Sunday, May 26, 2019

Mich and Myl Nails is now open at BGC!

Posh. Elegant. Classy. This was my first impression when I stepped in the newly opened branch of Mich and Myl Nails located at Avida Towers, BGC. This is the latest addition to the Mich and Myl franchise. I was super excited when I was invited to this event because well if you are following my Instagram, I really love getting my nails done! So this came to an opportune time as well because I will be attending a wedding on the same week so it was just perfect. 
Mich and Myl Nails BGC
So the Mich and Myl Nails Salon and Spa officially opened their doors to the BGC community last May 5, 2019. It's located just a block way from Uptown Mall and you can actually see the mall across the street.  Mich and Myl Nails BGC is all about quality products and quality services. Their goal is to satisfy its trendy clients because they deserve the best--they deserve Mich and Myl Nails.

Classy and elegant furnishings at Mich and Myl Nails BGC

Sitting here will definitely make you really feel the excellent quality and pampering services at Mich and Myl BGC.

I really couldn't get over how the whole place just gives off these luxurious vibes. Definitely this is a place where you will feel super pampered. The Mich and Myl Nails BGC have a team of licensed and professionally trained technicians, schooled on the latest nail techniques from Japan. They offer various nail services that not all ordinary nail salons have. They offer Gel Nails, Gel Nail Arts, 3D Nail Arts, Acrylic Nail Extensions, Sculptured Nails, and of course the regular Manicure and Pedicure services. They offer a wide variety of polishes such as OPI, OPI Infinite Shine, Essie, TINS, Orly, Ezflow, Bella Forma, Cuccio, Morgan Taylor, Leafgel Premium, Can I, T Gel, Miss Mirage, Ice and Gel, and Premdoll.

Besides the nail services, they also offer waxing, threading, eyelash extensions, paraffin treatments, reflexology, spa treatments (hand and foot), and massage. What is also interesting to me is that they offer Kiddie Nails services like manicure, pedicure, hand spa, and foot spa! For expecting mothers, they also have vegan polishes available so you can still feel pampered even if you are preggy.

Oh and if you are looking for a place to hold a spa and pampering event like for birthdays, bridal showers, or even just some needed me time with your besties -- well they also offer Spa Party Packages -- the Spa Party Deluxe, Spa Party Premium, and Kiddie Spa Party.

Me chilling while waiting for our nail technicians arrive.

Other bloggers availing Mich and Myl BGC's nail services. 
And yes, like I mentioned, one can also avail the Kiddie Nails service!
While I was there, they served for us and some other bloggers food and drinks. Feeling pampered talaga ang peg! As you know, sometimes when you stay at the salon it can take some time so having something to snack on while being pampered is a must. Feeling soshal talaga ang experience ko. 

Oh and just wanted to point out that your bag can be placed in this box while having your nails done. 
It's the little things that matter. :)
So while waiting, I was given a swatch of polishes available. It was soooo hard to choose! I had wanted to try out their nail art services but then I had to get in line coz at that time, the person in charge of the intricate nail art service was already doing someone else's nails.

I originally wanted to try out the Cat's Eye Gel Polish.. not exactly nail art but still oh so pretty!!!

I availed their gel manicure and pedicure services (of course! siyempre! hehe). For my gel manicure, I chose the Ray Gel brand S208 (nude color) and G108 for the gold color accent. I really love the color!
I ended up choosing these gel polishes in a pot instead of the traditional polish container.
The brand was Ray Gel and I really liked the formula!

For this polish, they used a different kind of brush for an easier and controlled application of the polish.

Since I couldn't quite picture myself properly while getting my nails done, so instead here's a photo of one of the other bloggers when getting their nails done. So I would look like that from afar. 
All of us enjoying our "me" time!
And FINALLY my nails were done! I really love it!

So if you want some pampering time and quality products and services, check out Mich and Myl Nails BGC today! You may set an appointment by contacting them at (02) 9710252 or (+63) 917-7167955. They are open daily from  10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Mich and Myl Nails BGC is located at Ground Floor (Retail 13&14),  Avida Towers 34th Street corner 11th Avenue, Lane T, Fort Bonifacio, BGC, Taguig.

To check out some of the intricate nail art designs that they have already done, do check out and like their social media accounts as well:

Instagram (@michandmylbgc)

Friday, June 22, 2018

Meeting The Demands of The 21st Century Through Dynamic Learning

There is no doubt that the 21st Century has indeed arrived. In everything that we do, developments in technology have, in one way or the other, helped improve the way we live.

