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Food Diary - Yummy YABU The House of Katsu

YABU - The House of Katsu
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Hey Coffeeholics! Who loves Japanese food? Raise your hand... and hail that taxi cab or jump on the MRT to go to YABU The House of Katsu at the 2nd Floor Atrium of SM Mega Mall! I've heard about Yabu but really had no idea what to expect. Of course, upon arriving in front of the restaurant you will definitely feel that you will have an awesome Katsu experience. Just looking at their posters makes your mouth water! After all, Yabu claims to be the first and only aunthentic Japanese katsu restaurant in the Philippines.

Yabu - The House of Katsu
Love the interior look of the place!

MANGA on the walls! How cool is that!
I  also really really like the comfy chairs and sofa.

Photo credit - YabuPh Facebook
[Sorry if the photos are blurred. I was only using my cell phone camera. I totally forgot to bring my cam!] 

And of course, the star of the show -- the Chicken Katsu (at 90 grams) set!
In the menu, Chicken Katsu is offered in three different servings - 90 grams, 120 grams, and (I forgot haha.. 200 plus ba yun?)
For the set that I got, it has a bowl of rice, 90 grams of crispy yet delectable and delicious Chicken Katsu, Miso Soup, a few slices of fruit, and unlimited cabbage salad.
90 grams of Chicken Katsu
and the white stuff is the Cabbage Salad!

Yummy Rice which I finished.
I really shouldn't have but the food was sooooo good I couldn't stop!

The special katsu sauce which I absolutely LOVED!
They even had special instructions on how to make the special blend of the sauce.
Some of these are the "ingredients" that you just had to mix it all up in a bowl with Sesame seeds 
This is where I dipped my Katsu by the way. SUPER YUMMY!
Me and Jordy (imishu) just about to eat!
We ordered the same thing. Hehe. 
Such a pity that I wasn't able to have a photo with Rache, Tin, Jen and the rest of the group that I was with at Yabu that night. I'm so glad that as the last barkada "food trip" for 2011, we ended up here at Yabu. Unforgettable talaga! The food was superb, the ambiance was just simply amazing, and the service was impeccable. As for the price, well to be honest it was a bit more than my usual fare. But I promise its all worth it! So if you haven't had your Yabu experience yet, I will definitely recommend that you do the next time that you are at  SM Megamall.

Happy Eating!  Mwah mwah,

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