Monday, July 4, 2011

Saturday Fun at Bon Chon with L'Oreal Shampoo Giveaway and OOTD

Last Saturday, some of my blogger friends and I were especially invited to a yummy event at BON CHON many thanks to PublicityAsia. We met Miss PublicityAsia herself who was very kind and sweet and kept going around talking, gossiping, and making everyone comfortable! There were quite a number of people with us who attended this special event for the first few members of PublicityAsia's MDC1000 Club. Some notable guests who came were also Fashion Pulis and the stars of Beckynights. Also Miss Andrea from Bon Chon was very attentive and accommodating. She made sure that we our plates were always full. We loved the food but had to eventually beg for mercy! We were satisfied, stuffed, and super happy with the food! Yum yum!

Candid sana shot nila dito kaya lang biglang tumingin kaya click kaagad! hehe!

with blogger friends!
And of course, we had a chicken feast at Bon Chon! The food was super delicious. I ate 8 pieces of chicken! I will post a review on my food blog, watch out for it! Here's a preview of what I ate!

Just looking at this pic is enough to make my mouth water.. I want BON CHON CHICKEN!
Before we left, we each got a gift many thanks to L'Oreal and Ms.PublicityAsia! Love it! 

Thats L'Oreal Paris! oh Yeah! And the Bon Chon bag is some of the food that I wasn't able to finish.
I love taking home food and sharing it to my family!

For those with GREASY DUlLL HAIR (well I know mine is  super oily.. so I think this is perfect for me!)
I already tried the L'Oreal Paris Shampoo and its conditioner and absolutely LOVED IT! All of us there each got a different kind of shampoo. I got L'Oreal Paris Nutri-Gloss Light Shine Shampoo for greasy dull hair. I admit that my hair turns really oily around late afternoon or at night making me look like a "basang sisiw" which makes me dislike taking photos of self during the night. I tried the L'Oreal shampoo the other morning with the conditioner. And usually when I use conditioner, the "greasy look" sets in even way before night time. BUT with L'Oreal, I was very much pleasantly surprised that NONE of that happened! My hair was light and free. Indeed it lessened the "greasy oily" look my hair usually has by the end of the night. I would say that at lest 90% less greasy! Wow that really worked. I'm gonna use my L'Oreal Paris Nutri-Gloss Light Shine Shampoo and Shine Conditioner from now on. Hope it will be a permanent hair solution for me!

Thank you Bon Chon, L'Oreal, Ms. Andrea, and PublicityAsia for this wonderful BON CHON treat for us! 

For the OOTD, I wasn't able to get a solo pic of myself so I decided to share the spotlight to the two awesome bloggers that I met that day! 

With Earth and Gelleesh. OOTD: Dress-Thrifted, shoes - Parisian, Belt - Bazaar
Finally I had a chance to meet up with Gelleesh! She was so fun to be with. Its really nice to meet up other bloggers in real life. She's one of the beauty bloggers that I interact almost daily at Twitter. Love you Gel!

P.S.  Meeting up with blogger friends in real life is fun! Other blogger friends here are Earth, Jen, and Rache. But I also have fun talking with other bloggers on Twitter. Have you added me yet? Search me! Or better yet, click that Twitter Button up there on my sidebar! Many thanks!


Ellen ♥ said...

Great photos :) you really had fun. :)

Shopgirl Jen said...

love it!! craving for BonChon again! :)

MC said...

BonChon is the bestest! Craving!