Thursday, August 11, 2011

Catwoman Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises

Anne Hathaway won me over when I saw her in the movie "The Devil Wears Prada". If you are into fashion, you definitely must have watched that movie. I loved the "transformation" period of her character from drab to fab! My favorite outfit of hers in that movie was this:

Those divine boots topped with the sleek and sassy hairstyle!
I remember that BANGS made waves. Everyone I knew wanted to have  a similar hair cut after that.
Photo Credit here.

When I heard that Anne Hathaway was going to star as Catwoman for Christopher Nolan's Batman series, I had an inkling that she would look very different from the old stereotyped "Catwoman" image that was portrayed in the old Batman series arc. I mean, you would have figured that out just by looking at the Batman suits in Christopher Nolan's version and you would know what I mean! Then Anne's Catwoman costume was finally "released" and a lot of people were surprised and most of the people reacted negatively over it. Check out her costume here:

Futuristic look with those goggles and that awesome looking Bike!
Anne's catwoman stunt double showing off the catwoman costume in full length here.
Sleek lines and pure black leather suit zipped up in front.
Both photos of this came from here
Personally, I think that it looks cool! Practially and realistically speaking, if you are a "burglar" as what Catwoman's main role is, you have to be in all black and cover yourself up to avoid having yourself identified right? For me, I like the new look. It jives with the "new" Batman suits. And it looks spectacular on Anne and her stunt double. Plus it just proves that a gal doesn't have to bare it to look sexy. 

Personally, the goggles and the whole look actually reminded me of an anime that I watched before and was shown in a series on AXN/Animax - "Ghost in the Shell". Anime photos were taken from here and here.

So what do you think my dear coffeeholics? Does the new "catwoman" outfit brings "justice" to the iconic Catwoman image? Or does it look too.. boring and blah? Share your thoughts! Mwah!

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