Thursday, January 5, 2012

OOTD - Secret Garden and Holiday Family Reunions

Dress - Thrifted
Top - borrowed from my sister 

Capiz Earrings - random souvenir shop at Roxas City
Belt - Landmark

Watch - TIMEX c/o SM Accessories
Bangles and Black Ring- SM Accessories
Flower Ring - Girl Shoppe
Sandals - SM Parisian
I wore this dress the day before Christmas at one of our family reunions. I know, this doesn't look "Christmassy" at all. But the main reason why I wore this was first of all, its one of my favorite "dresses". I have a secret though. Its not actually a dress but a "peasant skirt"! I know I know, I think I broke an unspoken rule here somewhere by telling you this secret of mine but I just wanted to share to you one of my favorite thrifted finds and what I did with it.

I'm not ashamed to say that one of my favorite shopping hobbies is to check out the "ukay-ukay shops" (aka thrift shops!) and buy some stuff there. Not only do you get to SAVE money (as in trench coats at Php50!) but you get to own (sometimes) a "one-of-a-kind" outfit or clothing article. Wala kang kaparehas! You don't have to worry that you might bump into someone with the exact same shirt or skirt! Anyway, so yeah. I tried to wear this skirt as a "tube" dress with the help of a really nice cover-up and a belt. Plus its super comfy, hides any bulges (hahaha a must during the Holiday season), and I really really like the flowery print and fit of it on me. Feeling girly and pretty ako! hihi. Chos may ganun! Its one of the rare items of clothing that I own that is NOT BLACK and which I really really like.

Pinoy Henyo Android App

Anyway, so that's what I wore that day. Actually, the original title of this post should have been my Christmas day outfit but then I remembered that the family reunion was on the 24th of December and not on the 25th. Usually we have it on Christmas day itself but for this year we moved it to the 24th. Anyway, it was fun to meet up with our relatives and second cousins and catch up with whats happening among ourselves. Besides, eating -- one of the fun things that we did was that we played PINOY HENYO using the android app! If you have an android phone, you seriously need to download this game. Its super duper FUN and HANDY.

with SOFI

with my sis LAURA

with my cousin - JEN

After the games, singing of Christmas carols, and retelling of the Christmas story, one other thing that we do during this time is PRAY. Yes, we take the time to thank God for the year, for His special gift to us which is why we celebrate Christmas, and we also pray for His blessing for the following year. Of course before we all parted, we had our "photo sessions" at our Aunt's garden. Yes, JEN was there since we are cousins after all. And of course, had to have some photo sessions with SOFI as well. hehe. Anyway, so that's some of the things we do during family reunions. What about you dear coffeeholics? Did you enjoy your Christmas vacation? What do you do during family reunions? Do you have any special activities or traditions that you do as well? Please do share!

Hope you all have a wonderful 2012!

Mwah mwah,

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