Thursday, June 2, 2011

High School Reunion, Pasalubongs, and Coke

 Hey, I thought Pag-asa was going to announce that Summer is officially over. BUT WHAT IS THIS HEAT? ugh.. Its creating havoc to my lungs and health. I'm also supposed to be cleaning my classroom but I have taken refuge here in the faculty room because it has air conditioning. I can't open the aircon to my right now coz I'm in the process of cleaning and decorating. The heat is absolutely discouraging.

So to cheer myself up, my coteachers and I had a drinking break -- COKE BREAK! (its still caffeine!)


Its indeed cool and refreshing! I don't care if its not healthy! I just needed something really icy cool and sparkling to revive my flagging spirits. Honestly though, I'm not really a big fan of soft drinks. I couldn't even finish that sakto bottle! But there are times you know that you just have to have that chug of coke neh? :) I'm now one highly caffeinated and happy girl!

HIGHSCHOOL REUNIONS. So last Tuesday night, Naomi - my bestfriend since elementary, and I went out to Eastwood City Mall to meet up with one of our balikbayan school mates. I say school mate coz we weren't from the same batch but nevertheless we were good friends it felt good to catch up on them after a long long time! We ate at Jack's Loft and had really good pasta! I ordered my usual Pesto Pasta with Chicken and Naomi had Pasta with Adobo Flakes. I liked my pesto but LOVED her Adobo Flakes Pasta! I'm going to order that next time! Its just super sad that I didn't bring my camera. We only had our cellphone cams which doesn't have any flash. So pls excuse the quality of the following photos:

Naomi took this photo of our HUGE "Fishbowl Iced Tea" drink at Jack's Loft. It looks more like a vase to me!

Me and balikbayan Nuelle! She's based in California now. 
Me and Pipo! After 11 years, he's back in the Philippines! What did he miss the most? THE FOOD!
Wala daw tatalo sa home made Pinoy cooking dito! :) 

Bought this at Lock and Lock at Eastwood City Mall.
Its gonna be my personal utensils this school year in school! :)
AND YAY for pasalubong! I got a bath and body works MIDNIGHT PROMEGANATE  cologne spray and lotion.
Also a pack of REESE's and a disposable COLGATE toothbrush "Wisp". 

Thanks Nuelle, Pipo, Adrian, and Naomi for an awesome get together! :) Til the next meetup!

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