Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Myx VJ Search 2011 Finals Night Winners

Last week, in the middle of the storm -- me and Jen braved the wind and the rain to attend the Final Night of the Myx VJ Search 2011! (chos! super lapit lang honestly so not a hassle!) We were invited by SM Accessories since they were the co-presentors of this event. I know other bloggers were invited but couldn't come due to the weather. (miss you guys!) Anyway here are some highlights of the event.


Meet MYX VJ Robin and Janine! Previous MYX VJ Search winners!
VJ Chino and VJ Iya was also there!
Love her outfit! That's like a Maxi Skort. I think! lol.
VJ Iya - yes I like her shoes too!
And here are the MYX VJ Search 2011 finalists!
During the awarding of the SM accessories challenge
After that, they treated the crowd with some dance moves!

The girls showing off their groove!
Love Cara's outfit here!
K-La looks super pretty here! 
And here are the boys showing off their muscles!
(part of the dance!)
Another outfit change wearing red for a "Coke" colored theme!

In between outfit changes, there were several cool performances by our local talents. Check them out!!!

MALDITA performed her popular Chavacano song - POR QUE!
In fairness, her voice is lovely! And the chavacano mix to it sounds so cool!
Fashion comment - btw, midriffs are back? 
Mukang Korean sya dito! Cute!
He mixed his song LIVE that day.

Vocalist Rez Toledo of Somedaydream sang
Have you heard it na ba? ITS SUPER NICE! International quality!
And yes, he deserves 3 solo pics here on my blog because
HE IS SUPER CUTE! hehehe. I have more pics on my FB Fanpage
Last performance was by this month's guest MYX VJ KEAN CIPRIANO
Finally, the most awaited moment. Who gets to be called the winners of MYX VJ Search 2011! This year, they chose 3 WINNERS! 
Nervous with anticipation!
Lovely MYX VJ K-La!
Congrats MYX VJ Mike!
Congrats MYX VJ Joyce! She was super shocked when she won!
Congratulations to the winners of MYX VJ Search 2011!!! We'll be watching you from now on at MYX!

Thanks also to SM Accessories for inviting me to watch this event! I really enjoyed it. 

Me and Jen with Mr. Ninoy & Ms. Diane of SM Accessories

P.S. Visit MYX Philippines Facebook and SM Accessories Facebook to be updated with cool stuff and promos!

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