Tuesday, June 19, 2012

IMPALPABLE by Michael Cinco x Bench at Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012

I've always wanted to watch a fashion show by Michael Cinco. So when I got an invite to watch a fashion show by Michael Cinco during Philippine Fashion Week I was thrilled! This fashion show was a collaboration with BENCH for the launching of IMPALPABLE - a new designer scent by Bench.

Allison looks absolutely gorgeous!
As we entered the event place for the fashion show, we were greeted with scent samples of Impalpable - the latest designer scent by Michael Cinco in collaboration with Bench. I love the scent and makes you feel definitely beautiful and glamorous.

I know its around 400+ pesos only!
Anyway, besides the brand new fragrance, the whole setup of the fashion show really stole our attention. I LOVE THE SET. It was ethereal. It was magical. It really set the mood and built the anticipation of the people.

It was like straight out of a magical forest kind of setting plus the music being played was very mystical and ethereal. Definitely it made you really expect that this show was going to be awesome. And of course, Michael Cinco did not fail to deliver! Be enamored and captivated by Michael Cinco's princess-like creations.

Yes that's Dominique Reighard from America's Next Top Model ALL STAR Cast! 
I apologize for the low quality photos. I am now using a Nikon digi cam which I think is an old model. I'm still not familiar with it hence most of my long distance shots are fail. :( My photos cannot even fully and eloquently show how beautiful the models and their Michael Cinco gowns were. 
Another ANTM All Star Cast - Allison Harvard - image model of Impalpable.
And yes, another fail photo. :( most of my photos after this was blurry. I  couldn't get decent photos of her. huhuhu.

She even perched on the swing right in front of us. Whenever I snap the photo, I miss her face shot by the second. Yes its frustrating. :P So what the heck, why not borrow some photos from other sites - so much more decent than what I have.

Look at the awesome details of this princess-like dress! LOVE LOVE IT!
Photo credit - HERE

Photo credit - HERE.

And of course, the man of the hour, MICHAEL CINCO. Truly it feels as if his creations were made by magic! I got to know his creations at America's next top model. I had always wanted to watch his show but had no opportunity to do so until now. I feel so blessed and privileged! 

THANK YOU BENCH and Mr. Laurence Cua for the invite! And hats off to Michael Cinco for making us Filipinos proud again with your wonderful collection.

Don't forget to drop by a BENCH store nearest to you and check out the IMPALPABLE fragrance!

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