Wednesday, May 29, 2013

BU5 Day 2 Talk - The Fashion Blogger

Hey Coffeeholics!!! Can't get enough of BU5? The good news is there will be Bloggers United's First Talk: THE FASHION BLOGGER on June 2 to satisfy your BU5 Fix.

Right after the bloggers bazaar, Bloggers United, together with SMX Convention Center’s Great Luxe Sale, will be holding The Fashion Blogger, the team’s very first seminar/workshop on fashion, photography, and blogging!

Meet and learn from fashion bloggers Camille Co, David Guison, Laureen Uy, Kryz Uy, and Lissa Kahayon on June 2, Sunday, from 1-5pm, at the SMX Meeting Rooms 4-6. BU organizers Aisa Ipac and Ana Gonzales will also be giving a talk on uncluttering your closets, styling tips, and fashion writing. Tickets are available for P400 in all SM Cinemas nationwide, and during Bloggers United 5.

First 200 participants will receive special gift bags from our sponsors! Tons of prizes await!
We hope to see you there!

For more information and updates, follow Bloggers United:
Official Hashtag: #BU5

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bloggers United 5 - Win a BU5 Entrance Pass!

I remember the first Bloggers United event I ever attended. Were you there?

Shopping for SHOES! Got those black H&M Shoes from BU1 blogger Rosanna Aranaz
Checking out what's for sale with my blogger buddy and cousin - shopgirl JEN and  BU blogger Earth Rullan!
And I really enjoyed meeting these lovely BU Bloggers PLUMP PINAYS Stacey and Danah in person at the BU1 event. 
Hey Coffeeholics! I had super fun SHOPPING and INTERACTING with these awesome FASHION & STYLE & BEAUTY BLOGGERS!  It was indeed a memorable experience. Now I'm thrilled to be part of BU5 again! And I'm pretty much sure you wanna be there to especially since this Bloggers United you will

Your favorite fashion and beauty bloggers are all set for the 5th installment of Bloggers United!
Get ready for another round of intense shopping experience as 60+ of Manila’s top fashion bloggers open their closets once again in a big bazaar this June 1, from 10am to 8pm, at our BETTER venue, the SMX Convention Center Function Room 3! Bloggers United gets even BIGGER with our partner bazaar The Great Luxe Sale of Mall of Asia and SMX, happening from May 31 to June 2 at the SMX Hall 1.

Celebrity bloggers Divine Lee, Victor Basa, Nicole Anderson, and Maggie Wilson will all grace the event, and guest international blogger Maya Kibbel of Elle Girl Japan will also be there!

End summer with a bang with BU5! What to expect:
1) Great finds for less, perfect for revamping your look as another school year starts!
2) Meet and interact with style bloggers and online friends!
3) Contribute to Bloggers United 5’s partner charity Diksyunaryo Atbp( ). 
You can bring your old books as we will accept donations at the registration booth!
4) Lots of games, music, and other exciting surprises from our BU5 partners! 

Don’t forget to charge your cameras, stash some extra cash, and dress your best as we celebrate another day of personal style and expression! Tickets are available for P100 in all SM Cinemas nationwide, and at the event venue. Use GCASH to purchase your tickets on June 1 to get 50% discount, plus awesome freebies!

Experience BU5 yourself. I'm giving away 10 passes to #BU5! Join and WIN one of these free BU5 Tickets! 

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For more information and updates, follow Bloggers United:
Official Hashtag: #BU5

Friday, May 24, 2013

Signature Shades Sale up to 70% OFF from SM Accessories

Let your style sizzle with these signature shades from SM Accessories! Hurry and grab a pair or two of these branded frames that are up to 70% off (on selected branches) until May 31, 2013! 

Hey Coffeeholics! It's been a while. Yes I know Summer is nearly over but well you know that here in the Philippines, we have only two seasons. Rainy and sunny season. Definitely wearing shades is a must! So don't miss out on this amazing up to 70% DISCOUNT on these branded accessories. Some featured brands are Addidas, Swarovski, Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Jimmy Choo, Columbia, Gucci, and Vera Wang Eyewear. 

