Monday, December 30, 2013

Proactiv Solution Daily Oil Control To The Rescue

Hey Coffeeholics! We are on the verge of saying goodbye to 2013. It has been an eventful year but I'm definitely looking forward to awesome things ahead on 2014. As the countdown is about to begin, I bet some of us are also are reflecting and thinking about what things should we say goodbye to at the same time as we bid adieu to 2013. One thing I would love to say goodbye to (hopefully) as the year ends is my oily face with the help and rescue of Proactiv Solution Daily Oil Control.

2013 - Kai vs. Zits.
So far, Kai is winning! yay! Less Zits.
Still need to work on controlling my "oily" face though. 
Yes, this 2013 has been kind to me because I'm happy to report that because of Proactiv and the things I've been learning through Proactiv has helped me win more battles in what I've been calling the Zit Wars. Like I've mentioned in my previous post before, Knowledge is Power. And being aware on what causes acne and what I can do to control it has indeed helped a lot. The Doctors' Secret to a Lifetime of Clear Skin (click to read my review) really helped me to understand more about this as mentioned in the previous Proactiv blog post last month. As you can see there are still some things I need to overcome. One of which is to take control of my oily face. Even with all the moisturizer, foundation, face powder, and other makeup that I use - after a few hours I have to just accept the fact that I'd still be oily. So I was pretty happy when Proactiv let me try out Proactiv Solution Daily Oil Control. Especially when I learned all about its properties.

The Proactiv Solution Daily Oil Control - SRP: Php 899, 50ml Tube
About the product.
The Proactiv Solution Daily Oil Control is a breakthrough facial lotion that eliminates shine and is designed to absorb excess oil to help give a more mattified appearance while helping the skin fight acne. This also helps the skin to remain soft, smooth and hydrated without looking or feeling greasy.

When I tried on the product, it did give me a mattified appearance. It was absorbed immediately on my skin and I'm so glad to report that it left my skin soft, smooth, and hydrated. There was no greasy feeling whatsoever. It indeed performed the task of mattifying. I used the product before I put on any makeup.

Who should use it?
The Proactiv Daily Oil Control is ideal for men and women with oily skin because it controls and balances the oil levels and gives a matte finish after using it.

At the end of the day, I did notice a difference. It was considerably less oily than before. My makeup lasted longer. I'm not saying it totally removed the oil from my skin. But it was less and it was controlled. And for that improvement I am grateful. I bet those who have oily skin and wear makeup have also difficulty in making sure that your makeup stays intact? Well the good news is with the Proactiv Daily Oil Control, your makeup won't be streaking because of your oily skin! I usually have to deal with that especially with my eye makeup. But this has helped a lot! There are other benefits of using Proactiv Daily Oil Control and you can read it below.

What are the benefits of using Proactiv Daily Oil Control?
1. It helps control oil and other impurities that may cause pores to clog.
2. It helps to add moisture to the skin without a greasy feel.
3. It helps control sebum production that can cause skin imperfections.
4. It helps prevent makeup from streaking throughout the day.

What are the Key Ingredients?
Decylene Glycol – a highly effective moisturizer and oil controller
Silicone blend – provides a moisture barrier to soften, soothe, and hydrate the skin
Nylon-12 – absorbs excess oil, and provides anti-shine properties

How does it complement the Proactiv 3 Step System?
Just a thin layer of Daily Oil Control reduces excess facial oil and balances your skin's natural oil level to get rid of shine. It also keeps makeup from streaking and helps keep pores from clogging while it hydrates skin, so it's great for your complexion. Directions: Use after Repairing Treatment. Apply a thin layer to entire face with fingertips.

Where to buy?
a. Proactiv Online Shopping:
b. Proactiv Door-to-Door Delivery Hotlines:
Metro Manila Landline: (02) 729-2222
Globe Provincial: 1-800-8-729-8888
PLDT Provincial: 1-800-10-889-4444
Mobile No.: 0917-801-8888
c. Proactiv Mall Kiosks
Ground Floor, Glorietta 2 - Contact Number: (02) 388 2848
2nd Floor, Trinoma - Contact Number: (02) 380 3801
Ground Floor, Marquee Mall - Contact Number: 0935.834.1523

So coffeeholics, I hope with this Proactiv Solution Daily Oil Control will help me have a less oily face this 2014. Now how about you? What are your resolutions or goals for this 2014? Hope you all have a wonderful new year celebration!


Kathy Kenny Ngo said...

I'm lucky to be one of those who don't get zits ... I'm sure that those who experience these will love this though.

RebelSweetHrt said...

Glad you've found a product that works for you! Happy New Year! :)

Franc Ramon said...

Having oily skin can really be annoying. It's nice that proactive help manage oily skin and acne.

Franc Ramon said...

I think with a more balanced oil in the face. You're bound to have a clear face.

dmhyf said...

Pro Activ is not exactly inexpensive, but hey, if it works for, it works for you. And worth every cent!

Joshua said...

I have heard good things about ProActiv. I'm sure it does the job of keeping your skin smooth.
-Wanderer Juan

Alwin | The City Roamer said...

My cousin swears to the effectiveness of Proactiv. It may be expensive, but it sure offers value for money compared to other stuff out there that's affordable but does not keep the promises they make

Kai Sensei said...

Yep I've heard and seen its effects. Proactiv does live up to its promise.

Kai Sensei said...

>__< tell me about it. but to be able to control it will be such a boon.

Kai Sensei said...

With the price tag that it has.. yes it should and is worth it!

Kai Sensei said...

Yup that's why ProActiv even has a money back guarantee.. that's how much they believe in the effectiveness of their product! :)

Kai Sensei said...

Thanks! Still working at it though. hehe. Happy New Year!

Kai Sensei said...

Haaaay.. I envy you talaga. haha. oh what bliss to have no zits at all. You are indeed fortunate!