Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The ZAPtag ZAPCrawl Experience at BGC

Hey Coffeeholics! Its been a while. Yep, time truly flies by so fast and its December already. Unfortunately I've been sick for more than 3 weeks already with this horrible cough and my voice has yet to return to normal. However, that's not gonna stop me from blogging to the best of my abilities! So here's one of the fun fun events I've been to last month which was the ZAP CRAWL at BGC.

Now I know you are probably asking ZAP whaaat? Yeah me too at first. But then I found out what ZAPtag is all about. And well after finding out and experiencing myself the benefits of a ZAPtag holder (do we call ourselves a Zapper now? hihi), I've decided to call the attention of all coffeeholic shopaholic foodaholic peeps out there. Guys, YOU MUST GET A ZAPTAG. Yep. This is the mother of all loyalty/rewards card. ZAPtag is the Philippines’ first-ever rewards smart sticker that you can stick to your phone and have it with you at all times. It’s accepted at over 200 establishments in the metro.

“Who needs a stack of unused loyalty cards when you can be rewarded with just one ZAPtag?” Angelique Uy, ZAP Marketing Manager quipped. “You don’t even have to own a smartphone or subscribe to a data plan to enjoy all the perks of the ZAP platform.”

With a ZAPtag, one could splurge at favorite stores like Adidas, Digital Walker, Titania Wine Cellar, Office Warehouse and The Spa. Stuff your belly at Happy Lemon, Draft Gastropub, Burgoo, Mesa or Red Mango. Every time, you get 2% to 15% Cashback Points credited when you tap your ZAPtag at our terminals—one point = one peso. The more you spend, the more points you earn. Tap your ZAPtag again to use your points to pay for any item across the ZAP network. Easy peasy right? So simply put its your all in one rewards card generally for all food and lifestyle merchants at the Bonifacio Global City grounds but don't worry -- they do have plans of expanding the area not only at BGC but the whole metro. Yay!

So to fully experience what it is to be a ZAPper (Yes, I'm sticking with this nickname. :) we visited several participating merchants to have a "feel" of the benefits a ZAPtag holder has around BGC. Hence dubbed as the ZAP Crawl Experience.

The afternoon began at Sunshine Kitchen where bloggers were greeted by the ZAP team and event host Spike Acosta. I was kinda late but super glad that I caught up with the group while eating at Sunshine Kitchen. We were treated with a sample of the new dishes recommended by owner Tanya Chua. 

Our Lunch Menu at Sunshine Kitchen

Crabcake Benedict
Looks super yummy! Couldn't taste it though coz I'm allergic to crab.
But according to Rache from fashionistarchitect.blogspot.com it tasted really good

Truffled Four Cheese Pasta
Ok this dish here is a WINNER! Super love loved it! Its yummy cheesy and the bits of bacon was mouth-watering. If you are a cheese fan yes you'd be ecstatic as I was while eating it.  

Huevos Rancheros
A vegetarian's delight! Health-conscious peeps are gonna love this!

6 Hour Slow Roast Porchetta
If you're a meatlover, then this is definite must order dish for you.
The meat is not only delicious but super tender!
I love the contrast of the crunchy balat on the top then get the soft tender meat under the crispy skin. Not only that you get to choose which dipping sauce to use. I used the Herb Salsa. Yum yum yum. This was my favorite. I don't know if the normal serving of this dish is the same as it was served to us (kasi parang family size ang serving! grabe!) but definitely this deserved a two thumbs up from me! :)

For Dessert - Peach French Toast with Chocolate Caramel Sauce with Creme Anglaise
What is comfort food? This is it. This dish is the perfect thing to eat when you're hanging out with your BFFs and making chika, sharing your heart ache, or laughing heartily to the stories being told by your barkada. Yes its that kind of "dessert". Personally, I love the presentation as it is given to you straight from the skillet. Nice touch!
With Spike who was kind enough to answer a lot of our questions.
Yep get your ZAPtag NOW! Nope it won't be as big this hehe. 

Group photo at Sunshine Kitchen
After having our lunch, we did the ZAPcrawl and walked several streets to our next destination - Urban Ashram Manila which is located at the Active Fun building. Yes feeling mga donya tuloy kami because of the payong service pa. hehe. It was good to walk a bit coz we did eat quite a lot and so it was only fitting that we warmed up ourselves a bit with this brisk walk before going to Urban Ashram Manila. 