For more exclusive offerings, visit branded accessories in all SM Stores Nationwide. This Promo ends May 31, 2013. So if you've been longing for those lovely pair of sunnies for some time already, well now is the perfect time to shop! Happy Shopping!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fashion Diary - Face Shapes, Sunglasses, and Firmoo in Summer

Shades in May! Throwback 2010 at L.A., USA
Hi Coffeeholics! If you are wondering about that pic, that was taken several years ago when I was able to go to the States. It was truly a memorable experience! I was so excited to escape the heat of summer (it was May after all) and anticipated cool weather (cool as in I'd be wearing a sweater, a scarf, all the winter trappings.. the works! LOL.) Yeah well it wasn't as cold as that believe me. I only needed to wear a light cardigan. But what was surprising was how bright the sun was (and that the sunset was around 7-8 pm.. weird! XD) and that I was so grateful that I brought my sunnies with me. All the more now here in the Philippines. With this scorching heat and glare of the sun, we are all better off being protected properly from the sun by using our sunnies, shades, or sunglasses!

GLASSES. Remember the times when wearing glasses was a stigma? You get ridiculed for wearing glasses? Yeah, I was called geek, bookworm (I didn't mind being called that!), and sometimes four-eyes when I was younger. Now geek glasses is IN. O__o Where were you in my childhood? XP
Now to be honeset, I've had a love hate relationship with sunnies. I wear glasses. So when I wear sunnies to shade my eyes from the sun, everything else is blurred. Yes I've tried wearing contacts. But somehow, wearing glasses has come to be more natural to me. Soooo yeah, I end up putting up with a blurry but shaded view when outdoors. Then I just switch to my glasses whenever I go indoors. Hehehe. Fashion over comfort?

Aviator-ish Sunglasses
Squarish-Rectangularish Sunnies
But still, finding that perfect pair of sunglasses is not easy So if you haven't found it yet, you need to go to the basic which is FIND YOUR FACE SHAPE. The perfect sunnies for you is dependent on your face shape. Believe me I know. I have worn shades that is not for my face shape and look ridiculous in pictures. And since its still summer, you wanna immortalize your memories for this year, well then choose your sunnies wisely. So here is a list of face shapes and what shape your sunglasses should be.

Photo credit here.
My face shape I think is a combo between a round and a square. So I try to pick shades that would flatter my face shape. Remember, the general rule is that you pick the shape of the sunnies that is opposite your face shape.

Photo credit here.
      • SQUARE faces - you can wear Cateye or Rounded shades. 
      • OVAL faces - lucky you! Any sunglasses shape will look good on you. 
      • HEART faces - you can wear Cateye, Round, or Wayfarers.
      • ROUND faces - Oversized Cateye shades for the win

So now I generally stick to cateye shapes and oversized shades. Its a big NO NO for me to wear round shades. I've tried it and felt I looked weird.

Round Oversized Shades. Not wearing that again! I look like a bug. XP

Now I'm not saying that if you don't follow this you will look silly in other shaped shades. I'm just saying that before you buy a pair of sunglasses, try it out first. You have to see yourself in the mirror wearing it and not just order it online or buy it off the rack coz it looks pretty. Some people like to defy the norm and still wear sunnies that isn't flattering to their face shape. Well as long as you think you can pull it off then go for it. XD I mucked it out on my own even if it was unflattering. But I eventually I ended up buying shades that would suit my face shape. Ordering online can be tough coz you take the risk that it might not suit you. The best bet is to choose the shape that you already know fits you. Or better yet, try Firmoo!

If you have been online as much as I have and have been reading blogs, I bet you've heard about Firmoo already. Firmoo is an online optical store that offers a lot of stylish eyewear all over the world. One thing I appreciate about Firmoo is that you can virtually fit the glasses or sunnies that you wanna try. You also have the option to choose the frame by shape, material, or frame. There is a whole different section for sunglasses as well.

Just follow the steps on uploading your photo and presto!
You can check out which style suits you or not. 

Wearing my FIRMOO sunnies. 
Anyway, I won this Firmoo shades at a giveaway contest last year. They let me choose the shades that I want and of course I chose PURPLE (lol) and OVERSIZED shades. I got the item a bit late (tapos na ang summer! :P) so was only able to wear it a few times. Love it!

If you want to order your own shades from FIRMOO, well I've got good news for you. You can get a 30% discount by typing in the code KAISENSEIBLOGE2 when you order a pair from (the designer glasses are excluded). This code can be used up to 6 times only and is valid only up to June 19. So if you are going to use the code, let me know by commenting below!

