Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Happy Hearts Day

Guess whose my valentine? :)
I was quite surprised that this February was quite eventful for me. Usually I face February with a feeling of dread. Before, I used to be super duper anti-social during Feb and eventually emo once Valentines Day comes by. haha. Those were during the times I was really depressed about being single. 

But you know, its different now. It's coz I CHOSE to change. Several years back, I decided to stop focusing and moping on the negative and focus on the positive. I decided that I will be HAPPY and content. And because of that, I am now happy and able to blog like this. 

Well anyway Coffeeholics, I just want to share something really sweet! As you all know, I'm a teacher by profession and a blogger by volition. In other words, ang peg ko ay "Teacher by Day, Blogger by Night" hahaha. Anyway, I currently handle a bunch of awesome third year students (haha.. they have decided to dub themselves as the "Batch of Awesomeness"). They are only very few. So last February 14, they did something really sweet. They decided to surprise me that day! So when I arrived in my classroom, this huge red heart greeted me on the door. Hehehe. I think I kind of spoiled their surprise coz I came in super early and they were in the midst of preparing. hahaha. I decided to play along and pretend I didn't see it so I didn't go to my classroom right away. Once it was time for me to really go inside the classroom, they had "other surprises" for me pa! 

Simple notes like this really warms my heart!
nasa aircon daw para di matunaw ang chocolate. haha!

ONE of my FAVORITE Cholcolates!
Yummy Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate with HAZELNUT.
Yes, I'm a big fan of desserts with nuts!

May ganitong surprise pa nalalaman!
Haha. My student carrying their surprise valentines day cake for me!
Class contribution. hihi. Super sweet!

YUMMMY Personalized Heart Cake (Double Dutch) from Goldilocks.
We ended up eating it during lunch break! hehe!

Super sweet gesture - they each decided to give me a flower! Its not real but I loved it all the same. PLUS these flowers were my favorite colors. Its now currently displayed in my house! :)
(yes that's me holding the bouqet.. I had to crop myself out due to my errr haggard look. haha! sorry!)
Thank you so much to my students! This really made my day. hahaha.. chocolates, cookies, and brownies -- perfect match for a coffee addict like me!

Yummy yummy Hearts day treat! Thank you so much guys!
Yummy Heart Cupcake!

But of course I didn't end the day with only me on the receiving end! I bought chocolates  beforehand  for my dear students. You know, its really more fun to give than to receive. I enjoyed seeing the happy smiles on their faces as well. THANK YOU BATCH OF AWESOMENESS! This blog post is for you. :)
I ended the day by having dinner with my friends at Bigoli. Yay for Bffs! hihi. So that's the secret my dears in spending Valentine's day not being emo and lonely by giving and hanging out with friends and just enjoying it all! So my dear coffeeholics, this is how I spent this year's Hearts Day. How did you enjoy yours? Some people say that Valentine's day is so overrated. That its just an excuse to hype people to spend money when you can express love to your loved ones even when its NOT valentine's day. I do see the logic of that! Still, I think its still sweet when a person does something extra special on occasions like these. What's your opinion coffeeholics? Share share share! 

Feel and spread the love.. not only on Hearts Day but EVERY DAY! Mwah mwah,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

SALE ALERT: Converse Revolution Sale - 50% OFF!

HEY COFFEEHOLICS! Check it out! Converse Philippines will be having a 
starting today, February 23 up to 27, 2012. Its a 50% OFF on selected items in all converse shops nationwide. Check out the Converse Shop nearest to you:

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Abreeza Mall
Gaisano Cagayan de Oro - (08822) 726409 / 726660 loc 387
Gaisano Davao
Gaisano Gen San
Southway Square Zamboanga - (062) 9912989

So take advantage of this sale and get your hands on some cool Converse items! And maybe you can get an awesome pair of chucks just like mine in my previous outfit post. To be updated on what's happening, do visit Converse Philippines Facebook Page for more details. Happy Shopping!

