Sunday, January 22, 2012

OOTD - Hotel Mirrors and Restrooms

Top - Thrifted
Dark Brown Sleeveless Shirt - Bazaar
Denim Jeans - Forever 21
Black Flats - Greenhills

Hmmm.. making sure I get a good shot of my reflection..
which is why I seem to not be looking at the camera in this photo.

Yes.. I am taking pa-cute photos of myself.. hahaha! pwede?

Necklace - My sister's!
Black Ring - SM Accessories
Watch - Timex
Hey dears! After viewing my outfit photos, can you now guess why my outfit post is titled like that? Hehehe. Yep, I took a photo of a reflection of myself in the floor length mirror at one of the restrooms in Hotel Intercontinental. This is what I wore during the Moulinex Semi-Finals event which I just blogged about in my food diary section. I was by my lonesome self that day... I missed my blogger twin JEN! So yeah, in other words.. there was no one else who could take my outfit photo for me. So I resorted to this! hahaha! Oh c'mon.. I bet you have had your famous CR photos as well.. diba? Lucky me, I had the restroom all to myself for a couple of minutes so I took the time to be vain and well.. voila! Self OOTD photos.

Now by this time you must be wondering, who takes my OOTD photos then huh.. well, most of the time its Jen who takes my photos. When she isn't available, I ask my sister or a friend who is with me at that particular time. :) So yeah, I really appreciate Jen, my sis, and friends who indulge in my requests and kikay moments. hihi.

Anyway, hope you all have a wonderful week ahead. Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year.. so YAY NO CLASSES! Where you Coffeeholics going to hang out? I have an awesome "birthday" party that I will be attending on Monday. I will definitely share to you all about that soon!


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