Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NOTW - A Look at a Nude Tony Moly TR07

When Tony Moly opened in SM North, I knew that I just had to get my hands on a Tony Moly Nail Polish. Tony Moly is a sister company of Etude House and yes its another Korean product. So I bought Tony Moly TR07 for Php 98 only. Here are my swatches:

Without Flashlight
with flashlight
Haha Yes I know it doesn't look that "nude" under the flash. But wait til it gets on your nails. I love how it looks on my hand. 

Tony Moly on my nails
Without flash

Ok I wore this several weeks ago and wore it again this week. So here is my review on Tony Moly TR07.

Kaisensei Likes:
1. I love how opaque the polish is. That's 2 coats of Tony Moly and I had a base and top coat on it. I love the nude effect it has on my nails.

2. It dries fast. I tried putting polish on my nails (without all the works) and more or less a minute or so when it dried which is really cool.

3. The smell of the polish isn't overwhelming. I'm asthmatic and so sometimes some polishes really irritate me. Tony Moly's Nail Polish scent is not overpowering.

Kaisensei disLikes:
1. It dries too fast. Yes its a good and a bad thing. Good on my nails. BAD on my bottle of polish! I have only used it for sometime and I was quite disappointed that the polish is starting to become sticky and thickening. I had expected a little bit of a longer shelf life expectancy due to its price.

2. It chips off too fast. On the same day I applied it, one of my nails was chipped. So sad. I asked another person who used Tony Moly Nail Polish and she had the same dilemma. I heard from another beauty blogger and she said that it doesn't chip for her. I think she used other polishes with it. So maybe it depends on the person?

3. The nail polish applicator holder or cover is too thick. It makes it a bit difficult to maneuver the brush and paint on my nails.

Kaisensei says:

So my main concern is the polish's consistency slowly thickening. So I tried to experiment and figure out how I can fix this. I tried to add a few drops of Human Heart Nature Beauty Sunflower Oil to my Tony Moly Nail Polish. And VOILA! Problem solved! Applying the polish on my nails is so much easier. Hmmm I wonder if that would work with my other polishes?

Kaisensei rate: I give Tony Moly TR07 a rate of 7 of 10.

Would I recommend Tony Moly? I say, why not give it a try! Maybe the polish would work differently than you? Me, I'd probably buy another polish from Tony Moly if the color is so unusual. But for now, I think I might try out other polishes

So coffeeholics, what do you think? Do you have a Tony Moly Nail Polish? How was your experience? Oh and any tips on "saving" your nearly dried up polish? Do share!

Hope you have a great week! Mwah!

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