Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Coffee Break - Iced Barako Coffee at BibingKinitan!

Check out this drink from BIBINGKINITAN!

Hey Coffeeholics! Yes I know, Summer is officially over. What with all the rains, thunder storms, and sticky humid air surrounding us. It kinda makes me wish now that it was still summer so that no more asthma and YES to yummy refreshing iced coffee like the BIBINGKINITAN! ICED BARAKO.

The cold "sweat" on the ICED BARAKO drink is so believable...
that its making me thirsty and crave for ICED COFFEE!

Now I don't know about you but as for me I LOVE KAPE BARAKO or "Barako" Coffee. Barako Coffee is a coffee varietal grown in the Philippines, most famously known to grow particularly in the provinces of Batangas and Cavite. It belongs to the species Coffee liberica. But generally here in the Philippines, when you say Kapeng Barako it usually means Philippine home grown coffee. I've tasted Kapeng Barako from Batangs which I really like a lot. It usually has a strong taste and has quite a distinct flavor. It definitely keeps one awake! I already had the privilege of drinking Kapeng Barako - Hot version at Bibingkinitan before. It was during the time that I was sooo sleepy but I had to stay awake. So I searched for strong brewed coffee that was affordable and was very happy when I found out Bibingkinitan was selling Kapeng Barako. I bought the coffee and bibingka order which only cost around 50 pesos. So last summer when I found out that they were offering ICED BARAKO, I was very very pleased. Affordable, strong, and ICED coffee - PERFECT COMBO for summer coffeeholics!
The personalized message was a nice touch. I don't know if they did that for everybody though.
The Bibingkinitan! ICED BARAKO certainly lived up to its reputation. At the price of 45 Pesos, you definitely get your money's worth of one huge gulp-ful of ICY COOL STRONG BARAKO COFFEE. I really enjoyed my drink and finished it all off.

Perfect combination - ICED BARAKO and Mini Bibingka from BIBINGKINITAN!

DEFINITE MUST - Partner your Bibingkinitan! Iced Barako with a mini-Bibingkinitan! SUPER YUMMY YUM YUM! I love the melted butter and cheese on the mini bibingka. Its one of my favorite snacks. :)

Perfect Pasalubong - 6 Pieces of Mini-Bibingkas from Bibingkinitan! only at Php 120!
Then lug home an extra ICED BARAKO and boy are you so ever ready to do some night blogging with me as well. Hehe. Darn, now that last photo is making me HUNGRY! :P

Sooo my dear coffeeholics, especially those on a budget - get your ICED COFFEE fix and have some ICED BARAKO at BIBINGKINITAN! I already asked and I think some stalls or outlets still have it in their menu even though summer is over. I got this drink at the SM MEGAMALL branch. So maybe you can check it out there. Hope you all enjoy your coffee break! Now back to school. :P ehehehe..

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