Friday, August 5, 2011

The Joy of Winning Giveaways - TinyPinkBow

Hi Coffeeholics! Yes, that's right. The title just says it all! I've been blogging here for more than a year. And around almost 5 months of those as a fashion fasyon blogger. In the time that I've been blogging, it was only this month that I started to be super actively joining giveaways that all the numerous awesome and generous bloggers out there. So imagine my surprise and dismay about the whole DTI permit for bloggers issue came up. I was really saddened because I have never won yet! UNTIL.. NOW! Yiheee!

The first giveaway that I've won ever is the one from Miss Kat from! All I did was retweet about her brand new online shop that she just opened which is TinyPinkBow that lets you customize your own bracelet.
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Isn't that soooo cool!!! You get to choose your own strap, beads, and charms that you want to be added on your bracelet so the bracelet is uniquely YOU! When I found out that I won, I was super thrilled! It was my first time to win a giveaway. And it was quite apt that the first giveaway that I won was an accessory one. Here is the bracelet that I won from Kat! She already took pictures which got me super excited!!!

Photo credit: TinyPinkBow
When I saw this I was floored! I love the vintage feel to it!
And the most fun part was I chose the design itself.
Parang feeling ako na rin ang gumawa! Ibang kamay nga lang. hihi! 

Do you know that Kat also has another online shop She also sells accessories in this shop but more specifically -- super cute CLAY accessories which looks like it was all done by hand. I'm not sure if it is Kat herself who makes them but I'm just so impressed with the way it was done! The detail that is made for each little piece is astounding. I fell in love with the very cute designs (confession - I used to be very much into anime, manga, and other japanese related cutesy stuff! so this was hard to resist!). AND I couldn't resist ordering two pair of earrings from her shop. Check it out!

Photo Credit: TinyPinkBow
Why PACMAN earrings? No idea. Its just when I first laid my eyes on it, I REALLY WANTED IT!
Maybe its coz it looks super COOL and authentic looking!
I'm sure this is gonna be a great conversation piece among my students when I wear that!

Photo Credit: TinyPinkBow
Isn't that the cutest thing ever!?!?!!?! I LOVE THIS!
As a coffeeholic, this earring was a MUST for me! I love it!
The details are amazing! Look at the tiny Starbucks Logo. LOVE IT!!!!
How much did those two earrings cost? I only paid Php 140 for all of that. IMAGINE! That's super affordable! Plus, it would be an awesome giveaway or a souvenir for a debutante or so if she chooses. Kat also sells clay rings, necklaces, and cellphone charms. You may visit Yummycharm FB Page to see what other stuff she has in store for you! So if you want something original, choose a Yummycharm accessory or a TinyPinkBow one as the perfect souvenir for an event!

I haven't got my items yet. This is why I grabbed her photos of the items from her site! (excited much!) She will be sending it to me this weekend. Hopefully, I will be at home when the package arrives this weekend! Once again, Thank you soooo much! LOVE IT!!!

UPDATED: I got my bracelet na.

i L-O-V-E it! 

P.S. Hey coffeeholics! Do you love accessories as much as I do? Then join my giveaway! Awesome prizes in store!

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