Friday, February 28, 2014

Proactiv Skin Care Advisors Answer Your Acne Questions

Hey Coffeeholics! February has been a bit hectic for me because its nearly the end of the school year. Wah. That means a lot of school related/teacher related stuff has been occupying a lot of my time. Wah. Pwede rin mag blog pag may time. hehe.

Photo from funnyasduck .net
Anyway, its been awhile since I've shared about my pimple woes and struggles. Don't you just hate it when zits seem to multiply just when you are about to go to a major event or party? (Sigh.. anong event? lapit na mag bday hihi!). Yes I thought that finally my pimple woes have disappeared but apparently they came back with a vengeance. I have one right now that's super bothering me. And its on the tip of the top on my lip. So not pretty. Very noticeable. Unavoidable eye sore. (uhhhmmm noooo I won't show you a photo this time. haha. nahihiya na ko. :P) Argh. Frustrating I swear.

Well I didn't know what to do but when I found out that Proactiv has Skin Care Advisors ready and available to answer my acne related questions, I immediately got intrigued! Now this is something that Proactiv users and Proactiv-who-want-to-be-users might be interested in, especially if you have pressing concerns or questions about your acne and which Proactiv product is best for you. The Skin Care Advisor program was actually launched last Januaray 2014 and the Skin Care Advisors are technically Proactiv sales representatives who were trained to offer free acne care advice and after-sales support for customers. They went through the same training module created by Doctors Rodan and Fields and are well-informed advisors and knowledgeable to answer questions about Acne and Proactiv. It is their goal to provide customers one-on-one guidance on how to achieve a lifetime of clear skin. Though I have already learned a lot about Acne, asking someone with more know-how is still a wise choice! So I decided to try asking them myself and see if they can help me out.

So earlier, I decided to try and call up the Proactiv Skin Care Advisor "hotline" at Glorietta 2. I don't know about you but sometimes I get nervous when I call up and inquire through the phone coz sometimes the other person on the other end of the line is not pleasant and sometimes sound mataray (snooty). Do you have that dilemma too? Well let me reassure you, calling up the Skin Care Advisor is easy and so not intimidating!

Meet Ms. Gladys Flores - the Proactiv Skin Care Advisor stationed at Glorietta 2. 
I called up the Proactiv Kiosk at Glorietta 2 and Ms. Flores became my Skin Care Advisor over the phone. Here's a summary of my experience of my phone conversation with her:

The Skin Care Advisor was very friendly, engaging, and patient. 
The Skin Care Advisor, Miss Gladys Flores, answered the phone in a bright and pleasing voice. I told her about my dilemma and asked a lot of questions. She was very patient as she answered each question, and all in a friendly tone of voice! The whole time I talked with her, she was very accommodating and it didn't feel intimidating at all. If I'm going to rate her from 1-10 with 10 being the highest, I'd give her a score of 8.5. Let me assure you that you don't need to feel worried that they will snub you when you call. Oh and you can ask in English, Tagolog, or Taglish -- no worries.

The Skin Care Advisor was quite knowledgeable.
Based on how she responded to my questions, I'd rate her as a 9. Yes she answered all my questions very well! And oh did I ask a lot. After hearing my dilemma, she explained how acne was formed, the causes of acne, and how the Proactiv 3 step treatment can work for me. Of course I also asked what most of you were wondering -- how long before it starts working. And she assured me that you can actually notice the difference during a period of 2-3 weeks. There were a lot of other follow up questions and she was able to answer all and in fact even volunteered other related info that would be helpful to know. One tip she advised me for my annoying pimple was to use the Proactiv Refining Mask and dab a little bit of that on inflamed area and leave it on overnight. I've actually started doing that so its good to know that I'm doing the right thing! The Proactiv Refining Mask is indeed one add-on product that I really like from Proactiv (Click to read more about my blog post of Proactiv Refining Mask).

The Skin Care Advisor seems trustworthy. 
When it comes to skincare, we want to be armed with the best information possible for our skin type. And I feel reassured that the Proactiv Skin Care Advisors know what they are really talking about because they were trained well. This was evident even with just that phone call that I made. Miss Gladys Flores came off as someone who was trustworthy enough to be a source of good information for my skincare concerns. I'd rate her with a 9 as well in this area.