mwah mwah,

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

OOTD - Emo in Converse Red Black and White

Top - Terranova
Denim Skirt - Thrifted
Sneakers - c/o Converse

Had this photo taken days before Valentines.. AND NO, I didn't wear this for a "pre-Valentine" look. haha. Nahh..
I just felt like putting on this getup to give homage to my college days emo look. haha!
Red Nail Polish ~ Maybelline
Watch - Timex
Accessories - c/o SM Accessories

Hey Coffeeholics! Yeah, its been a while since I've posted for my outfit diary. This month has been quite something for me. Just to clarify stuff, no I haven't been moping around hence my lack of posts on my blog. One thing led to another and well.. ta-da! No posts for sometime. LOL. The truth of the matter is, after the first week of Feb events, my laptop suddenly became out of commission due to the expiration of my antivirus subscription. It was several days before I was able to use my laptop again and then I got sick! As in almost a weekend of bedrest and lots and lots of sleep. This was all before Valentines day. Anyway, I survived. And believe it or not, actually celebrated what I call Hearts' Day (will post later about that) with my bffs. But this outfit post is NOT related to my being single and its the "valentines' month." (haha.. what's with all the mega denial?!) 

My now favorite pair of sneakers! Black and Red just brings me back to my good ol emo days!

Anyway, this outfit was inspired by my Red & Black Converse shoes. I LOVE IT! You know how it is when you look at a pair of shoes and suddenly an outfit comes to life just by looking at those shoes? Well that's what happened to me here. I suddenly felt like I was warped back to my college days! hahaha! I wore this church feeling a lil bit like Avril Lavigne for some reason (its the sneakers.. ). And yes, several people who already had my sense of style pegged couldn't resist coming up to me and asked why I wore this outfit (because it wasn't me daw... Hahaha. Tuloy na feel ko para ako bang nag cocosplay? haha!) But it was an outfit that I found really comfy with and I felt like I was really having fun.. particularly with the red accents of my shoes and nails. Haha.. so yeah.. this is my ode to my good old emo college days.

So what about you Coffeeholics? Have you had a day when you find yourself wanting to dress up like the way you used to in your college or highschool years? Would it still be "appropriate"? Or are you wearing that kind of style even until now? Do you still have that favorite pair of sneakers/shoes of days gone by? Let me know your story! 

Hope you have an awesome week!

mwah mwah,

Friday, February 17, 2012

Casmara Cosmetics Philippines Relaxing Spa Party

A relaxing pampering treat - this was what I was looking forward to have when I was invited to a SPA PARTY by Casmara Cosmetics Philippines for several bloggers here in Manila. I'm really glad that I was invited. I mean who doesn't want to have some special "me" time and a way to escape from all the stress during the week? Well, as for me, I was really happy to be invited. Not only as an escape but also because I badly needed the "skin care" part. I'm turning 30 next month and it has only been a recent realization for me that with this big "three-oh" looming ahead, I should be more aware of my skin and take good care of it. So spending a day for a facial treatment and facial mask by Casmara Cosmetics Philippines was something that I was really excited about!

I arrived at the main branch of Diana Stalder (aka Dermaline) boutique in Makati. I was the first one there! Which surprised me as well. Haha. Maybe I was really excited. Anyway, I had a nice chat with Miss Ruth from Casmara who explained to me that Casmara Cosmetics Philippines is being carried by Diana Stalder Boutiques. This was good to know coz that would mean that I can go to any of their boutiques to have another Casmara mask treatment if I choose to do so.

Casmara is a Spanish professional cosmetics company, located in the city of Valencia, Spain. Casmara Cosmetics backs the choice of the professionals with ways that reinvent the passion for skin care, adding glamour to each and act dedicated to the well-being. Casmara has always been a pioneer in incorporating the most efficient ingredients known nowadays in the cosmetics field. As the inventor of the "Original Algae Peel Off Mask", their unique and tested application method on eyes and lips, acts directly where it is mostly needed.

The description of the "Original Algae Peel Off Mask" really caught my interest! I've tried facial masks before but the masks that I've tried were the ones that you can buy at the local bath and beauty shops. The only peel off m,ask that I've tried dried hard and its purpose was to remove the blackheads or whiteheads. So after finding out about this, I decided that I want to try the full "treatment" - cleaning, pricking, and facial mask. The works!  I have tried a facial before (a painful experience) and well I admit it has been years since that time. So I thought if I'm going to have it done again, I might as well have it done here. So check out the price list for the Casmara facial mask or facial treatment.  

