Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day Gift Suggestions at SM Department Store Accessories

Its nearly Father's day and looking for the perfect gift for Dad is not easy! Its either what he wants is too expensive or worse, he tells me that "anything" is fine. Thank goodness that with SM Accessories, that "anything" can be a cool or inexpensive "something". So I went looking around at SM Marikina Department Store and found a lot of possible Father's Day gift items thanks to SM Accessories. So if you haven't bought your Father's Day gift, here are some suggestions and maybe this will help you:

1. KEYCHAINS. Dads usually have with them a bunch of keys that they carry around everywhere! Or maybe that's just my dad? :) Anyway, the good thing is that SM Accessories has a lot of cool keychains that Dads can avail from the sporty keychains to the practical and functional ones such as a bottle cap opener, nail cutter, flashlight, or even a "swiss knife" lookalike! All these items can be a perfect gift choice because its less than Php 100.

2. HANDKERCHIEFS. A fail safe gift that you can buy for guys -- especially Dads! My favorite label is Armando Caruso.

3. For tech savvy dads, you could probably consider this LAPTOP/TABLET CASE COVER! It looks cool and plus the padding makes sure that your dad's gadgets are in good hands.

4. NECKLACES. If you want a more personal item, this cool silver necklaces and chokers can be a good gift for your dad. I would suggest getting those necklaces with letters and choose the first letter of your dad's name. SM Accessories carries DETAIL and they have a lot of affordable choices to choose from. Most necklaces are Php 150 up.

5. BELTS. According to one of the salesmen there, belts are really the best gift choices for your dads this Father's day. Come to think of it, it is really the most practical accessory that you could get for your dad since   dads almost always wears a belt! SM Accessories does provide a wide selection of leather belts. One cool belt I saw was from Kickok. Its on sale by the way, 50% off! It used to be Php 1129 but you can get it now for 550. The reason why I like it is because of the reversible feature! Your dad doesn't have to buy 2 belts coz just this one is a brown and black belt at the same time. All he has to do is twist the metallic head and pick the color that best suits his outfit!

So that's my top 5 SM Accessories Father's Day Gift Suggestions. What did I get for my dad? I bought my dad an Armando Caruso hanky (coz I can also borrow it later on.. hehehe...). He doesn't know it yet so let's just keep it between ourselves first. :) Now go buy na before Father's Day is really here! 
P.S. If you get Php 1000 worth of items from SM Men's Accessories department, you get to buy a Messenger Bag for only Php 50!