All in all, the Skin Care Advisor support through phone was very good! How much more if you get to talk to them in person! I bet they are able to more accurately assess what other Proactiv products would work for you and not only that reassure you that you are making the right decision in your skincare concerns.

Ask your Proactiv Skin Care Advisors for your Acne Concerns!
So Coffeeholics, do you have any acne concerns and want to know more on how to deal with it and also understand how Proactiv can help? Well there are two ways to get in touch with your Skin Care Advisor. First is to see and talk to them yourselves at the Proactiv Kiosks at Greenbelt 2, Trinoma, Marquee Mall, and Watsons. I'm pretty much sure that they are able to answer your concerns. So coffeeholics, do feel free to approach them!

But if you are too busy or unable to visit a Proactiv Kiosk, you can always call them up and get in touch with a Proactiv Skin Care Advisor. Here's the number to call: 729-2222.

For specific branches you can try these numbers:

  • Proactiv Mall Kiosk GF, Glorietta 2 (in front of Bershka) at (02) 388-2848.
  • Proactiv Mall Kiosk 2F, Trinoma (in front of Reebok) at (02) 380-3801.
  • Proactiv Mall Kiosk GF, Marquee Mall (in front of Payless) at (0935) 834-1523

Or you may visit here for more info -  

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sale Alert - The Great Outdoors Sale on March 26-30 2014

Hey Coffeeholics! The Great Outdoors Sale is happening this March 26-30, 2014, at the MetroTent Convention Center. This event is a summer sale event of your favorite big brands as well as travel, sports, and hobby equipment that is perfect to start your summer.

The Great Outdoors Sale up to 80% Off on March 26-30, 2014
This sale was made possible by The Made for You Marketing Group, together with their media partners, ABS CBN Publishing, ABS CBN Licensing, ABS CBN Mobile, and Star Records. Their beneficiary for this event will be Bantay Bata 163. So don't forget to MARK YOUR CALENDARS for this huge sale coming to you this March!

For more information, do check out their FB Page here: 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Hey Coffeeholics!

February means ONE THING. ONE WORD. FOUR LETTERS. And it makes everyone go crazy...


Get up to 50% OFF in discounts at our FINE JEWELRY SALE! Check out our wide selection of GOLD, SILVER, DIAMOND, and a lot of other jewelry pieces at SM DEPARTMENT STORE! It is happening the whole LOVE MONTH. So don't miss out on this awesome sale while there's still time! Check it out at the SM nearest to you. 

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Single Ladies Guide to a Happy Valentines

Hey Coffeeholics! Yes the time has come to celebrate the wonderful world of singlehood. I bet you've heard some snicker and call it the SAD (Single Awareness Day) day. I'm pretty much sure you can sense it in the air.. All those blood red hearts, super expensive flowers, and a lot of gooey and sappy and couple-ish stuff floating around like shiny iridescent bubbles that makes you wanna viciously pop it. Soooo if you got these symptoms, I feel for yah sis. (High-five naman dyan! Haha!).

Seriously, let me tell you my lovetohate relationship with vday. I've hated the vday. I've despised the vday. I've worn black and went into mourning on the vday. I've holed up in a corner and went all emo on vday. I've wanted to wipe that annoying sappy look on some random gal's face while she blissfully gushed over her rose bouquet. Yes I wasn't that bitter at all. :) hehe. But you know what, I've decided enough with the hate. Why should vday get the best of the worst of me? *flips table* I have every right to enjoy the hated vday occasion too!!!

Love you too Sheldon! <3
After this astounding revelation, I made a "defining moment" decision. I went ahead and enjoyed Vday. I turned my SAD day to a Happy Hearts Day. Its my way of defying the depressing and oppressive nonsense of valentines to the singlehood. We have a RIGHT to be happy! LOL. So here goes my two cents:


1. Eat your HEART out. Coz FOOD = HAPPINESS! YES YES YES! Diet? No oh NO! Whatever mantra that fitness people has been brainwashing you with, well.. ignore it today! Time to splurge and treat yourself for something filling for your tummy. Get some of your other awesome single gal pals and go out and EAT! My advice is go for the "EAT - ALL - YOU - CAN" Buffets! If you can book and make reservations in advance, GO FOR EAT errrr IT! The downside of this option is that because its Vday, couples generally eat out as well. Hence it might be fully booked. But no worries, if you get to the buffet early, I'm sure you can get a spot. Say like.. 6 pm?