Casmara Cosmetic Philippines care of Diana Stalder
Facial Mask price list

Facials Price List for a Casmara session.
Disclaimer: Prices might be different in other branches. 
Casmara has a complete collection of face and body treatments. It is the first to introduce the "monodose system" in the international cosmetic field. The monodose system offers a convenient and practical format that provides the ideal amount of product for each treatment aimed at a certain skin type. (yay for me!) Also, a hygienic system, these are unisex formulas at any age, at any time of the year. (so yes, guys -- you can avail this too!)

Casmara Cosmetics Philippines Premium Quality Professional Facial Treatment
this was used on me for the "Selective Dermopurifying Shinestop Treatment"

Casmara Nature Ampoules - Equilibrium 
used for Mixed, Oily, Acneic Skin to enhance skin hydration and balance
So before I started my treatment, there were certain things that had to be clarified first to get the best treatment possible for my face. First off was determining my skin type. Haha. There's no doubt about it that I'm one "very oily" girl so they gave me the treatment that was recommended for my skin type which was - the Casmara Shinestop (Acne Clear) treatment with the Reaffirming Mask 2020 (Black)

Casmara Shinestop Treatment
The Casmara Shinestop or the "Selective Dermopurifying Shinestop Treatment" is described as the latest technology created to treat, regulate, normalize, and improve the appearance and the texture of mixed and oily skins in a "selective way". It also guarantees a shine-free, mattified skin, free from imperfections.  

Accompanying this facial treatment was the Reaffirming Mask 2020 (Black). It is described as a mask especially indicated for mixed and oily skins, with dilated pores or acne. Unisex formula for all ages, at any time of year provides excellent toning and muscular stimulation due to its spectacular cold effect. Detoxifying, purifying, and hydrating. The Reaffirming Mask 2020 is a mask that absorbs impurities, fat, and catabolic substances from cellular functioning. It is made of active vegetal charcoal. And yes, its a BLACK mask just like the picture above!

Diana Stadler Booth with Casmara Cosmetics Products
As soon as another blogger arrived, Miss Ruth of Casmara Cosmetics invited us to start our treatment. My fellow blogger Gracee and I had a "booth" all to ourselves. Ms. Moondy was the one who gave me the facial treatment. She was super nice and answered all my questions! I was very pleased with how clean and sterilized the place looked. It really gave off a professional feel that I was going to be in good hands.

That's my fellow blogger Gracee and me on our special beds!
The above photos were taken just before the treatment started. Of course since I was by myself, I couldn't get decent photos of me during the whole process. I tried but its either blurry or too shocking enough (haha.. what I mean is I find it too shockingly ick!) to be shown here on my blog so I'm not going to post it. I'll just share to you what happened instead. 

Yes dears, NO MAKEUP! I knew I was going to get a facial so why bother... lol!
STEP 1: Preparation of the skin - wash face thoroughly. 
Which is what Miss Moondy did. She wore a mask and gloves to take proper hygienic measures and started to do wonders on my face. She washed and cleansed my face thoroughly. This is A MUST for a good facial treatment.

haha found a decent pic of myself during the pricking process thanks Casmara!

Since I asked for a complete treatment, I also had a facial "cleaning" or "pricking" process. Something that I was sort of dreading. Like I've mentioned before, I already experienced a facial treatment several years back. I remember specifically the PAIN and the PIMPLE breakout after. With my low tolerance to pain, I did end up crying and tearing up about it coz it was really painful for me. I felt sore, raw, and sensitive after that facial. So I was kind of hoping that this won't be the case with Casmara. So with much apprehension, I let myself to some facial pricking. Yes I will be honest and say that it hurt and yes I did shed a few tears. But hey, I wanted a pimple clean face and I had to suck it in and bear it just like in the saying.. "No Pain, No Gain" and I really wanted to gain a pimple free and less oily face!