Me and my Firmoo Shades!
Hey Coffeeholics! So do you know your face shape na? Do you already have the perfect sunglasses? Hope this post has helped! Have a happy summere!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Sweet Treat for Mom at Cafe 1771

MOM. MOTHER. MAMA. MOMMY. NANAY. INA. Whatever name you call her, she's definitely this one person in your life that definitely deserves more than one day of celebration every 2nd Sunday of May. Her love, her care, and her support to her family is incomparable. So whether its this coming Sunday or any ordinary day, don't forget to always tell your Mom how much you love her. And of course, for us coffeeholics what better way to treat our awesome mothers than by something sweet at Cafe 1771!

My mom and I! Love her outfit here. So classy!
From the smooth and velvety to the sweet cakes without the guilt, Café 1771 presents its homespun cake creations that will surely make mom feel special. From the petite cake to a festive cake size portions for the whole family, these cakes are perfect for the family’s celebration table.

If thinking of a dessert that will signify love and admiration, Rose Noire (P250 net) is a delightful surprise, especially for someone who’s a certified chocolate lover. Lavish layers of Valrhona dark chocolate with hazel nut praline that sits on a crunchy crust, this chocolate-loaded creation also comes with a surprise at the center: a croquantine for some crunch and dark chocolate flavor with a distinct praline taste.
Cafe 1771's EVASION
For something that can make anyone dive right in, Evasion (P270 net) gives this promise: an evasive combo of white and dark chocolates with cream cheese and fresh strawberry in a lightly crispy feullentine at the center. What’s more to love? It’s not too sweet and amazingly creamy.
Cafe 1771's Gianduja Truffle Mousse
Light, pillowy and comes with a nutty center, the Gianduja Truffle Mousse (P250 net) combines the dark and white chocolate praline flavors.  Structured with elements that will surprise the palate, its sweetness comes from the base made of chocolate sponge then followed by marshmallows with cashew nuts and topped off with chocolate mousse as a velvety finish.
Cafe 1771's Sugar-Free Coffee Pie
And who wouldn’t want the 1771 Group of Restaurants signature dessert, the sugar-free coffee pie (P220 net)? An epic recipe from the family of Executive Chef Vicky Rose-Pacheco for over twenty years, the addicting secret is in the crisp texture of the combined flavors of Dutch cocoa and coffee with cashew nuts. And with no bells and whistles or outré ingredients, this version is sweetened with coconut sugar and lightly dusted with cocoa for an awfully memorable dessert minus the guilt.
A good cake not only serves as a delightful centerpiece—the very presence of it on the table marks a celebration itself. For an extra touch of something dreamy and decadent to make mom feel special, give these mini cakes as a surprise, guaranteed to communicate your love. For advance orders, call 631-7340.

Café 1771 is located at 1771 El Pueblo, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Operating hours from Monday to Saturday is 7am to 10pm while Sunday is 7am to 3pm. For inquiries, call 631-7340/470-6559/0917-8660442.


So Coffeeholics, if you want to give your Mom a special sweet treat -- drop by Cafe 1771! I would definitely treat my mom with the light and creamy Evasion while of course I'd be tasting the Sugar-Free Coffee Pie. It looks so delicious! 

So what about you coffeeholics? What are your plans for your mom this Mother's day? Treat her out or buy a gift? Share your ideas here!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Movie Review - Why watch IRON MAN 3

Hey Coffeeholics! Its been more than a week already since Iron Man 3 came out so I'm betting that most of you have already watched it. I must admit I was only able to watch it last Wednesday (finally!). To tell you the truth, I never watched a trailer of the movie. But I've been hearing mixed reviews about Iron Man 3.. that some say it was dragging and boring especially in the middle part while some say that they absolutely loved it. So what is it? Is it boring? Predictable? Lacks action? Or was it sooooo cool that you just had to watch it again? Did it suck or did it rock?


