Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Coffee Break - A Dose of Bo's Coffee and More!

I love drinking coffee. I love coffee A LOT. But my love for drinking this heavenly brew did not make me into a coffee expert. I am just satisfied by just sitting on a comfy chair and sipping and savoring this nectar that tingles my senses and makes me feel alive and recharged! Which is why I'm grateful for people like Steve Benitez who took their love for coffee to a whole different level and envisioned coffee drinking to become part of the Filipino Lifestyle as he had encountered during his trips to Europe. Thus the coffee franchise Bo's Coffee was born 16 years ago at Cebu City - a time where coffee shops in malls weren't that popular yet.

Me at  BO's COFFEE SM North Edsa Annex branch
I was just recently invited to a blogger's event that was hosted by Bo's Coffee. I immediately jumped at the chance of attending this coz well, I've decided that my love for coffee should also help educate me as well. And I'm really glad that I came coz I learned a lot! Not only about coffee in general but about Bo's Coffee as well.

1. FILIPINO MADE. Believe me, I've been to several well-known coffee shops out there but I'm very much happy to hear that Bo's Coffee is all FILIPINO. The coffee beans they use are all home grown from the Batangas, Cavite, and Cordilleras. Its awesome to hear that coz that means more jobs for us Filipinos and more opportunities for us to introduce the Filipino Coffee Blend to others thanks to Bo's Coffee.

Besides the beans, the ambiance of  Bo's does give a comfy but classy feel to it with a touch of Pinoy. Yes, what makes it unique is the unusual furniture and fixtures used in Bo's Coffee shops. The lamp shade above was specifically designed for Bo's Coffee by the internationally-acclaimed Filipino designer, Kenneth Cobonpue.

2. WORLD CLASS. Filipino made but WORLD CLASS. That is the aim of Mr. Steve Benitez, founder and CEO of Bo's Coffee. This can definitely be seen by the homey interiors of Bo's Coffee stores that combine homegrown and world-class in Western influences mingled with Filipino art which results in a great coffee shop experience. The atmosphere in Bo's Coffee shops induces customers to hang out and relax with their friends while sipping coffee!

But I guess what really makes Bo's Coffee "world-class" is the quality of the COFFEE itself! JUST ROASTED is Bo's Coffee's tagline. With this tag, it just means that Bo's Coffee stores makes sure we get best quality coffee due to the freshness of the beans. Bo's Coffee assures us that we definitely get served the just roasted coffee beans which is usually within a month after roasting date.

Bo's Coffee offers hot and iced coffee, ice blended coffee, and even non-coffee drinks to their menu.
According to them, when coffee is served as soon as it was roasted, the flavor and the benefits of the coffee is more prominent especially the part wherein it is less acidic. Of course this also means that the training that Bo's Coffee is giving to their baristas is also world-class to achieve this kind of quality service.

The same goes with the food served at Bo's. They have their own commissary for their food line which gives them greater control over quality and product innovation. Its definitely one of the things that I look into in coffee shops. The quality and affordability of their pastries is definitely something I'm quite pleased about. It is indeed something you can look forward to whenever you drop by at Bo's Coffee.

When I saw this, I thought it was imported! When I saw the logo, then it hit me that it was a  Pinoy product that looked definitely world-class--good enough for export. It tasted really good as well. Yay for a more healthy lifestyle option!

3. SUMMER DRINK. Well with all that coffee talk, its now time to taste the goods! Introducing the BISCOTTI AMARETTO from Bo's Coffee. 

Biscotti Amaretto
Coffee+biscotti is a match that sends you to heaven. For this summer, we decided to highlight that fusion with the Biscotti Amaretto. It's blended coffee with biscotti and Amaretto syrup topped with whipped cream, dark chocolate drizzle and crushed biscotti sprinkles. The Biscotti Amaretto is a great companion as you relax this summer :)

What I love about this drink is the crushed biscotti sprinkles which adds a bit of a crunch to my drink. I like those little tidbits when I drink my coffee. It makes it more interesting! Its definitely a drink that I would love to delve in during this summer. 

Partnered with my drink was this delicious luscious looking chocolate cake. Yes I know it looks very sweet but surprisingly, it wasn't! It had just the right amount of sweetness that would be great for brewed coffee. AND you won't get tired of eating it! This moist chocolate cake truly haunts me and begs me for seconds! LOL. I definitely will be having more of that the next time I drop by at Bo's Coffee! Thank you Bo's Coffee for inviting me and BREW OF THE DAY over. I'm so happy that I now have a new hangout place at SM North Annex.

So my dear coffeeholics, if you plan to drop by Bo's Coffee -- don't forget to tryout their bestseller which is the white choco chip or espresso crumble. Also PLUS FACTOR - they have a lot of electric plug outlets and free WIFI! Check out their website at www.boscoffee.com for more information, updates, and promos.

Soooo, do you agree with me that drinking coffee is definitely part of Filipino Lifestyle? Which do you prefer - drinking home-made coffee at home or at the stores? Please do share share share!

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