STEP 2: Application of Casmara Nature Ampoules for the ShineStop Treatment.

After the cleaning, a whole new story unfolded! Miss Moondy started  applying the Casmara Equilibrium Nature Ampoules for the Shine Stop Treatment. Apparently is a six step process (including the mask). In each step, one had to use the Nature Ampoules designed especially to target my oily skin andenhance it and balance out the oiliness. It can be applied through manual stimulating massage which is what Miss Moondy did to my face. I found it very relaxing and soothing the redness and rawness that I was feeling from the facial pricking. The smell of the ampoules on my face  was not overpowering. That's a good thing coz as an asthmatic, sometimes I get an allergic reaction and start coughing when it comes to strong smells. Anyway, I really loved the massage and the whole six step application process. I felt very pampered and was enjoying every minute of it. 

STEP 3: Facial Algae Peel-Off Mask - in my case, using the REAFFIRMING MASK 2020

After finishing those steps, the Reaffirming mask was then briskly and thoroughly applied on my face. I was kind of shocked when the mask was applied to my eyes and lips! This was a first for me to have my eyes and even my lips covered by a mask. It felt weird coz I could feel a weight on my eyes and lips (don't worry, your nostrils will be intact! No product was applied in that area). But it was bothering me coz while the mask was being applied to my face, I could already feel the "minty" flavor of the Reaffirming mask. It was cool and very much soothing to my freshly "pricked" face. Miss Moondy left the mask to "harden" and do its wonders on my face for 20 minutes. The super coolness on my face was so relaxing that I think I fell asleep during that time! hehe. Yes the mask was black and I probably looked scary having it on my face but wow, the effect on me was instant! I felt super refreshed! It was as if the Reaffirming Mask 2020 Black was absorbing all the stress and tiredness I felt during the week. It was my most favorite part of the whole procedure. Then after 20 minutes, Miss Moondy removed the mask in a single downward motion.

With Miss Moondy.. Yes this was immediately after the facial treatment which is why my hair is like that! haha!
The minty cool feeling stayed even after the last application of the Nature Ampoules was applied. I swear I will come back and do this again. Yes, its that good, relaxing, and effective! Even after the procedure, I noticed my skin was LESS OILY and yes LESS PIMPLES as well. Plus, I noticed that my face felt super soft and "pampered" even though I had a facial pricking! If it were like before, I would be too bothered and in pain to go out and do activities afterwards. But here, it was as if I had NO facial pricking!

All in all, the entire treatment lasted almost 1 1/2 hour. And I can very much attest that I really had a relaxing treat that is worth repeating. Since I will be celebrating my 30th birthday this March, I am definitely planning on having a Casmara Treatment or just experience the Reaffirming Facial Mask again. According to Miss Moondy, to have my face truly oil free and clear, it is advised to come back and have the whole procedure done again up to 3 times. Also, a person can have a treatment again after two weeks! Hmmm this could be addicting.. haha! Especially for stressed people.

Daryll, Me, Gracee, fellow blogger, and Ms. Ia.
Since me and Gracee were the first to arrive, we were also the first to eat some of the food at this special Casmara Cosmetics Philippines Spa Party.  I was able to talk with some other bloggers and met Miss Daryll, Miss Ruth, and Miss Ia. I really enjoyed the whole experience and even the small chit-chat I had with Miss Ia and Miss Ruth. Indeed its a relaxing event to remember thanks to Casmara Cosmetics Philippines!

Many thanks to Miss Ruth for giving us bloggers a "take home" kit of the Casmara Facial Treatment experience to be able to maintain our "brand new" skin. And thank you to Miss Daryll for the invite!

So dear Coffeeholics, if you are already envious by now.. don't feel bad! Coz Casmara has an ongoing facebook promo giving you a chance to try out the Casmara Cosmetics Philippines Experience. Or better yet, get a chance to win a Spa Party for yourself and some friends! Three lucky winners will be chosen WEEKLY with the MOST Number of Likes, MOST number of shared Post, and the Most Number of Comment's Post. So hurry, check out Casmara Cosmetics Philippines Facebook fanpage for more details. Or better yet, go to the nearest Diana Stadler/Dermaline boutique near you and experience the fantastic coolness of the Casmara facial masks. Have an awesome week dears!