If you haven't watched the movies and you don't want to be bombarded by spoilers, now is a very good time to skip this post. :P


1. Vulnerability.  Usually when we hear IRON MAN we usually think of him as the super cool hero. This  arrogant, narcissistic, bad boy playboy billionaire genius in a hi-tech suit that can shoot missiles, a laser beam, and basically save the day. There's no denying that he is indeed all that. But what I really like about Iron Man 3 is that this time, we get to see beyond the surface rep of Tony Stark. They showed him to be more human.. to be vulnerable.. that he is like one of us. Who couldn't relate to his panic attacks.. in facing the reality that he is human and he can't do anything about what's happening around him? Who can't relate in his struggle through his fear and trauma.. his insomnia (ok so maybe not 72 hours of no sleep! lol).. his fears spilling over to the subconscious and becoming a disturbing nightmare? 

Tony Stark was vulnerable just like you and me and it showed when in despite owning a super cool iron suit that can defeat an army, he still is a typical human being who experiences stress and fears triggered from a traumatic experience (his near death experience during The Avengers timeline). He was vulnerable and it showed through panic attacks that were triggered by innocent statements from kids (which is kinda ironic by the way - a kid reducing the Iron Man to a puddle of nerves!). Of course in the end, he learned how to overcome his fear and deal with it which is heroic in itself. He showed that its ok, we have fears but we can deal with these fears and shortcomings if we set our minds to it and in the process become stronger. 

2. The Mechanic vs. Iron Man. Everyone knows Iron Man is THE Man. But what happens if the suit runs out of juice? When it fails to "assemble" and "assimilate" on Tony Stark? When it crashes into a truck and scatters into a million pieces like lego? Actually most of the movie seems to "mock" the iron suit on how unstable and unreliable it is making Iron Man useless at times. And for some reason I liked that. Why? Coz then we were able to see how Tony Stark - The Mechanic worked.

One of the pivotal scenes for me was during one of his panic attacks when he found out that his suit was NOT charging and he was on his way to Miami to finish off Mandarin. He was freaking out and he got out of the car and was hyperventilating on the floor coz he didnt know how he would be able to defeat Mandarin without his suit when the kid on the phone reminded him who he was -- that he was first and foremost, the Mechanic who "made" Iron Man and can "fix" things. Brains and action without the Iron Man suit ensued afterwards which I felt was pure genius on his part. It is the MAN that makes the suit, not the other way around. Enough said.

3. Tony Stark on Humility.

"I have a lot of apologies to make... Nothing's been the same since New York. You experience things, and then they're over. I can't sleep, and when I do I have nightmares. Honestly, there's a hundred people who want to kill me. I hope I can protect the one thing I can't live without..."

I bet all the other girls sighed too when he said this line to Pepper. I think its rare to see or hear him admit he was a mess and hearing him say sorry (a lot of times) is refreshing. There is hope after all for bigshots and egoistic arrogant alpha males! So if Iron Man happens to be your role model? Learn after him. A man who admits his mistake, apologizes, and learns from it will live another day.

4. Tony Stark's Love Language. 
I laughed so hard when I saw his gift to Pepper. The huge stuffed bunny and the necklace at the very end (I'm sorry that is not spectacular enough of a gift for a genius ex-playboy billionaire). It sucks. So definitely giving of Gifts is NOT his forte (HA! Remember in Iron Man 2 and the basket of strawberries? FAIL!).

But his way with words surely stole a place in our hearts and yes Pepper's too. His funny and droll wit and proper use of sarcasm seems quite to be a hit (many thanks to Robert Downey Jr.'s fantastic portrayal!). But when he delivers those sweet mushy lines like -

"Things are different now, I have to protect the one thing that I can't live without. That's you." 

That's Pepper in the Iron Man suit!
Well you bet that definitely makes up a lot for the unforgivable gifts earlier. And what girl cannot forget that sweet move when he immediately suited Pepper up in his Iron Man suit during those explosions which essentially protected her. Considering her above his own safety is definitely plus points! And of course yes, we know. We know! When a guy gives up his "toys" (gadgets, games, hobby.. ) for quality time for you -- that's FIREWORKS baby! And mind you, that's Tony Stark saying goodbye to his 40+ Iron Man suits. :)

Hot Pepper!
5. Pepper Girl Power. Ok so your love interest is a super hero. Must you always be a damsel in distress? NOT! Thank goodness that in the end, Pepper pretty much saved the day (and Iron Man!) with her kick ass moves as an altered volatile super soldier. My favorite part was when she jumped high, punched one of the suits, and thrust one of the Iron Man arms in her hand like a glove and went all Bionic Woman on the Bad Guy. Epic epic epic. :)  I wanted to see more of Pepper going bad ass but then well..  the movie is all about IRON MAN after all. So we only got a glimpse of that.

