Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shopping at Saizen - Everything at 85 Pesos

Hey Coffeeholics! Its nearly time to start shopping for things you need for school! And one place that you should definitely check out is SAIZEN. I've actually been to their store several times already. I really enjoy checking out the items that they have on sale coz you normally don't see it in our typical department store or grocery store.

One of the things that I love about Saizen is the price! Everything at 85 pesos only. I really can't complain about that. Especially since everything is imported from Japan. Saizen (which actually means "best choice") is the only authorized Philippine Retailer of Daiso-Sangyo Inc. of Japan. According to their Facebook page, Saizen offers a variety of products, ranging from household goods to hobby materials, stationery and school and office supplies, plastic storage and organizers all at the amazingly low price of Php 85! Yup, this is definitely the place where I look for cool and cute stuff that I can use at school. Check out the pictures and judge for yourself!


Honestly, I'm a sucker for cute stationery items. Colored pens for the win! :)
Adorable erasers! Its one of my favorite prizes that I give to my students. 
Cute Notebooks for this new school year!
I think I need this cute purple stapler for my classroom! 
For students out there, get your complete set of math tools here! 
Did I mention how much I adore cute statio stuff? LOVE these clips!
Back to school means also gearing up for the rainy season ahead!
Get your kawaii colored umbrellas here at Saizen!

Back to school means back to BAON! hehehe. this one looks cute!
And of course you must have your water bottle with you!

 So if you have plans of buying some gear for school, you should really check out the stuff that they are offering. Not only does it look cute but definitely functional as well. Besides back - to - school items, Saizen has a lot of interesting stuff that you'll soon feel that you need in your house. Lol. Check these out!

Cute Kitchen Items! Love the pink and orange ones. :)
I think I might buy one the next time I drop by Saizen.

I saw this meshed vegetable storage bag and thought how cool it was!
 I love their unusual storage items.

Brew of The Day never turns down a mug! 

Always check out the Kawaii Corner.. defintely cute stuff alert! 
Checking out their hat selections.

A LOT of Makeup and Beauty Products to choose from.
Eyeliners and Eyelash falsies anyone?
SHOPPING with Friends is always fun! So when Saizen invited us and a group of other blogger friends to check out their stuff, we definitely spent quite some time and shop shop shopped!

Other blogger friends JEN and Rache trying out those retro headbands at Saizen!

And here's all of us! Thanks GENN for the pic!
Miss you guys - Kei, Gel, and Aya.
Special thanks to my cellphone photographer - Leni! 

Enjoyed shopping at Saizen! Check out the stuff that I got.

Kawaii Card Case!

Clipboard for school!

Mold for an Iced Drop or Iced Popsicle. PERFECT for Summer!

All those wonderful stuff at Php 85 each! Thanks Saizen I had a wonderful time shopping!

Check out Saizen's FACEBOOK page or Saizen's Multiply page for more info and updates!

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