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FOOD DIARY - Moulinex You Cook Semi Finals Part 2

Hey Coffeeholics! Sorry I had to cut my previous post a bit short. I was experiencing some laptop problems but thank goodness its working now! So let's continue what I was sharing to you guys on the previous post about the Moulinex You Cook Semi Finals Event last Saturday. Anyway, as I was saying, I was able to taste one of the dishes made by the contestants! I really enjoyed that. And if you are wondering what the other dishes looked like, here are some photos of some of the contestants for this Moulinex You Cook Video Challenge 2.

Cottage Pie
by Juno Pocholo Sedigo

Halo-Halo Mousse
by James Adrian Bicaldo
Blackened Pasayan Inasal with Annato oil, Balsamic Vinegar Reduction, Adobo mousse, fried Sotanghon, Bringhe and Pechay Towerby Leonelia  De Castro  
Papaya Gazpacho with Spiced Veggie Skewers
by Joemary Grace Balza

White Chocolate Moringa Mousse
by Rosanna Ramel

Crab and Kesong Puti Ravioli with Malunggay Pesto Sauce
by Halson Lapuz

Poncan glazed Pork Medallions in Black Rice and Asian Slaw on the side
by Hilario Gamaliel Manikan

Filipino-Style Bread Salad
John Ryan Trani

Sinful Sans Rival
by Karen Grace Santiago

Caldobo (Calderata Adobo)
by Nino Carlo Rosali

I don't know about you but looking at these photos has made my mouth water again! Hehe. If you want to see all the dishes and how all of these was made, do check out their video entries at the Moulinex You Cook website.

Each Semi-Finalist were awarded with their very own Moulinex Blender.
After several hours of hard work, finally the judges were able to choose the Top 8 Finalists for this challenge.

CONGRATULATIONS to Moulinex You Cook Video Recipe Challenge Year 2
Halson Lapuz, Romeo Apostol Jr., Juno Pocholo Sedigo, James Bicaldo, Nino Carlo Rosali, Rosana Ramel, Karen Grace Santiago, and Leonila de Castro!

with the judges!
Now that the Grand Finalists have been chosen, its now time for us to look forward to the Grand Finals to be held on January 28, 2012. The aspiring chefs will go head to head in their last showdown, where they will have to use their acquired culinary skills, creativity, and passion in order to cook the most delicious recipe they can produce, given a set of random ingredients. The contestant with the highest score will be declared the Moulinex You Cook Video Recipe Challenge Year 2 Grand Winner! Grand Finalist will get a Php 40,000 cash prize, Stay and Learn Program inclusive of an overnight stay, Moulinex Demo Tour, and a whole lot more. Not only do the contestants get something but their mentors and respective schools as well.

Anyway, I really enjoyed watching this and I wish all the Grand Finalists all the best. Who will I be rooting for this challenge? My bet would either be Leonila De Castro or Karen Grace Santiago. Yeah, I'm rooting for the girls! LOL. I'm pretty much sure all the Grand Finalists will be working and preparing hard for this cooking showdown which will be in just a few days. Still, its really anyone's game and it will depend on their performance during the Grand Finals.

Thank you Moulinex for inviting me to this event! I felt really privileged and enjoyed it a lot. Also wanna thank the company of my fellow bloggers who were there. Events like these are always awesome coz I get to meet new people and make new friends.

with Miss Norma

with Marj
with Marj and Jonel
Thank you Miss Yovilyn Valenzuela, Brand Marketing Head - Moulinex & Krups!
Event Sponsor - KRUPS
MOULINEX products

So Coffeeholics, aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts -- don't forget to drop by Moulinex Facebook to be updated or do check out the Moulinex website and vote for your favorite video entry! 

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