All industries are experiencing massive changes in the way they do things. The so-called "4th Industrial Revolution," deemed to revolutionize the way industries shape our world concerning new technological discoveries, is now happening. Innovations and advancements in technology, with words like "Artificial Intelligence," "Nanotechnology," "Bioengineering," "Renewable Energy," "Quantum Computing," to name a few, have profound effects on the many facets of our lives that several years ago were deemed impossible. To be able to take advantage of all these developments, we need to start collaborating to form communities who would nurture each other and prepare the future generation for what the modern times bring.

Every era produces a wave of people with a different mindset. Education, as the pillar of what forms a society, has a critical role in making sure individuals are ready to maximize opportunities that the future holds. It can make nations thrive during era shifts by nurturing learners with the skills, talent, and mindset to push forward. While leveling up content, enhancing programs and techniques are essential, it is the active cooperation by different sectors to contribute to learning can the goal of preparing a fully equipped individual can be achieved.


No man is an island. That has never been truer especially when we talk about education. The call to assist in character building and information sharing to learners is no longer just limited to educational institutions and teachers. Families, communities, governments and private industries are encouraged to join this endeavor. Every touch point of a learner from the moment he or she wakes up at home, interaction and encounters that they have as they go through the routines of their day, their whole environment and ecosystem contribute to their growth. Through collaborative partnerships among different stakeholders, we may be able to supply a holistic learning experience that would equip future leaders and professionals with the foundation needed to make nations prosper in the 21st century and beyond.


While primary subjects are essential in the formation of a learner, it is in its application that real relevance is built. It is no longer enough to merely know the basics of the language, maths, and sciences. Current times call for students to apply these fundamental learnings to understand trends, political landscapes, global happenings, and economies. Higher levels of discussion are encouraged to apply theories learned to the practical realities.


Learning never stops. Not just in the 21st century. Breakthroughs are being discovered every day that is in not enough to settle with the what we know today. Information is available everywhere and learners should be taught how to take advantage of it. The future generation should be equipped with the open-mindedness and critical thinking to process this readily available information through different mediums. Innovation and disruption are born from new ways of thinking. Students of today should be encouraged to do just that to be able to champion the 21st century.

That's why Partnerships for 21st Century Learning (P21), a recognized global organization who aims to be the catalyst for 21st century learning, created the Framework for 21st Century Learning. It emphasizes that priority should be given to developing learning competencies such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. These learning proficiency can prepare students for future challenges and opportunities that this new era brings. REX has continuously enhanced and leveled up to provide the right support to all partners - educational institutions, teachers, families, communities, individuals, and governments - so they can better assist students to meet the demands of current times. Efforts are currently being done to make each stakeholder understand their role in shaping the future generation beyond the four walls of the classroom. This is the future that the 21st century brings.

As REX continuously innovates and finds ways to assist in creating a set of ready generation for the future, it also poses a challenge to each today -- how do you contribute to shaping the future generation? Find out more about the essentials of 21st-century learning and join us in the conversation. Visit

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Zit Free Days with Proactiv

It's the ber months already and thank goodness our weather has become a bit cooler. Yet unfortunately, our humid weather still makes our oily face act up. I know it's challenging but the good news is that we can always turn to Proactiv for our skincare needs! 

I forgot when this was taken but this was during my long hair days so that's like before 2015. :)
I tried to look back at pictures years ago and I clearly remember how my acne really bothered me. I absolutely hated it whenever I would break out and those red angry zits made me feel like all that anyone can see are those zits! 

But Proactiv surely became a lifesaver for me! Do you know that it's been several years already that this acne clearing system's effectiveness in dealing with stubborn acne is available at any Watsons and SM Department store branch nationwide? Yes my dear friends, clear skin is now available at your fingertips! It has worked for me and if you are struggling to find a product that can help treat the whole face, clear problematic spots, and prevent acne before it starts -- the Proactiv Kit is definitely for you. 

Proactiv has a 30-Day and 60-Day Kit system to make it easier for users who find it challenging to create their own skin care routine. What's more, Proactiv is still offering its money-back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with its results. 

So just drop by any Watsons and SM Department store nationwide to get your own Proactiv system at Php 2,495  for the 30-day kit and Php 3,995 for the 60-day kit. Here's to more clear, beautiful skin!