Where to "buffet"? Have you tried Sambo Kojin? Just ate there at Eastwood with my coworkers and its totally worth it. All there sashimi, sushi, and yakiniku are fresh and awesome! And the service is really REALLY good! 

2. Its SPA-len-TIME! Coz you deserve to pamper yourself. Yes my dear fellow single ladies, you deserve this! If you haven't been doing this to yourself on normal days. Well darn it, start NOW! I mean c'mon, put your "date money budget sana" into good use. Invest in YOURSELF! Part of being happy is learning to love oneself. :) Whether if its a beauty spa time or a massage spa time.. GO FOR IT!

In all honesty, this therapy is one of my most favorite. I absolutely love love love getting a massage. So make sure you pick a nice one with a reputably good massage therapists. (Para di sayang ang pera.. haha. wag ka lang sa tabi tabi na spa/massage ha!) I swear, nothing feels more heavenly than feeling all those kinks on your back, knots on your shoulder, and achy feeling on your legs magically go away. Yes, promise. You might end up having a very good night's sleep after that pa! :)

Want to go to an affordable spa but still has excellent quality? Try RILASSANTE SPA. Me and my family are super regulars there! The massage is very good, the service excellent, and they have packages that are easy on the pocket. Rilassante Spa is located at Banawe Ave., cor. Tirad Pass St., Banawe, Quezon City, Metro Manila. (near Orthopedic Hospital in front of McDonald's). Contact No. is 411-9036; 0917-5210304.

3. Movie Marathon Madness. Coz laughter is the best medicine.

Don't feel like spending a lot of cash? Well there's always this option. MOVIE MARATHON at HOME! Well if you wanna watch a movie at the movie house then by all means do. But I warn you, most of the cinemas at this time is also FULL. ANNNND full of charming loving couples.... annnnnd mostly the movies being shown at that time has something related with love or valentines. So if that's your cup of tea, go ahead and enjoy! I for one am NOT a fan of love stories on the big screen. Oh I could probably stomach the funny love comedy chick flick but not the heart wrenching angst filled love ones. I mean c'mon, I want to be happy and NOT to sob myself silly because Leo Dicaprio's character tragically dies before his loved one because he gave up his space on the floating door for Kate Winslet's character so that she'll survive. (fyi, Titanic. which I only watched once and never again). So if you choose option B - Movie Marathon at home, yay for you! So yes, its time to chill, pop a bag of popcorn, get a tub of ice cream for that matter, and hang out with your gal pals as you laugh away those vday nonsense. :)

I recommend Comedy Chick Flicks. Or just plain comedy. (or Channing Tatum Movies?!) SNL. Two Broke Girls (yes laughed over this! Love this!) Kdrama (google which korean drama-comedies are the best to watch). Jdrama (Like cute and funny love stories -- watch HANA KIMI. Tthis is really really good! one of my faves!). 

4. GIVING is LOVE. Coz giving is better than receiving!

Yep, spend your vday by not focusing on yourself -- like being sad because you haven't received anything -- but instead focus on giving something to others. When I did this, it helped me focus not inward but outward. I enjoyed the whole planning process and find it fulfilling seeing the joy on other people's faces because someone remembered "them". Like blessing your coworkers or classmates by making home made cookies/brownies for them? Or better yet, bless someone who is truly in need. Like maybe this homeless person you always pass by the overpass bridge on the way home.

When you see this, you will then realize how blessed you are. It gives you perspective. And helps you not to focus on yourself but others as well. It shoos away self-pity and instead welcomes in goodness, kindness, and compassion to others. Make this choice to show love through actions such as this. You have no idea how your one small act of giving could probably change the life of someone else. :)

5. Choose to be Happy.  Yes my dear, if you truly want to be happy this vday -- you got to make a conscious decision. Any advice or activity or anything you do will still be depressing if you don't make that choice. I will be honest and say that I had a struggle with this decision at the beginning. But when I finally did make that choice -- and firmly told myself that I will be happy. I did something about it. I was able to overcome my weepy emo state and is happy despite my negative attitude towards Valentines Day. Oh its not gonna be easy. There will be moments when boom.. you get these "oh no I'm still single" panic attack instances which makes you want to break down and cry. Yes there's still gonna be a bit of a twinge here and there. BUT it will be bearable. All the more when you rein yourself in and say to yourself OUT LOUD that you will be happy. Yes, coz HEARING will lead to BELIEVING. You got to believe that you will be happy. Say this out loud: I WILL BE HAPPY. :)

