Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lee Kum Kee Weekend Cooking Festival with Chef Bruce Lim

Hey Dears!

How has your weekend been going so far? Well, I hope you are all enjoying this bedweather weekend. I know a lot of you are probably lazing about at home and taking that much deserved sleep to the max since most of you who are studying are done with your finals. Congrats to you!

Well I on the other hand has just finished a 10 day dinner fast which I'm very proud of. Would you believe that I did not eat RICE or MEAT during dinner? (Yes, that's a miraculous feat right there I swear!) Namiss ko ang rice.. haha!  Well it is quite ironic though that the first event that I go to immediately after my fast is a food event. As much as I want to lose weight, I'm going to be honest enough and say that its hard to resist food. So accomplishing the fast is a big feat for me and it was quite beneficial as well coz I discovered that I can survive with less rice in a day. I aim to continue the habit -- if not completely no dinner at least just eat only a very small serving of food.

Still, I have no qualms in celebrating my accomplishment by attending this wonderful event that was set up by Lee Kum Kee. Do you know that they will be having a Grand Cooking Demo that will be held later at 4 P.M. at the Activity Center of Glorietta Mall, featuring the Brand Ambassador and a certified kitchen master, Chef Bruce Lim. Watch as he shares with us his recipes specially made with Lee Kum Kee sauces.

Also, all those who witness the reunion of the featured chefs for the Cook with the Masters, Chef Sandy Daza, Chef Sau del Rosario, Chef Eugene Raymundo, and Chef Him Uy de Baron, Chef Ernest Reynoso Gala, as they show their love and support for Lee Kum Kee.

Also, catch stars such as Phoemela Barranda, Desiree del Valle, Enzo Pineda, Rocco Nacino and Steven Silva, showcase their culinary skills alongside Chef Bruce in a huge kitchen arena! 

So my dear coffeeholics, if you happen to be at Glorietta at that time, then do take the time to check this out. Tin from and I will be there! I've watched a lot of cooking shows on tv (Master Chef, Top Chef, and Hell's Kitchen anyone?!) but this will be the first time I get to watch the pros at work LIVE.

So Coffeeholics, does anyone of you cook? Do you watch cooking shows? Do share and comment!

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