Friday, August 12, 2011

OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender and Nail Files

I think I mentioned already before that I had my nails done last Saturday during the Glam Camp event. I was a bit excited about it because first of all, Nail Files was offering a mani at Php 100 only using only O.P.I. and ORLY nail polish. I was scheduled to have my nails done by a pro anyway so I grabbed this opportunity to have my nails done.

Orly and OPI Nail Polish!
I had a hard time choosing which would be the perfect color for my nails. Being a teacher, I believe that its important to look professional. Which would also mean, no nail art (sigh! LOL!) or super flashy eye catching colors for my hands. But I was torn. Look at those pretty and delicious colors begging to be chosen! After much deliberation (yes, kelangan magdeliberate and weigh the pros and cons kung alin ang pipiliin hahaha!), I narrowed it to two.

OPI Polish

ORLY Polish.
The Orly polish would have been more appropriate to my job. It looks classic and professional. One can never go wrong with the stability of reliability of the color brown. But I really couldn't keep my mind off the lavender! It looked really pretty and feminine and plus the fact that I have never tried using OPI before really swayed my decision.

And the winner - LUCKY LUCKY LAVENDER by O.P.I
This was released under the Hong Kong Collection  Spring/Summer 2010
I chose OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender because although it isn't the typical nail color one would see in the office or school, this OPI polish wasn't loud but had just the right shade which I knew I could pull off at work. So after that, my manicurist or nail files therapist from the Nail Files salon proceeded to take care of my nails. I had my nails cleaned and cut short because it got snagged the other day so I had all of my nails shortened to the same length. She did an awesome job at it and made sure that each nail had a good cleaning, applied base coat, two coats of OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender nail polish, and a top coat. She did an awesome job. Thank you Nail Files!

And here are photos of my nails for the week. 
Please excuse the quality of my nails. It got a bit botched up coz 
I didn't let it dry properly so it got a bit messed up on my way home. *sigh*
In fairness, it lasted up to more than 4 days before it started to chip off.

OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender with Flash

OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender without flash.
RING is from Anagon Collection.
BRACELET is from tinypinkbow.
I guess I have to change my polish soon. I have my own nail polish collection (which I might be posting about soon) but they are all loud and very vibrant colors. So, help me out coffeeholics, what other color and/or brand of nail polish to wear that would be perfect for work? Share na!

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