Mwah mwah,  

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tea and Fashion with Dita Sandico Ong

Indulge in the art of drinking TEA with Dita Sandico Ong

Its not everyday I get invited to a Tea Party! And not only that, one hosted by Ms. Dita Sandico Ong herself. Fashion with a cup of Tea.. An intriguing combination difficult to resist! So when Jen asked me to go with her to the event last February 1, I immediately jumped at the chance despite the shocking fact that its NOT about Coffee but about TEA (haha.. the coffeeholic side of me cannot believe I just did this!).

As a coffee lover, I must admit that drinking Tea was difficult in the beginning. I kept on comparing it to coffee which you really shouldn't do. Trust me, I ended up eating every single negative word about Tea coz well.. I got hooked! LOL. It took a lot of convincing but Tea did ended up romancing me over to its side (naks chos.. ganun kalakas ang tama sa coffee sensibilities ko! hahaha!). This must also have been the case for Ms. Dita Sandico Ong. Tea that touches us on a "soulful level" has brought this talented fashion designer to share a different kind of art -- the art of drinking tea.

The Tea Party was held at the DSO Boutique in San Juan, Greenhills. It was my first time to see her fashionable craftsmanship and I'm just simply amazed by her pieces. As far as I know, what makes Dita Sandico Ong unique is due to the special hand-woven cloth that was made by weavers in Catanduanes and the innovative designs that is well-loved by women all over the world. Here are some samples of her amazing work that would make any Filipino or Filipina PROUD!


Unique wraps!
One of my favorite picks that were displayed in the boutique!
And yes, partly because its violet! lol.
Love this! The eye catching colors really stand out.
I like the top of the one in the middle!

Besides the wraps, she also makes adorable and elegant accessories to match her creations!

So during the tea party, the first thing that we did was to sit back, relax, and take a sip of Tea, her new line of floral tea leaves which is the designer's advocacy for educating the youth on healthy living. Miss Dita went on to explain that she would like more Filipinos to take pleasure in drinking tea.  I think I can say that drinking coffee is more natural for Filipinos than drinking tea (haller! agree ba agree?). So it was fitting that she even took the time to explain to us the art of drinking and appreciating tea. Haha I needed that!  Well after all having tea as an alternative is just a recent trend here in our country. Her experience of tea drinking abroad has inspired and encouraged her to take this practice here at home and hopefully make it a healthy lifestyle choice for many of us here.

Real dried flowers in the tea! 
I was delighted that I could actually taste for myself this wonderful aromatic teas for myself.  They let us choose which flavor we wanted to try out and they prepared it right in front of us. Preparing tea is not as difficult as it may seem. And how you want your tea done - whether strong or light is dependent on how you prepare it yourself. Anyway, I'm glad someone else did it for me during this time coz I really wanted to enjoy drinking it and I was kinda afraid that if left to my own devices, I might just mess it up.


Step 1 - Take a pinch of your favorite "loose leaf" TEA by DSO and put in Tea Pot
Step 2 - Pour water in tea pot and let the leaves settle. The temperature of the water is dependent on what kind of tea you are brewing. For more info on this click here.
Step 3 - Pour tea to cup. Number of minutes before pouring is dependent on the type of tea that was brewed. Use a tea strainer so that your cup of tea won't have loose leaves floating about.
Step 4 - Add sugar to taste! Or for some, don't add sugar at all!
Step 5 - Now this step is totally optional. But if you are a MILK TEA FAN (like me!) , this would definitely work for you! Pour milk to your tea. Yum yum. This particular concoction worked for the "Rejuvenating Blend" by DSO.  Please do read on if you want to find out what I meant exactly.
So as you can see, the tea party was on full force the moment you entered the boutique. Miss Dita shared to us her designer floral tea concoctions. Made by real tea leaves from the most aromatic flowers, Jasmine, Rose, Michelia Champaca, Lavender, and Chrysanthemum were made available in unique designer blends of floral teas inspired by famous historical women:

AUDREY HEPBURN - Elating Blend
Inspired by the film and fashion icon of the 20th Centur, this unique blend of Jasmine, Green Tea, Cinnamon, and Michelia Champaca is designed to uplift one's spirit. With the delightful flavor and aroma, this blend is recommended for anyone who wishes to live blissfully and stay young at heart.

