Thursday, August 29, 2013

Proactiv Promo - Pay Using Credit Card and Get This Freebie

Hello Coffeeholics!

Its time to say GOODBYE to Body Acne and hello fairer and clearer skin on your back and shoulders through Proactiv - the ultimate acne treatment! Do you know that Proactiv doesn't only have a solution for your facial acne but also for your body acne as well with the Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash.

Proactiv knows that our backs and shoulders are also susceptible to pimples. Having pimples can shatter the dreams of the men who can’t go topless at the beach because of acne on their backs, and the women who cannot wear backless or sleeveless tops during a night out because she’s too shy that her pimples on her shoulders might show.  A total acne-free body! (Yes! Proactiv is for GUYS and GALS! )

Yes, that's me several years ago. Wish I was as thin as I was back then hehe. Anyway, whatever body size I am, God is still merciful (buti na lang!). Wala akong back acne. Even until now I can still bare my back coz I don't have body acne. I may have frequent guest appearances of acne on my face but thankfully my back and shoulders haven't been visited by body acne since random rare moments during my teen years. A pimple or two lang. Nothing drastic. It was never an issue or a problem for me. But sadly, it is not the same case for everybody! I know that some people who have face acne also have body acne too. And I know some people who don't have facial acne but have back/shoulder acne though. So indeed, no need to fret for those with body acne coz Proactiv has a solution for you with this Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash.

Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash is a medicated body wash that fights acne on your back, chest, shoulders and everywhere! This all-purpose wash is specially formulated for face and body whenever pimples occur. It helps unclog and reduces oiliness while preventing future breakouts.
Proactiv offers a ways to manage and prevent body acne. For an all over skin clearing body treatment, the Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash helps in exfoliating dead skin cells and pore-clogging oil and impurities while it cleans and refreshes your skin.

Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash Ingredients:
  • Salicylic Acid – 2%, concentration that is excellent in healing and helping prevent acne break outs
  • Camelia Oleifera Seed Extract and Aloe Barbadensis Gel – these gentle botanicals soothe and heal skin

Proactiv wants each and everyone to have an acne-free body. That's why Proactiv is giving away a FREE Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash when customers purchase a Proactiv 30 Day Kit or Proactiv 60 Day Kit using their Credit Card at during
this promo period that will last up to September 30, 2013!

“Pay Using Your Credit Card and Get a Free 4oz Deep Cleansing Wash”
per FDA Promo Permit Number 0621 series of 2013

How to Get the Freebie:

1. Go to (tip: do not add www at the beginning of the URL)

2. Log in or create an account (for new users)
Yep go ahead.. CLICK that SIGN IN or REGISTER button!

3. Order a Proactiv kit 30-day or 60-day kit.


4. Settle the payment online with your credit card.
Remember you get the freebie ONLY if you pay through your credit card. :)

5. IMPORTANT: No special instructions or additional steps necessary as the system
automatically detects your purchase and payment method, and the freebie is
shipped together with your Proactiv Kit.

Terms and Conditions:
1. The Free Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash 4oz with market value of Php 650 is not
convertible to cash, discounts and to other Proactiv products.

2. The “Pay Using Your Credit Card and Get a Free 4oz Deep Cleansing Wash”
promo is not valid in conjunction with other ongoing promotions of Proactiv Philippines
Online Shopping Cart Customers who will avail of other ongoing
promotions like the “Upgrade Your Kit and Get your Add-on at 50% or 60% Discount” is not
eligible anymore for the free Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash under this promotion.

3. Should the customer decide to avail of Proactiv’s Standard Money Back Guarantee, the free Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash bottle must also be returned to Top American Products Solution Inc. together with the Proactiv pack for refund. Otherwise, the refund value entitled to the customer will be deducted by the market value of the free item which is Php 650.

4. One free item is given per eligible credit card transaction. This means purchase of more than one unit of Proactiv kit under a single transaction entitles the customer to one freebie.