So my dear coffeeholics, whether you are single or not, I hope this post helps you to your path in being a more happy person. Even during Valentines Day. Haha. Kung di ka naman affected by this occasion, well then good for you! hehe. Buti ka pa. But for the rest, cheer up! I have followed my own advice. I'm going to get me some SPAlenTIME tomorrow. As for making vday sweet? Hello CHOCOLATES! Haha. Just bought Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate with whole Hazelnut. Yes solved! haha. So how about you guys, what's your plans for Vday?

Oh and if you want to get something from ME and TravelMerchant16, 
join my VALENTINE GIVEAWAY. :) Happy Hearts Day! :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Kaisensei x TravelMerchant16 Valentine Giveaway

Hey Coffeeholics! Whose all excited for this month of February? Yes yes I know.. its the time of the month where flowers get more expensive, so does chocolate, and well probably stuffed toys as well.. coz this month is when most people publicly display their affections to their loved ones! Well no worries coz this February, Kaisensei (Brew of the Day) has tied up with Instagram Seller @TravelMerchant16 to give this double sweet Valentine Giveaway to you!

Kaisensei x TravelMerchant16 Valentine Giveaway Prizes =
1 Victoria's Secret LOVESPELL Body Mist

So whether you are married, in a relationship, or single -- I'm pretty much sure you'd still absolutely LOVE to get this sweet gift this February. Yep, all you have to do is join this giveaway and you might be chosen to receive this wonderful Lovespell Body Mist a fragrance from Victoria's Secret and a jar of this sweet & yummy Cookie Butter from Speculoos. So fill up and follow the instructions on Rafflecopter to get a chance to win this sweet valentine giveaway gift.

Follow @TravelMerchant16 on Instagram!

TravelMerchant16 is an authentic US Goods seller on Instagram and Facebook. Its actually owned by my sis and her boyfriend who lives in California. And yeah, its 100% authentic! None of that nasty knockoffs that you can see in tiangges. And I assure you that the price is very much affordable than in the department store. :) Haha I actually bought one of the fragrances myself coz I really REALLY love Aqua Kiss. Its unique cool scent (most of the VS stuff I get or buy are on the super sweet fruity side) intrigued me so I'm glad I was able to get one here. Its not a common variant here at our dept. stores.

Yes I'm a happy customer! 
So yeah, I'm so happy that I was able to tie up with them this February. Haha. Yes, despite my conflicting feelings for Valentines, I still think one of the neat things you can get this month is a sweet gift. This Valentine Giveaway is not the typical sweet thing you might get from someone but hey, wouldn't it be better to wear the fragrance for a quite longer period of time than holding flowers that will eventually fade and die. Not only that, you get to munch on something sweet as well!

Post this photo on IG or Pin this on pinterest! :) Share away!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

So yeah Coffeeholics, make this February memorable and sweet! Join this Kaisensei x TravelMerchant16 Valentine Giveaway which is open to all Philippine residents. It will end on February 28, 2014. Chosen winner will be announced on this blog. On the event that the winner does not respond within 7 days of the announcement, another winner will be chosen. :)


Hope you have a love-filled month! Happy Hearts Day! :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Power of Three at Paradizoo

Hey Coffeeholics! Welcome to February! As the love month rolls in, let me share to you one of the fun trips that I had last January which was visiting PARADIZOO at  by the Zoomanity Group. Its been a while since I had a "Field Trip" like this. I've been teaching high school for several years but my last field trip to see animals was almost 10 years ago. So when I heard about Paradizoo and was given an opportunity to visit -- I immediately said yes. Haha. Yes this time, its the teacher in me who went oh YES to this experience. It was good that I was able to go there with my cuz Jen ( and her daughter Sofi.

