Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Outfit Diary - Farewell 2013

Farewell 2013 - A Year of Changes.

2013 was a year of changes. For myself and for my family.
After 23 years, we moved to a bigger house which is good!
And near my work too which makes my life a whole lot easier.
I miss my neighbors (cousins) and the nearby malls that I used to hang out.
Getting to events has become a bit harder because of my new location (sighs).
I've noticed that I stay home more often. A good thing coz I save more money. :)

My 2013 Career Life has been doing great!
As a teacher - this year were full of changes as well. New class and teacher partner.
More responsibilities but enjoying the challenge. 
As a blogger - more blogging collab and opps! Many thanks to my wonderful bff shopgirl Jen who helps me keep in touch with the blogging world despite my busy life as a teacher. 
Blogging highlight for me was getting more involved in the Bloggers United Power Team this year and gaining new blogger friends all over! :) 

As a freelance writer / creative writing / social media manager at Odesk
Have I mentioned how much I love writing? Reading and writing has always been a passion of mine and this year I was able to put it into good use as I was able to get a regular Odesk part time job. It isn't much but its decent. I enjoy the work and what I learn from it. Hopefully I will earn more in my future contracts. hehe. 

If there were happy moments for 2013 there were also sad ones. Last summer, my grandma on my father's side went on to be with the Lord. This was more poignant to me because I took part in taking care of her during her last days and I was with her when she took her last breath. It just simply boggles my mind that Lola went just like that. One moment we were talking and sharing with each other in her room, the next she was just gone. I had to learn to deal with this kind of bewildering grief. I also learned treasure the moments and memories I had with Lola coz I was able to let her know how much I love and appreciate her during the time I spent with her. 
Yes 2013 reminded me to value time spent with loved ones.

Dress - Apartment
Shoes - Hajuruku (got from BU6)

If there were endings. There were beginnings. A new love. A new friend. A new life. 
All not mine though! Single pa rin ako. Haha. Part of the ups and downs of life ba. 

Makeup I used:
Foundation - L'Oreal True Match
Face Powder, Lipstick, Bronzer - Mary Kay
Eyeshadow - Shawill
Eyebrow - Body Shop
Eyeliner - ArtDeco

All photos taken by  RACHE CHING. Thank you! Mwah!

Accessories I used:
Watch - Tommy Hilfiger c/o SM Accessories
Bracelet - My sister's 
Necklace - Claire's 
Key Ring - Anagon Accessories
G-Clef Ring - Eastwood Bazaar

So here we are at the brink of a new year.
Yes its important to look back, reflect, and learn from the lessons of the new year.
But its also important to look forward to tomorrow.
Here's wishing you all a wonderful 2014!!!
Happy New Year! 


Lilpink said...

oh hiiiii..
we are katukayos. haha. i am also kai. and this is my first time to visit your blog. ^___^
looking great, btw. :)definitely love the necklace.

Kathy Kenny Ngo said...

Seems 2013 was overall a good year for you ... Happy New Year!

Gellie Abogado said...

Same foundation! High five, Kai! :D

2013 is a proof that God really puts balance on things. There were things that made us feel so elated but there are also challenges, not meant to bring us down, but more of to make us stronger and help us become a better person. It's not always about pampering us with blessings, but also preparing us for a more challenging (but amazing, of course) year to come.

Hope to see you again soon, Kai! You look gorgeous! :D


RebelSweetHrt said...

Same here, 2013 was a mix of positive and negative happenings for me, too. Looking forward to a better year ahead for all of us. Cheers! :)

ruthilicious said...

2013 went by really fast. I am glad that you stayed safe and strong despite challenges. and of course, you got new learnings and opps to look forward to this year. Happy New Year! Hoping to see more of you! :)

Kai Sensei said...

Hi ruth! Yeah hope to see you more this 2014!

Kai Sensei said...

Yes we must stay positive for 2014. :) Happy new year!

Kai Sensei said...

Naku Gel.. ikaw na ang gorgeous. hehe. you look awesome too! Hope to see more of you this 2014!

Kai Sensei said...

Thanks so much! Happy New Year!

Kai Sensei said...

Yay another Kai! *high-fives* Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I will also be checking yours out from time to time. I know there are other "kai" bloggers din out there. I've met 2 na. You are the 3rd. hehe. Hehe.. hope that we can be blogger buddies! :)

Angel said...

looking fab sis!
happy new year!