Thursday, October 27, 2011

Roxas City Accessory Finds

I know its Philippine Fashion Week and I should be posting the PFW event that I attended the other day but I just want to insert this personal post of one of my "finds" during my one week stay at Roxas City. Yes, I have been out of town because I attended a major work related event with my students (being their teacher companion, coach, and trainer and all) last week at Roxas City. This is one of the major reasons why October has been a super busy month for me in real life so my online life (which means blogging!) had to be slightly pushed back on the shelf. Like I've mentioned before, I'm a Teacher by Day and Blogger by Night. So my day job comes first. All of the hard work (me and my students'!) paid off as we emerged victors of the event and our school snagged the Top award in Academics and Athletics. We give all praise and glory to God coz we definitely know we wouldn't have arrived this far if it weren't for His favor and grace to our school. 

Of course despite being very busy as a teacher there, the fashion blogger in me couldn't help checking out the stuff being sold at Capiz Gymnasium, Roxas City where all the pasalubongs or local souvenirs can be bought. Besides the traditional t-shirts with "Roxas City" imprinted on it, I found myself fascinated with all the locally made products being sold there. It was very hard to resist but I ended up buying a few! Here are some of the stuff that you can see and buy there at very affordable prices!!!

Kindly look for this stall at Capiz Gymnasium at Roxas City for cool souvenirs!
Very affordable earrings being sold there! I SUPER LOVE the capis earrings!
Wanna know how much? Punta kayo dun and buy na to find out! hihi!
I'm thinking that this would look great with candles!
Or would this float on water? It would definitely look pretty floating on a pool of water!
Novel Christmas Tree Decors!
They would definitely look pretty and delicate like snowflakes on your Christmas Tree this Holidays!
Other cool knick knacks such as jewelry cases, picture frames, and Christmas decors all made in Capis and in the Philippines!
The christmas angels look sooo cute! Love the colors!
Of course I ended up buying several of these coz they were TOO pretty to NOT buy!
Plus these are perfect gifts that I can give to my kikay friends! hehe..
My bestfriend and coteacher bought the ONLY gold one though.. >__<
But I was able to buy 2 sets of the three other colors. 
So Coffeeholics, doncha think these are pretty? And all of this from Roxas City! This is just one of the few Roxas City related posts that I will be blogging about.  And for my coffeeholic readers, IF given a choice, which colored capiz earring do you prefer -- transparent, blue, or red? I'm cookin' something so let this be a poll of sorts. Do let me know! Oh and if you have been to Roxas City as well, do share your experiences with us!

Now segway is over, back to PFW fever!


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