Sunday, December 22, 2013

Outfit Diary - Cardigan Weather

Hey Coffeeholics! Its been a while since I was able to have an outfit post. Been pretty busy with all this Christmas rush.. gosh I can't believe how quick time flies and now December is nearly over. 
Anyway, this was taken during one of our freaky weather days when the rain was drizzling while the sun was shining at the same time. 

Weird talaga yung weather. So while raining I wore my flash aviators thanks to my friend Naomi!

My Starbucks Peppermint Mocha as an accessory? Pwede!! :) *walang aangal!
 December also means horay for Starbucks Seasonal Drinks! Christmas aint Christmas without some Peppermint Mocha. *chos* Excuses to drink coffee - don't mind me. haha!

Say hello to my new babies bought from SM PARISIAN. I super SUPER love it. Yes I know its not boots but it kinda feels like boots and I just loooove that chunky heel. I've worn these shoes with a maxi skirt and a short skirt and its perfectly versatile I am in love with it. yay! 
Black Sleeveless Top - Bazaar
Yellow Cardigan - Thrifted
Denim Jeans - Colours
Shoes - SM Parisian 
Accessories - SM Accessories
Aviators - bought from @naomijean0913 (IG)
Init - lamig - init.. gosh weather, make up your mind! hehe

One thing I love about this cool season we have right now is that I can wear all the
cardigans, sweaters, scarves, etc in my closet! I rarely wear yellow but this particular cardigan has easily became my favorite. Its happy color plus comfort fit suits me perfectly. PLUS, the beauty of this cardigan is that its not too warm if the weather suddenly swings to a higher temperature. Also, I don't know about you but whenever I do see cardigans, it just gives this comfy and snuggly vibe to your outfit. Which is great coz you can wear a cardigan whether you just want to be casual and wearing jeans or if you wanna dress up for a semi-formal look like below:


The first photo (left) was me wearing my Sunday dress with a black cardigan. Second photo (right) is me wearing a bolero cardigan for this vintage dress that I wore to a 50's themed debut (haha feeling Stepford Wife ako nyan!)

Attended a garden sunset wedding at Thunderbird Resorts. (Loved the view!)
And yes, glad I was wearing this loose cardigan to offset the breezy cool weather!

Wearing a short sleeve bolero cardigan with a semi-formal dress to a High School Reunion,
That's me and my sis. We both went to the same school. :)
Yes my dear coffeeholics, cardigans come in all shapes, sizes, and color.  As you can see, you can turn a simple outfit to a semi-casual look or even up to a semi-formal one for that matter with cardigans. You can "dress up" or "dress down" in any situation! If you are worried that you can't find the perfect cardigan for a particular occasion, well you can always check out Zalora where they have a variety of cardigans which can be styled differently.

So Coffeeholics, what's your favorite cardigan? Or do you prefer jackets? Or are you like some other gals out there who like to wear sleeveless tops in this cool weather? Are you done with your Christmas shopping? (huhuhu wala na ko choice.. nag sara na ang wallet ko. haha!) Hope you are enjoying this wonderful Christmas Season! Happy Holidays. :) Mwah mwah!

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