Saturday, May 5, 2012

OOTD - Orange Gold for Summer

Top: Thrifted
Denim Jeans: Bazaar

Leather Bracelets - SM Accessories
Ring - SM Accessories
Watch - TIMEX c/o SM Accessories

Just got my brand new wedges at SM PARISIAN - this is technically the gift from my friends.
They gave me sodexho gift certificates on my birthday and I bought the shoes using the GC! Love it!

Necklace - GIRL SHOPPE
This necklace is what Jen has dubbed as the  "Yaman-yamanan" Necklace.
It does give my outfit the extra oomph it needs to make it look good!

Hey Coffeeholics! How was your week so far? Its weird noh coz the extreme weather swap really is freaky eh? Not that I'm complaining, I'm happy with this new cool weather. Hope it continues to remain cool but not naman super rainy diba? So that we can all breathe a little better and relax a little more with this "lighter" weather. Anyway, I wore this outfit while the sun still shone very brightly. Which is why I wore the orange top. Orange = summer color right? Haha. I have mentioned before how I prefer dark colored outfits so wearing this kind of orange really is not me. I felt a bit conscious but hey.. part of learning to love and embrace me is to be able to wear colors that aren't black AND LOVE IT. So yeah I eventually liked the look (that's why I'm posting this! ahaha!).

Anyway, I've been enjoying my vacation so far. I'm happy coz I finally was able to attend some day "events"! So you should be expecting more posts from me. I've got one more week of vacation and I still have to do the following.

1. Renew my teacher's license. (ugh.. just thinking about lining up at PRC is ick.. )
2. Have my annual checkup. (ehehe.. annual tune-up more likely.. )
3. Finish my lined up posts and reviews. (which I've got it scheduled!)
4. Clean/rearrange/fix my closet. (how often do you guys do this?)
5. Organize all my accessories. (need to drop by Saizen to get my organizing materials there!)

Hmmm, that does seem quite a lot! Well, I will only accomplish much if I focus and do it one at a time! So coffeeholics, what are your plans for the remaining weeks of "summer"? Or have you accomplished your goal already? I'd love to hear them! Do share share share. Have a great weekend!

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