Tuesday, June 26, 2012

OOTD - Deciphering Me

Photo by Michael Macalos
Thank you Michael! Love it!

Black Top - Oxygen
Purple Skirt - People Are People
Shoes - SM Parisian
 Bag - c/o Tomato
Tassel Necklace - made by Miss Genn D
Black Bangle - bought at Superb Bazaar
Black Leather Studded Bracelets - Kisses & Co. and gift from Australia
Black Ring - SM Accessories

Hey Coffeeholics! Yes this is what I wore last Philippine Fashion Week when I attended the fashion shows by BENCH. I was super happy coz of several things that day. One was that I was happy coz I got to attend the MICHAEL CINCO fashion show in collaboration with BENCH. Also I got to see Allison and Dominique. Yes, I'm an avid fan of AMERICA's NEXT TOP MODEL! :) What about you? Also I was really happy coz I was able to attend RAJO x BENCH fashion show as well! Na sulit ba ang outfit.. ahaha! Also, during this event, I was able to meet Michael Macalos from the blog The Contemporary Boy. He was fun to be with and yes, I'm really grateful for the outfit shots that he took for me. Thanks so much!

Anyway, yes I'm wearing the black mesh SM Parisian shoes again. Its really one of my fave fierce shoes coz its so comfy and not stressful to wear. Haha. Yes, I still sometimes prefer COMFORT over Fashion. But if I can get the best of both worlds.. that will be pure bliss. :)

So Coffeeholics, June is nearly at its end. How was your month so far? Believe it or not, I've been to the clinic several times this month. Basically because of my health and also because I had my Annual Checkup. Ha. I admit I'm no fan of needles, injections, and the long period of waiting for your turn at the clinic. So yeah, I'm happy to report that I was able to overcome my fear of going to have a checkup.Yes, I had this "fear" of finding out the results of the checkup which is why I'm avoiding it. Good news is .. my sugar and cholesterol level is normal. Hahaha. The rest.. >> well I don't want to go into detail. Let's just say that I'm on meds (wah.. mala gintong presyo na meds.. huhu) and maintenance so that I will become better and hopefully slimmer in the near future. YES NAMAN! Haha. Kelangan i-encourage ang sarili.

So what about you dears? Whats' happening so far in your lives? Chika chika tayo! Mwah!

P.S. And just in case if some of you are wondering about my seemingly profound post title DECIPHERING ME is a title of a song by Brooke Fraser. :) 

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