Sunday, July 31, 2011

OOTW - Introducing What My Sis Wore

Starting this August, I'm going to start a weekly post about my fasyon fashion sister Laura! I've mentioned her here before and  she has sort of guest blogged here as well.  I've always admired her fashion style and I think she deserves a space on my blog. After all, some of my outfits and shoes were all orchestrated by her! So every week, I will start a series called "What my Sis Wore" or WSW that will feature one of her outfits for the week.
Meanwhile, check out my sis' previous looks. Isn't she so fab? Love yah sis!

I really love the print of her skirt!
Shoes - Michael Korrs
We have the same shoe size but it doesn't fit me! sad!!!!

ME and SIS! 

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