Oh and sorry international readers.. this promotion is exclusive only to Proactiv Philippine’s shopping site at and cannot be availed of elsewhere.

So Coffeeholics, have a total acne-free body and avail of this amazing promo by Proactiv. Remember the best things in life are FREE! Hehe. Don't let this opportunity pass you by and go grab that Free 4oz. Deep Cleansing Wash by Proactiv. You deserve that clearer and fairer skin!

To learn more how the Deep Cleansing Wash by Proactiv can help and prevent acne breakouts not only on your face but on your back, arms, legs, and anywhere else -- check out this video. Enjoy the rest of the week!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Set Your Sole Free with Ipanema

Hey Coffeeholics! Arent we all glad that the rain has finally stopped pounding? Hope you are all ok then. Anyway, last week I had the privilege to attend an event which was the Ipanema Soul Search.

One of the challenges in the world of fashion is finding stylish but comfortable footwear. I do love all the different types of shoes out there. One of the things I look for in my footwear is comfort and the brand Ipanema does come into mind when we talk about that. One of my friends swears by Ipanema and says that its the most comfortable footwear ever and has bought several pairs as proof. Besides being super comfy, I was pretty happy to check Ipanema out and see what they have in store for us this season. 

IPANEMA has grown to become well known not only in Brazil but all over the globe giving stylistas footwear that can also be a reflection of one's individuality. Last year, the footwear label invited the stylish elite and the fashion-savvy flock of style onlookers with a majestic celebration dubbed as an Urban Jungle. This year, IPANEMA digs deep and asks the ever-important question, “What fills your soul?”

Still marked by IPANEMA’s distinct jovial, fun spirit—embodied in its brave array of footwear designs—the leading footwear brand ups the ante of its style sensibility by foraying into the soul of its demographic of women of passion.

Beyond exuding the festive and exotic vibe of the beaches of Brazil representative of their overall brand aesthetic, IPANEMA ventures into the an even greater dialogue with its consumers leading to a search of one’s soul: highlighting finding one’s Ambition, Hope, Passion, and Happiness, as vivified in the four new suites of IPANEMA’s latest collection showcased in a stylized fashion show called IPANEMA SOUL SEARCH at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center last Tuesday, August 13, 2013.

The bevy of new designs feature a narrative amplifying the new style direction of IPANEMA speaking to its consumer base not just as a fashion staple and accessory but a mirror to her personality—with an unrelenting emotional bond with the woman that she is.

Encompassing diverse tastes and personalities of today’s breadth of stylistas, the whole of the event venue witnessed how IPANEMA boasted its array of newest footwear finds with a healthy mix of neutrals and brights imprinted with patterns that still evoke its quirky flipflop stamp of braving fashion frontiers through footwear.

Here's a look of Ipanema's newest footwear collection:







And these are some of my favorite picks for this collection:

In a grand visual treat subdivided in the four elements of: Fire, Water, Earth and Air, the stylish lot joined a revelry of sorts, which marks the culmination of the IPANEMA Soul Search Raffle promo. The finale event was enchanting! We were all mesmerized by the amazing music and the powerful and evocative dancing of these people -- while wearing footwear from Ipanema of course!

I was really impressed with the lead dancer's powerful and graceful moves - while wearing Ipanema Platforms!

Up close and personal. Yes I was seated way up in front very near the "catwalk".. :) 

Awesome dancing in Ipanema flipflops!

Fascinating and impressive! Truly their dance embodied the elements that they were interpreting in the dance as well as echoing Ipanema's latest footwear collection with ambition, passion, happiness, and hope.
What is fierce?
This photo has got to be one of my favorite..
so happy to have captured this passionate dance move with the smoke effect!

It was truly a wonderful and unforgettable performance, one that I won't forget. I really enjoyed it and not only that because I was also able to hang out again with these bloggers - Shopgirl Jen and Fashionist Architect Rache.