Anyway, so did it suck or did it rock? Well duh, obviously it ROCKED! I watched it again on the next day. LOL. Seriously though I have to tell you that the action is packed only in first and last part.. most of the middle part is really a lot of talking, some upgraded MacGyver fiddling, and the developing of a nicer and more adorable Tony Stark ever. I mean what gal wouldn't  want to be in Pepper's place--hugging and comforting a distraught Tony Stark admitting that he was a mess and needed her a lot? The second time I watched Iron Man 3, I just leaned back and soaked in the drop dead gorgeousness of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark.

Photo source - Matsuda FB
Did you notice all the different kinds of sunglasses that he wore? Smoking hot awesome stuff! I searched the net and most of the eyewear he wore were from Matsuda. I also just noticed most of the photos that I got of him ay lahat masungit look. Haha. Whats up with that? Sabi na nga ba..only him and Sir Chief can get away with the haughty and handsome look.

Anyway enough of the fangirl mode. What about you? Did you like it or found it boring? Do you agree with my points or not? Let me know what you think about the movie. I'm sure pure Marvel fans have a lot to say about this movie (a point which I did not touch since I'm not an expert about that!). Basta ako I enjoyed it. Ikaw? Drop a comment and let me know! Oh and if you haven't watched the movie but read this anyway, will you still watch or not?

Have an awesome weekend! mwah mwah!

Photo source - google. XD

Friday, May 3, 2013

SALE ALERT - SM ACCESSORIES Fashion Jewelry SALE up to 50% OFF!

Hey Coffeeholics! With the month of May comes lots and lots of sale. And yes, that's a good thing especially if you are preparing for something for your mom. Well good thing that we can always find something grand to give to our moms here at SM Accessories. SM Accessories will be having a FASHION JEWELRY SALE up to 50% OFF on selected items. This will be happening on the whole month of MAY. On May 10-12, will be a Mother's Day treat as they will give an additional 10% off when you present your SM Advantage, SM Prestige, or BDO Rewards Card. Awesome huh? PLUS, get a free gift when you purchase around P500 or more from the Ladies' Accessories section.

Also check out this funny and cute video clip on how accessories really can transform your day look to an awesome night look!

For more details, check out SM Accessories Facebook Page or get connected on twitter and instagram @smaccessories. #FashionAuthority

SUITEBLANCO debuts in Manila

Hey Coffeeholics! It's May already and let us also welcome SUITEBLANCO as well as they may their debut here in the Philippines.

For the young, modern men and women with an uninhibited urban spirit comes a brand who understands what freedom is all about – the freedom to choose and decide what they want to include in their lives, and the freedom to express their style.

This year, Filipinos will get to experience the brand, another franchise of the SM Group of Companies. The Philippines opens its doors in May 2013 to the newest fashion destination for European fast fashion: SUITEBLANCO Philippines, with the flagship store located in SM Aura Premier at the Fort.

SUITEBLANCO is a family business founded by Bernardo Blanco Solana which originated in Spain in 1960. Currently with over 270 stores in 23 countries, the brand continues to rapidly expand in the Middle East and several regions in Asia.

SUITEBLANCO speaks to the individuals who are undaunted by the latest trends and are bold in making decisions. It is for the individuals who are confident with their style and the choices that they make. With on-trend, aspirational, and affordable products, SUITEBLANCO gives the optimal shopping experience to consumers.

For the Spring Bloom collection, fun, bright pastels and sleek, tailored pieces dominate the scene. Light and laidback, cool and collected, just like famed Victoria’s Secret model Anne Vyalitsyna, who fronts SUITEBLANCO’s new campaign. The Russian beauty lends a youthful, energetic vibe to denim, knits, and lightweight casuals.

So Coffeeholics, get ready as Suiteblanco is here to stay! I really like the classy yet still casual feeling it exudes. The splashes of print and stripes makes it all the more fun. I bet Suiteblanco will be definitely rocking the Philippine Fashion scene. Check em out this summer!

Have an awesome weekend!