Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beauty and Makeup Haul - dreamGirl, Human Nature, Marionaud, Elianto, Orly

Ok so I've been always wanting to do this ever since I met the lovely beauty and makeup bloggers Kat, Aya, and Say and read their articles. Now I don't have any plan of being an expert beauty blogger but I do want to show some of the beauty related stuff that I bought recently.

On the top of my list of things that I really needed to buy was a lipstick. I have a Laura Mercier lipstick - Healthy Lips which is my current fave but its a matte one. So I decided to get this really cool lipstick from Watson's dreamGirl - a byproduct of 4U2. Its a symphony sparkling lipstick no. 2 giving me the perfect peachy hue that I want -- WITH SPARKLES! :) yay for glitter!

Next thing that I got (finally!) is Love Minerals by Human Nature. I got the Blush Shade 02 Tropical Rose which suits my skin tone. The best feature I love about it is that its 100% chemical free! Love it! I also bought a brand new brush from Marionnaud - the N32 Slanted blusher brush. Its made of synthetic fibers - smooth to sweep the blusher on the skin with a firm touch!  I saw it from one of my friends and decided to finally buy it after comparing with other brushes in Watsons (hehehe.. yes that's the store where I check out most of the local/asian makeup)! Though its a bit more expensive than the other brushes that I saw, the Marionnaud brush gave the greatest coverage and the slanted cut makes it easier for me to use!

And lastly, thanks to Aya and Jen, I was able to buy some Elianto polishes at a really great price! I just also recently had my nails done and this is a result of a combination of two coatings of Elianto Blue Splash 29 with a top coat of Orly Limelite. Here's my NOTD!

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Aya said...

Yeeeey! I have the DreamGirl lippy too (in shade 5, I think) and posted a review about it. And the blush brush! It's the best. Haha I just love that brush!

I'm gonna miss Elianto :(

Kaisensei said...

:) i know right! i was with my bestfriend when we bought this.. she advised me on the brushes and while hanging out at watsons we tried out dreamgirl! Couldn't believe that dreamgirl has been there for quite some time and didn't notice their great products!!!!