We arrived at Urban Ashram Manila and was greeted with studio manager Lexi Payumo. We toured the place a bit to see the facilities.

If I may recall the place had two studios.

So while we were there, we had fun as she gave a rundown of the benefits of yoga, stretching, and exercises that can be done while sitting down. Yup, Miss Lexi demonstrated some simple techniques that even us bloggers can do (or for the rest of you surfing the net as much as I do everyday hehe) while in front of the computer.

 It was just basically a lot of seated stretching poses that felt really really good. I didn't know that just sitting down properly with breathing exercises can help you feel relaxed and less stiff! 

If you are interested in this, you should definitely try it out as they have this 15 Day Unlimited Yoga Promo for only Php1,500. I'm not quite sure if you the ZAPtag is applicable on promos (you can call them up and ask if you want to be certain). But generally, ZAPtag holders get 10%-15% Cashback on yoga classes. :) Yes ZAPpers get benefits not only at restaurants but in fitness services as well! Awesome diba?

Then we went off and walked to our next stop (which wasn't that far) - Wink Laser and Wax Studio. Owner Holly Chang shared the studio’s philosophy on providing a hygienic, painless solution to hairy woes.

One thing I liked about Wink's facilities is how clean, clinical, and sterile the whole environment was set up. The staff from Wink assured us that even the wax used is very sterile. The items or devices they use to dip in the wax are disposable and are only dipped once in the mixture to make sure that quality control and sterility is observed.

So of course one of us had to try out a FREE eyebrow wax and my bff blogger and cousin Jen volunteered to do so. She was a bit apprehensive at first coz it has been years since she had her eyebrows shaped. Hehehe. Of course this was a Kodak moment, so I didn't pass the chance to take a photo of her "before" look. 

I really like how professional the service was performed.
Ate Jen (shopgirljen.blogspot.com) said that it didn't hurt and it was just a slight sting.
The whole procedure was very fast and over in a few minutes.
Yay clean brows for Jen! Read more of her side of the story on her blog shopgirljen.blogspot.com.
Well Coffeeholics, the good news for you ZAPtag holders is that you get a regular 5% Cashback on laser and waxing services (except for packages). Yay! So that means we can use our ZAPtags for Food, Fitness Services, and even for Beauty services. Oh diba all around talaga ang ZAPtag.

And for our very last stop, we walked to SLICE for some dessert! Yum! Slice is ZAP's newest partner merchant. We sampled some of their delicious looking cupcakes. I couldn't help taking photos coz they all looked too pretty to eat!

Pink Lemonaede Cupcake

Banana Blueberry (I think.. :P I forgot) but this was my favorite! 

Sugar Rush? Try this pretty Choco Yema! 

So happy that we ended with a sweet note. ZAPtag holders can avail a 5% Cashback reward when they dine at Slice. Yay! Before we all parted ways we were able to chat for a bit with the two guys behind ZAPtag. Kudos to you guys for this awesome idea. I personally hope that ZAPtag would expand not only in the BGC area but for the whole Metro Manila!

Last photo with the whole group. Yay for a successful ZAPtag ZAPCrawl Experience! Thank you so much ZAP for inviting me and letting me try this first hand. I've got a lot of loyalty/rewards cards already so having to need only just one ZAPtag for a lot of merchants and brands is super! 
Time to go ZAPping! I already have MY ZAPtag. Though getting Photobombed in the process wasn't my idea. hehehe. But my dear Coffeholics, isn't it about time you get your very own ZAPtag? Shopping, dining, and doing a whole lot other stuff in stores all over will be more rewarding than ever with your own ZAPtag! 
Enjoy a lifetime of rewards by signing up for a FREE account online
by clicking hereGet your own ZAPtag NOW!



Franc Ramon said...

I also have a Zap card but I haven't used it yet.

Joshua said...

I have heard of Zap but have yet to use their service. It seems like using Zap has a lot of rewards.
-Wanderer Juan

Mommy Pehpot said...

this is the first time that I read about Zap card.. seems very interesting, a lot of rewards with just one card!

Angie Vianzon said...

I never heard about Zap until I read this. Anyway, it does look really interesting and will check it out.