during our Group Guidance immersion (March 2009), I told our group that I felt that I was changing.. that I was in a cocoon and slowly emerging to become a beautiful butterfly. My identity, my self-image, and my self-esteem changed! Now I do feel like that beautiful butterfly that I envisioned myself to be! Who would have thought that I'd be this kikay and be a blogger of fashion and beauty plus so much more. So in other words.. Feeling butterfly na lola nyo (hahaha) ok.. thats enough for now of my dramatization and chos..  hehehe..

The OLD me... hehe.. grabe felt super fat at that time.. and what an outfit! hahaha
Scroll down and view my OTD to see the better looking me!
2. Pass the award to 7 bloggers.

I want to pass this award to my new blogger friends:

Lorena - http://lorenarevilla.blogspot.com/ 

And now here's my OTD... The New Me!

Top - Vintage, Pants - Forever 21, Bag - Tomato
SM Parisian Shoes. LOVE IT!
Girl Shoppe

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day Gift Suggestions at SM Department Store Accessories

Its nearly Father's day and looking for the perfect gift for Dad is not easy! Its either what he wants is too expensive or worse, he tells me that "anything" is fine. Thank goodness that with SM Accessories, that "anything" can be a cool or inexpensive "something". So I went looking around at SM Marikina Department Store and found a lot of possible Father's Day gift items thanks to SM Accessories. So if you haven't bought your Father's Day gift, here are some suggestions and maybe this will help you:

1. KEYCHAINS. Dads usually have with them a bunch of keys that they carry around everywhere! Or maybe that's just my dad? :) Anyway, the good thing is that SM Accessories has a lot of cool keychains that Dads can avail from the sporty keychains to the practical and functional ones such as a bottle cap opener, nail cutter, flashlight, or even a "swiss knife" lookalike! All these items can be a perfect gift choice because its less than Php 100.

2. HANDKERCHIEFS. A fail safe gift that you can buy for guys -- especially Dads! My favorite label is Armando Caruso.

3. For tech savvy dads, you could probably consider this LAPTOP/TABLET CASE COVER! It looks cool and plus the padding makes sure that your dad's gadgets are in good hands.

4. NECKLACES. If you want a more personal item, this cool silver necklaces and chokers can be a good gift for your dad. I would suggest getting those necklaces with letters and choose the first letter of your dad's name. SM Accessories carries DETAIL and they have a lot of affordable choices to choose from. Most necklaces are Php 150 up.

5. BELTS. According to one of the salesmen there, belts are really the best gift choices for your dads this Father's day. Come to think of it, it is really the most practical accessory that you could get for your dad since   dads almost always wears a belt! SM Accessories does provide a wide selection of leather belts. One cool belt I saw was from Kickok. Its on sale by the way, 50% off! It used to be Php 1129 but you can get it now for 550. The reason why I like it is because of the reversible feature! Your dad doesn't have to buy 2 belts coz just this one is a brown and black belt at the same time. All he has to do is twist the metallic head and pick the color that best suits his outfit!

So that's my top 5 SM Accessories Father's Day Gift Suggestions. What did I get for my dad? I bought my dad an Armando Caruso hanky (coz I can also borrow it later on.. hehehe...). He doesn't know it yet so let's just keep it between ourselves first. :) Now go buy na before Father's Day is really here! 
P.S. If you get Php 1000 worth of items from SM Men's Accessories department, you get to buy a Messenger Bag for only Php 50!