I personally liked this tea. Did the Audrey Hepburn design swayed my choice?  Yeah definitely! Audrey Hepburn is one fashion icon that really left an indelible mark on me when I was young.  Sipping the tea, I could just imagine myself drinking this while having "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Hehe. It did have a strong floral scent but it wasn't overpowering. You can definitely sense the Jasmine in it but I didn't find it overwhelming (unlike some other floral teas that I've tasted) and I did enjoy it.  


EVA PERON - Rejunevating Blend
Inspired by the Argentinian actress turned first lady, this unique blend of Oolong Black Tea, Orange, and Lavender is designed to rejuvenate the senses. Fondly called as Evita, the spiritual leader of the nation, she was able to enliven the people to take action. Much like how  these powerful flavors can energize anyone who aspires to take on the world. Try it with MILK and enjoy a superb chai tea blend.

Now this was my personal favorite! Yes, the Eva Peron Rejuvenating Blend TEA by DSO was the one being demo'd in the "How to Brew Your Own Pot of Tea" above.  I absolutely loved the flavor of this especially since it did give off a "chai tea" taste to it. So if you are a Milk Tea Lover like me, this would be your best bet!


GRACE KELLY - Soothing Blend
Inspired by one of America's classic movie star turned Princess of Monaco. This premium blend of Chrysanthemum, lavender, and ginger is designed to calm and soothe the senses. Her serene highness makes rest and relaxation a royal endeavor.

For me, this was a pretty mild tea but you could immediately distinguish the floral scent of it. I saw the actual Chrysanthemum dried flowers and am amazed that I'm actually drinking flowers and liking it! Yes, it is soothing and I think this would be perfect if you want to de-stress and relax. Perfect drink just before you sleep kind of tea.

MARIE ANTOINETTE - Invigorating Blend
Inspired by the decadent princess of France, this unique blend of michelia champaca, green tea, and star anise is designed to invigorate the senses with the battling of the strong and mild flavors. This is recommended for anyone who wants to indulge on frivolous escapades.

I'm afraid this is one tea that I cannot make a lot of comment on. I wasn't able to fully taste this one and only had a sip from either Jen or Bec. I only smelled the leaves and the scent that I remembered was the star anise!

 FRIDA KAHLO - Exhilarating Blend
Inspired by the eccentric Mexican painter, this premium and unique blend of Jasmine, cloves, star anise, cardamom and rose is designed to exhilarate and enliven the senses. The exotic flavors and aroma fuse together to transport anyone to one of Frida's surreal works of art.

I remember this tea as one of the teas with the strongest scents and blends. I can't say I'm a big fan but I know some of the other bloggers liked it (hehe.. again I'm partial to milk tea so please forgive me.. lol).

The night ended with a mini fashion show that kicked off DSO's Leapin' Dragon season. The bright oranges and deep purples of her spring/summer collection, the fragrances of floral tea leaves, the stories of the women behind each blend, and the invigorating power of Tea all inspire and stir the depths of your soul. 

The following outfits were inspired by these women and the TEA designed by Miss DSO herself.


Thank you so much for inviting us to the Tea Party! I learned a lot that day. 

Dita Sandico Ong with her latest collection
A Tea won't be a TEA PARTY without FRIENDS!
Thanks Jen for inviting me along.
with BEC the makeup guru!
With REG the Hey Rocket Girl!

Savoring a cup of TEA by DSO
Tea is now available in the DSO Boutique on Wilson Ave., Greenhills, San Juan at P250 special introductory price. You may also place your orders at or text +63917 579 0809 / +63915 189 1279.

So Coffeeholics, do indulge yourself to a cup of TEA every once and a while and avail its beneficial medicinal or herbal benefits it has in store for you. CHOOSE to have a healthy, chic, and cultured  lifestyle this 2012!