Saturday, July 16, 2011

OOTD with My New MANELS!

So just in case you were wondering what I got from Manels, well here it is! Please welcome another edition to my animal print shoe collection, my Leopard Manels Clogs! Aren't they FABULOUS!

Saw this on the rack and put it down. I then found myself keeping going back to it!
Clogs of another color did not even catch my interest!
These darlings made sure they stayed in my eye range. I gave in. lol!


I used to be a person who only had three colors in her wardrobe. BLACK, PURPLE, and BROWN. With most of my clothes in black. Things have changed and I have long ago said goodbye to my old self and embracing the new me. One of the things I have tried improving is my wardrobe. HA! Not such an easy feat especially to my poor wallet. I'm trying to get COLOR back in my wardrobe. So during one of my thrift hunting moments, I stumbled on this amazing red trench coat. It was denim so it was kind of heavy. But it fit me, the color was still quite good, and surprisingly I fell in love with it! I already wore it once to church which I will post probably tomorrow my outfit there, but I officially made its "public" debut at the MANELS Private Sale Anniversary Event. My choice on everything else I wore that day revolved around my red coat. Of course, with my new Manels shoes, it gave my outfit the perfect finish that it needed!

This was during fitting.. hay finally found my perfect Manels  Clogs!
Top - Random, Black Jeans - Forever 21, Red Trench Coat - Thrifted, Shoes - MANELS
Shoes are comfy. They aren't heavy. I can shop til I drop in this! Yesh!

Love my new earrings! Love them too? I bought them with Rache!
Earrings from GIRL SHOPPE. Only at 130 Pesos! 
So have you bought your MANELS already? If you have then Manels has a message for you!

Some of you may already have heard of this and some might be part of this   already! The Manels Nation campaign aims to make ALL our customers a part of our advertisements.
What's gotten us through all these years is the support of our countrymen.
Among competitors, we believe that we've remained true to our roots as proudly Pinoy. The Manels Nation campaign positions Manels as the "National Leather Goods". 

What better way  to do this than utilizing today's available tools through social networks and fashion websites. Each customer now has the chance to get featured online and in our stores by posing with their Manels items and uploading these pictures through our Facebook page and 

After your purchase today, we'd like YOU to become part of Manels Nation as well! :)

So what are you waiting for coffeeholics! Post your fierce pictures with your Manels shoes or bags or accessories na and be featured in Manels Facebook! Malay mo, ito na ang chance or starting point mo na madiscover at maging isang "model" diba? So go na!
Join the Manels Nation na.

P.S. If you haven't bought your Manels yet, I suggest you buy tomorrow. Its their LAST DAY for their Anniversary Sale of 50% OFF on ALL ITEMS! Don't miss the chance to grab a pair of good quality shoes and leather made items at its most affordable price now that its on sale. Drop by their "new" branch at SM Megamall or at the faithful old store at SM City North Edsa!

P.S.S. Visit Manels Facebook:

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