Of course one thing that made the trip to Paradizoo a lot more interesting is because of their Power of Three Festival (floral, vegetable, and agri-livestock fair) - "Festive Bloom of Agriculture" - that started last January ending at March 2. Here are some of the events that you can look forward to when you visit Paradizoo:

January   Flower Festival Week. Last month, Paradizoo showed off its beautiful finery with its  breathtaking floral designs, formal hedges, and topiary. Gardeners and nature lovers were surely treated with these stunning displays. Additional attention-catching topics were discussed to visitors such as The Knowledge of Bonsai, Biotechnology Products, Health, Fitness and Wellness, Vermi Composting Technology, Pineapple Jam Making,and Aquavermiponics -- a modern gardening technology.

Feb. 1-8   Vegetable Festival Week. Interact with animals and know the basics of farming during     these dates. And once you get to know how to milk a goat, ride the horse, and witness a chicken lay an egg, or plant coffee, cabbage, or flower -- you can opt to buy the farm produce product.

Feb. 15-22  Livestock Festival. Then learn right away from farm selection to breeding of goats and sheep on Feb. 15. Lastly, be trained how to practice food safety on Feb 22.

March 2   Horse Parade. A gala for this year of the horse. See different breeds of horses from thorough bred to miniature horses, display their beautiful statures as they parade together with their colorful and magnificent carts.

I happened to visit Paradizoo during January so I was pretty happy to see all the wonderful flower gardens and floral displays, veggie gardens, and the livestock! Its really a break from the city life and letting you experience the rural life. Definitely Educational! The first thing that we did there was tour the grounds. Grabe, I think ang dami namin nilakad! hehe. Yeah, we did a lot of walking coz the area was really really huge what with all the garden, plants, and areas for the livestock.

It also happened to be the official opening of the Eclectic Garden. The ribbon cutting ceremony was graced with the presence of Mr. Yupangco, Ms. Nikki Coseteng, and others from University of The Philippines, Los BaƱos.

Yes napa exercise ako ng husto. hehe. But I enjoyed seeing all these flowers and veggies! Parang ang sarap mag harvest. hehe. Ma try lang! All these plots of veggies makes me feel that I'm in a real life farmville talaga ha. (haha fb game irl? LOL!)




Farmville? Nope.. its PARADIZOO! :) 

And you can even buy some fresh produce off the land! Cool!

Oh they will also have a Pet Cemetery for those dear animals beloved by us who has passed away already. Yes if you want, you can be part of the opening of Noah's Ark, a comforting means of expressing a lasting tribute to your pet by selecting a burial vault and permanent marker in marble or granite.

Speaking of animals, YES THERE ARE ANIMALS! Most of them are in their pens where you can feed them. I think they also have an Animal Parade every Saturday so make sure you that when you get there, you are aware of the schedule happening for the day. 

Miniature Horses.. looks like huge stuffed toys. LOL!

 The Paradizoo Animal Parade!

 Me and Sofi feeding the rabbits with some carrots on a stick (literal carrot stick. haha)
And of course I couldn't resist "meeting" all the other animals as well!


Holding the leash of a Greyhound! Mabait daw toh. So I gave in to the urge to pet it. :P

So here's the Paradizoo Vicinity Map so you won't get lost. Told yah its huge!

 Did not had the time to ride one but apparently you can ride one if you want!

 Sayang, naka boots getup nako perfect sana for horseback riding. chos. haha!
Yes, ako na.. ako na ang natuwa sa Paradizoo. Hehe.

So yeah obviously you will learn a lot here at Paradizoo! They will exhibit and display farm produce, sale & auction of livestock (imported breeds of goats for milk and meat, sheep, several pig breeds animal feed, and a lot more). There will also be briefings, discussions on breeding programs, and free seminar on flower, vegetable, and livestock care.

So yes my fellow teachers, interested parents, and curious coffeeholics -- Paradizoo is ideal for picnics, educational field trips, outdoor and group outing programs. It is a fascinating paradise with soothing beauty of its flora and fauna. Also you can check out the Wedding Pavilion that they are setting up and also a Boot Camp. Paradizoo aims to turn itself into the perfect location for different events. 

I really had fun that day. But wait, there's more! Yes believe it or not, after ALL of that -- we then proceeded to the Residence Inn Zoo. Another venture of the Zoomanity Group. But for that, I will make a different post. So watch out for that! In the meantime, if you wish to try this Paradizoo Experience for yourself, do visit their website for more details or call them at these telephone numbers 8999828 or 08.