Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Clinique Party Part 3 - The Search for Miss Clinique Contest by wickeRmoss

As you all know, I've done several posts earlier about wickeRmoss' Clinique Party that was held last week. I thought that was the end of my post series but Charles sprang another awesome surprise to us by holding a contest for the Clinique Party attendees which is the search for wickeRmoss' Miss Clinique! She will be giving out "limited edition" prizes from Clinique and some personal prizes as well from her! The best part of this is that its just only first part coz the second part will be for those who weren't able to attend. And I just can't wait to see the prizes. It looks like its going to be a surPRIZE that you don't wanna miss! So go visit wickeRmoss and read more about this contest in detail. 

And now, the main reason for this blog - A Hundred Reasons why I'm the perfect wickeRmoss' Miss Clinique!

The future wickeRmoss' Miss Clinique?
*crosses her fingers and prays!*
1. I'm the perfect candidate for wickeRmoss' Miss Clinique because I'm in love with Clinique and Clinique loves ME and MY SKIN! lol. Yep thats right! Ever since I tried out Clinique's 3 step, my face has never felt the same way again! Step 3 is my favorite now because Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel is like cool water on dry land .. well maybe a bit oily "land" at that! But the point is, I can feel the softness and see my face starting to become radiant and healthy looking AGAIN!

2. I'm the perfect candidate for wickeRmoss' Miss Clinique because Clinique loves me and my eyes! I'm super duper in love with Clinique's "All About Eyes" because it keeps my eye makeup intact. No smudges, no streaks, and oil free! (I will product review about All About Eyes very soon). 

3. I'm the perfect candidate for wickeRmoss' Miss Clinique because I love their eyeshadow palette. Especially Color Surge Eye Shadow Trio - Totally Neutral. It has all the basic colors that I need and love! I know that Clinique also loves me because of our luv luv relationship during college as my one and only eyeshadow. And oh, of course, the famous lipstick that was my staple for quite some time. Plus, all the effort of NOT getting makeup from any
Thanks soooo much sis!

4. I'm the perfect candidate for wickeRmoss' Miss Clinique because I'm happy coz Clinique makes me happy especially with their Happy Fragrance for women. I too used to be NOT Happy. I was full of drama, pain, and depression. I hated the unfair world. I hated myself and I hated my body and face. I felt I was plain, ugly, and fat. But a lot has changed since that time. I'm now a better person who has found true happiness and satisfaction because of a special encounter. Most importantly, I now love God, love myself, love my body, and love everybody -- especially Clinique!

5. I'm the perfect candidate for wickeRmoss' Miss Clinique because all the Clinique products, especially the reputed limited edition, is begging to stay with me forever! LOL. I have never won a blog giveaway/contest before. So having CLINIQUE as my FIRST definitely sets the bar. Its just like the saying, "First Love.. Never Dies.." Plus a little trivia: I'm single, unattached, and available so I'm definitely still a "Miss"which all the more qualifies me right? (hehe) I'd definitely love to add the title "wickeRmoss Miss Clinique" to my name! 

6. I'm the perfect candidate for wickeRmoss' Miss Clinique because Clinique and I MATCH. I'm allergic and Clinique is allergy-free! We GO TOGETHER!

7. I'm the perfect candidate for wickeRmoss' Miss Clinique because I... will NOT blog up the rest of the hundred. I am so\ understanding right? I am so willing to be sooo detailed in my blog right? AND I am soooo excited about this that I'm even skipping my precious sleeping time before I go to work. Yes, that's how much I want to win. Please excuse my competitive streak.

So again, I just wanna say thank you to wickeRmoss for all your hard work,  for the invites, and for thinking this up. I am truly blessed to even attend the event. This follow-up contest has really challenged me again and reminded me why I write.. why I blog.. and why I want to be wickeRmoss Miss Clinique. 

So how about you coffeeholics? Have you joined the contest na and won? Share your experience! How did you win? Or do you have a contest or giveaway that you joined already and wanna share? Go ahead and post in my comments. I love giveaways and maybe in the very near future I might hold one myself. In the meantime, so share share share my dears! 

p.s. Have you read my Clinique Party Experience yet? Read Clinique Party Part 1 here and Clinique Party Part 2. 

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