Sunday, August 28, 2011

Coffeeholic at Happy Lemon plus OOTD

I have always loved drinking coffee. Yes, just in case you dears haven't noticed it yet -- I'm a self-confessed coffeeholic. In fact, I still remember the days that I shudder with horror whenever TEA is mentioned. But then tea suddenly became cool and interesting. I hated drinking tea (except the iced ones!) coz I felt it was boring (haha), weird (coz of its flowery scent), and didn't taste nice. The advent of Milk Teas helped change my perspective on Tea. So I became more compliant to the idea of drinking tea. Then I heard about HAPPY LEMON and I knew I just had to go there. Especially after hearing a lot of good reviews and raves from my friends. So finally I was able to go there and well.. here's a coffeeholic's review of Happy Lemon!

Happy Lemon Greenhills Branch
I was there with my siblings and cousins. They already had a taste of Happy Lemon and they happily introduced me to the unique taste of Happy Lemon.

Of course my cousin shopgirl JEN was with me!
Showing off our awesome rings.
Ring - Anagon Collection
My Sisters Wawel & Laura
So this is what I got - Green Tea Rock Salt & Cheese (RSC)
I wanted to get the one with Cocoa but when we walked in the store
they just ran out of cocoa powder. gah.
So this is the famous Rock Salt & Cheese froth. It tastes yummy.
I was advised to NOT drink the tea through a straw but sip it from the cup.
I swear it tastes sooo much better when you drink it like that.
The first thing that will assault your senses as you sip is the smell.
Its super unforgettable coz it REALLY smells like SAMPAGUITA!
LOL. Yes I know it sounds and smells weird. (this from a coffeeholic's point of view!)
It is an acquired taste (from the gagging looks of my sisters.. lol!) definitely.
Will I order this drink again? NEVER.
Have mercy. A coffeeholic can only take this much! lol. 
But I definitely wanna come back to Happy Lemon and try the one with Cocoa Rock Salt & Cheese!

What I was wearing that day:
Black Top - Thrifted, Aqua Blue Tank Top - Random,
Black Jeans - Forever 21, Black Boots - Random
My new awesome ankle boots!
Love LOVE Love!
Bracelet - care of TINYPINKBOW
LOVE Ring - Girl Shoppe
Silver Ring Band - from Baguio
(I had that ring since I was in college!)
Feather Earrings from Pink Pum Shop
So there you have it! A coffeeholic's experience in a Tea~holic's world! lol. 

So my dear Coffeeholics AND Teeyaholics, have you been to HAPPY LEMON already? 
What is your favorite drink there and what would you recommend for me to taste next?
Do share! Mwah!

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