Wednesday, June 8, 2011

misskatv's yummycharm giveaway

Hey Coffeeholics! Guess what? One of the cutest blogger friends that I know, MissKatV, is giving away 
Php 1,000 worth of Yummycharm items! Yep, that's right! I'm talking about those adorable SUPER CUTE starbucks frappe charms in the pic above! (Grabe sobrang cute gusto ko nyan!!!!!) 

Here are other stuff that I found at Yummycharm that I really love!
Yummy strawberry ring!
wahhh I want this one sooo bad! :P
this is like SUPER CUTE!!!
ok.. I HAVE to WIN THIS!
Convinced you na? Then go join her giveaway by clicking this link here: 
Better yet, check out Yummycharm FB page 
(where I borrowed all of these awesome photos! thanks much!) 
and drool with me over the cute items there.
My addiction to accessories is kickin in.. gah.. and I'm on a shopping ban now.. huhu! 

So coffeeholics, what is your favorite Yummycharm accessory?


Unknown said...

aww. thanks for posting deary :*

Kaisensei said...

no problem! I super love your items.. :) *crosses fingers for the win*