Monthly winners for the months of June, July, and August are treated to a special IPANEMA VIP packs in line with the concept of spoiling her sole.  On the other hand, the grand winner is treated to a trip to Brazil, symbolic of the brand philosophy of searching her soul through numerous experiences from marveling at the wondrous sights, treating herself to a gastronomic affair and even broadening her horizons through meeting new people.

So thank you Ipanema for this wonderful event and letting us see what's latest at Ipanema. And thank you Ipanema for letting me spoil MY sole as well! Its super comfy.. and I love how it feels on my sole. Thank you!

So coffeeholics, to learn more about what's new for Ipanema Philippines, check out their facebook page here.

Have an awesome weekend! 


Monday, August 19, 2013

Win a Hello Kitty Instax from SM Accessories promo

Hello Coffeeholics and Selfie~rs (ha is there such a word)!!!
Though digicams is the way to go now.. having your own instax is still super neat!
Wouldn't it be fun to take your #selfies with a brand new HELLO KITTY Instax?

Have more fun with you #selfies by winning this Hello Kitty Instax thanks to SM Accessories.
Check out the complete promo mechanics:

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Milk Teas and Waffles at Bon Appetea

Hey Coffeeholics and Tealovers! Its been such a lazy day yesterday.. what with all the raining going on and it being perfect bed weather. Sino ba nagenjoy hmm? Anyway, I've been pretty busy last week with me at a school retreat (4 days) and so yeah basically this sudden vacation today was just timed perfectly for me to have a much needed R&R. Anyway, all this cool and snuggly weather reminded me of one of milk tea shops that I stumbled upon thanks to my bff Naomi. We visited this cafe several months ago and well I thought that this would be the perfect time to share all about it. Welcome to BON APPETEA!

hehe. sorry di kita ang logo. ito na! BON APPETEA!!!
Yes I know. A coffeeholic at a Tea place? Now now... its not like I'm turning my back on coffee after all Tea still has some caffeine in it. Its just that there are times I get this milk tea craving and well with it being so popular now I couldn't resist and try it of course! Now this Bon Appetea cafe that I went to was the one along Marcos Hiway. Its a bit out of the way coz you really have to look for it coz its situated right smack next to a gas station. Medyo tago so if you wanna go there you really have to keep your eye open for the obscure signage. hehe. But boy, when you get there.. GRABE! Super worth it!

Couches, chairs, and some cozy corners - Bon Appetea's ambiance sure is inviting with its vibrant colors! They have free wifi too so hanging out at Bon Appetea is a sure win! But its not just the ambiance that encourages you to stay but its the milk tea and the waffles that they offer. Check out their menu!

Their Tea selection and other beverages are quite varied. From hot to cold to blended -- they have it! I really REALLY had a hard time choosing what to get coz I wanted to try it all! Hehe. I ended up having the Salt and Cheese Foam Chocolate Kiss. Loved it!

Yum! While there, the tantalizing smell of waffles got to me. Bon Appetea serves Wicked Waffles Belgian Waffle Sandwiches and also dessert waffles. Coz I was hungry, I ended up ordering the Breakfast Waffles Maple Sausage Cheese and Egg. Grabe super sarap!

Just looking at the waffle makes me hungry all over again! My friend Naomi got the banana and peanut butter waffle. I forgot the price but it was definitely much lower than the breakfast waffles. Super yummy din! hehe.

Besides waffles, they also offer other yummy treats like these baked goodies. So if you will be hanging out for some time at Bon Appetea, they surely have food enough to fill your tummy!

Another thing that is uniquely Bon Appetea is their freedom wall. Its soooo cool! All the customers can write on a lil post-it and it is then placed on their wall. Punong puno na nga yung wall dito!

Haha. OF COURSE I had to make my own note.. Ayos ba?

So if you are a big fan of milk teas, you should definitely try out Bon Appetea! I really wanna go back there soon. They already have a lot of branches but so far this one along Marcos Highway is the only one I've been to. So if you are in the area, do check out and try their milk tea and waffles. Super recommended ko! Bon Appetea Coffeeholics and Tea Lovers!