Saturday, June 4, 2011


Its almost a week since Bloggers United and I apologize for my late uploads! I have a day job and well yeah.. I have to prioritize what and when to blog. Seriously though, I should really learn how to not be so "o.c." when it comes to blogging. I want the layout and the pics to be perfect, blah blah blah and so the long wait before I blog. Sorry! Anyhow, I still want to give kudos to the people I met and the stuff that I bought from them. I REALLY enjoyed my shopping experience at Bloggers United last week. I haven't regretted every penny that I spent!

So before going to BU, I already prepped myself that:
1. I had a budget limit.
2. I will only buy what I need which is SHOES and a BAG.
3. I will buy accessories! I love accessories and so does my mom, my sis.. well you get the point! So the plan was to get a necklace, earring, ring, and bracelet. 
4. Take pictures and have picture taken with bloggers!

So as usual, I WAS LATE. I have work so I can only go once work is over. I was able to snag an early leave though (like 1 hour earlier!) so that consumed my travel time. I met up with my ever faithful wonderful cousin and blogger companion - Jen (naks!) and we rode the MRT to BU event. When we alighted from the train, it was POURING! As in literally like it was raining cats and dogs and all the other animals in the planet! We had a dilemma, to go or not to go! I wanted to be at BU asap so I told Jen that we go make a run for it. I ended up SOAKED. Yep, as in I had to go to the grocery at SM Megamall and buy a towel and towel dry myself kind of soaked! I wasn't thrilled to appear at BU looking like a drenched cat so we (actually ako lang ata.. hehe) dried off and waited it out a bit for the rain to subside. While waiting, Rache went over to join us on our way to BU. Finally, the rain subsided and we all trotted to BU venue.

Ang shala lang naman ng lugar! It was jampacked with bloggers, buyers, and a lot of interesting items begging to be bought! (oh no! LOL) Anyway, here are my lovely purchases.

First stop was to check out Ava's booth. I bought this lovely necklace there! It was a bit hard to choose on what I should buy! I was a bit sad that because it was a bit late, most of the good stuff was bought already. Still I love the necklace and I plan to wear it soon! 

Then we saw the beautiful Miss Earth! She had pretty earrings to sell and these sparkling purple glams that she recommended me stole my heart. I bought it right away! She was sooo kind to include this freebie Pure Beauty Super Brightening Facial Mask! I'm going to try that out soon. 

close up of earrings!
Rache, Jen, Earth, and Yours Truly!
Then we went over to look at various bloggers' stuff.. and saw this awesome H&M wedge boots owned by 
Rosanna Aranaz. I bought it for only Php 500!

Right next to Miss Rosanna was the booth by The Shady Chronicles. I was able to snag this skirt for only Php 100!

And last but not the least, I was able to meet the two wonderful Plump Pinays Stacy and Danah. I love these two gals who advocate loving one's own body shape! They rock! 

with Stacy and Danah!
I bought these two cool accessories from them! :)

got this for 100 pesos

got this for 50 pesos. it had a defect but it was repairable.
my mom makes accessories so she was able to fix this in a jiffy!
We also had fun talking and meeting up with the bloggers. I made a new friend in wickeRmoss' CharlesAngel. She was really sweet and lovely! 

She gave me three bottles of Vitamin C (Vitamin Boost) drink! It was a timely offer coz I was really thirsty. I brought home the other 2 bottles and had it chilled. AND it tastes so much yummier when cold! I love it and it really energizes and refreshes a person. I love the recommendation that this drink was for "people who lack sleep.." hehe.. I needed that. Maybe I should stock up on that for future purposes!


And so here ends my shopping experience at Bloggers United! Oh and here are some photos we had at the free photobooth of the event. :)

Jen, Kai, and Rache!

with my sister Laura! :)

Thank you to the organizers and bloggers of BLOGGERS UNITED! There must be a part 2 of this soon. :)

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