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Its Christmas na! And one way we celebrate Christmas here in the Philippines is through FOOD! Yep, we are quite well known that we have a "feast" loving culture and Christmas is especially special because not only do we savor our food but we enjoy the festivity, fun, and laughter that accompanies our friends and loved ones! So most of you are probably wondering where you and your barkada, officemates, and long time friends can have a relaxing fun reunion in Eastwood? Then why don't you drop by PUBLIKO EAT + DRINK!

Yes it seems like this December most of my posts would be about food. So when I was invited to the PUBLIKO Degustation Event, I was kind of wondering what atmosphere that would greet me there. I was pleasantly surprised by the casual, comfy, and relaxing atmosphere there! And yes, it indeed does look like a Pub. In fact it is the first and only Gastropub in Eastwood City. The Publiko Restaurant is actually the old "Manor" club in Eastwood. Just in case you were looking for it. Its a 2 story resto with super high ceilings. I think its quite roomy!

PUBLIKO Eat + Drink is the first and only gastropub in Eastwood City in Quezon City from the creators of Draft Gastropub, Opus Restaurant and Lounge, Beso Cucina Vinoteka and Epic Boracay which caters to those who live to drink, dine and have a good time.

At the first floor there are several booths that you can sit with your family and have some wonderful food to eat. But you can also go to the bar and eat and drink just like in any good pub!

When you go up the stairs, you'll see this beautiful chandelier that gives the place a different vibe to it. You'll definitely feel that this place ain't just like any pub.

Set in a warm, laid back environment, PUBLIKO Eat + Drink is that familiar slice of the metro
where you just want to have a meal and share a toast with friends or family.

For this event, we were invited to eat there for lunch. I took the photos around late afternoon after most of the people weren't eating anymore. The 2nd floor has a lot of space, tables, and booths that would be great for you and your barkada to hang out with. What I love about the place is the super high ceiling and the awesome music! They have a great up-to-date playlist perfect for chilling, eating, and drinking.

Now this is where the magic happens! Yes, you can see Publiko's staff cook your meals for you. Awesome noh? Sometimes you can even catch Celebrity Chef Carlo Miguel cooking up the meals for you.

PUBLIKO Eat + Drink offers a wide array of American style comfort food by Celebrity Chef,
Carlo Miguel that though may be western, is still familiar to Filipinos’ palate.

So during the event, several of us bloggers got a chance to choose what food to eat. It was sooo hard! Everything sounds delicious. It even smells delicious based on the food that the other bloggers have ordered already. Here's the menu:




So first off the drinks that I ordered was the non-alcoholic beverage - Lemon Crush. Sayang I forgot to take a photo but its really zesty and yummy! Here are the dishes that I ordered:

Since I'm all for healthy eating, I decided to start with some veggies. I ordered the CRISPY CHICKEN SALAD which was surprisingly a big serving! I'm pretty much sure its good enough for 2-3 people. Yeah I can also finish the whole plate by myself but then there won't be room for other food. :P I love this dish. I would definitely come back and order this salad again kahit yun lang ang kakainin ko. haha. I'm on a no rice diet so this is great and filling. Plus the chicken was indeed crispy! Loved the sauce.

This appetizer was one of the favorite things I tried at Publiko Eat + Drink. It's the Crispy Fried Mozarella which I loved sooooo much! Look at the yummy melted mozarella. I swear I can eat all that up and not share. That's how much I really really liked those munchers! But since that wasn't my order (hehe thanks for sharing Keigh!) I had to control myself. haha. What I did order is the one on the photo below which is the Bacon and Cheddar Croquettes. It tasted good as well but my vote goes to the Mozarella. :)

Another dish that I got to eat (thanks to Keigh!) was the Mac and Cheese! Oh wow I'm so glad that I tasted it! I'm not usually a huge fan of Mac and Cheese but this is different since most of the cheese is Mozarella and the bacon/ham bits was delicious. Normally the Mac and Cheese that I've tasted comes off strong because its slathered with what sometimes looks like cheez whiz but Publiko's Mac and Cheese is light and makes you want to eat more and more! I guess because they didn't use that kind of cheese made a lot of difference. If  you love pasta (like me!) this is a must try!

As for the main dish, fellow blogger Keigh Jalbuena of Life in Heels  suggested that I try the Mom's Meat Loaf which is a homemade dish taught to the Chef by his mom which should be wrapped in bacon, steamed veggies, and onion gravy with a choice of fries, creamy mashed potato, or steamed rice. I wanted to have a taste of the creamy mashed potato so I ended up ordering that. And wow now this is comfort food! I love the veggies - its tasty and not overcooked (like in some restos). The Meat Loaf itself was delicious with the yummy bacon and soft meat. And the mashed potatoes was a delight! Yum yum!

And despite feeling extremely full, I made sure to save some space for dessert! The bestseller of the house was the Publiko S'mores Cake. At the chalkboard menu it came with a warning that it is addicting. lol. That I had to taste and verify for myself! And oh mah gosh it definitely is! It wasn't that sweet coz it's a bit similar to an ice cream cake sandwich with those graham in between. Its a bit hard to spoon (because of the ice cream sandwich effect.. its packed together quite hard) so expect resistance or it moving around like a block of ice on a plate. And yes believe it or not, its also good for sharing. :)

Another Publiko dessert that I got to taste was this scrumptious Bread and Butter Pudding. Oh man if its comfort food we are talking about this dessert is IT! I super duper love the combination of the warm buttery bread and the coolness of the vanilla ice cream. Plus there's this extra crunch from the caramelized sugar and the sweetness of the syrup.. its settles warmly on your tummy. Sabi ko nga.. if you are with your barkada and down in the blues, this dessert is just perfect. Haha. Di naman ako depressed during this time but I just felt the dessert expressed just the right amount of love and comfort. haha. May ganun! This was the perfect ending to my Publiko Eat + Drink meal. :) <3

I'm going back to Publiko for desserts! Super affordable pa!

Anyway, one of the special features of PUBLIKO Eat + Drink is the Imported Draft Beers. Sorry I don't have any photos coz I didn't order any. Anyway, so yeah Publiko is indeed a great place to hang out with your barkada this Christmas break as you have your reunions etc. Just like the event, I was glad to have met up again with my blogger friends. Ang sarap tumambay! Some of us ended up staying there until 4 pm. haha.

with ArtsyFartsy Ava

with Lesha

with Ava and Keigh

So Coffeeholics, if you are looking for a new tambay place for your barkadad in Eastwood? Try PUBLIKO EAT + DRINK - the place to go for comfort food, great eats, and awesome drinks. :) Merry Christmas!

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