Saturday, August 27, 2011

Puss, Boots, and a look at Balenciaga

I just saw this video at youtube which I found so funny that I just had to share it:

I know I know.. Puss is too cute and sexy for words! Though I doubt I would be sporting his "No Pants" Pants sometime soon. LOL. Meanwhile, I've been on the search for some boots myself. I recently bought one ankle boots which I'm super happy about. I will be posting a recent outfit post of me wearing it. I still WANT another pair of boots though coz I am about to retire my SOLO Boots as seen here. I bought it on sale (like it was 70% off!) and used it a lot. I spent a lot of precious time with those boots but now the synthetic leather is chipping off and it looks so banged up that it needs to retire now. *sniffs and wipes tears* Its one of the few mid-calf boots that actually fits me! So now I have to look for a replacement for that I went searching.. Look at what I found!

Taken from Tokyo fashion
It looks super fierce and too cool for words! 

I don't know if there are boots like that here but this I do know, Asian Vogue Shop has this HUGE selection of boots of any size, shape, and style! Not only that, some of the boots seems quite affordable too! Here are some of the boots that I like from their collection.

Photo Credit here
Yes I want flats now!

All photos from Asian Vogue Boots Collection
I'm making it a goal to save up to get one of these boots. I have always wanted to buy from Asian Vogue coz their boots selection is just so amazing! Oh and not just the boots, they also have lots of other cool wedges, heels, flatforms, etc so you really just have to check them out if you want to get your hands on their footwear!

The Real Balenciaga Boots
Photo Credit - Real Deal Collection

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen popularized them.
Asian Vogue Version
Pretty and Affordable!

But the winner boots of them all is this Balenciaga Harness Inspired boots that they are selling right now which I personally want real bad! Love love love it. This definitely goes to my Christmas Wishlist.  So my dear Coffeeholics, how are you lately? Do you have boots? Where do you get yours? Please do share!

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