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The White Hat Smoothies for Summer!

Time flies so fast! Its March already and I'm pretty sure you are feeling the heat just like me. Yes, Summer is here and well The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt Smoothies seems like the perfect antidote to this heat! I was invited by White Hat to try out their smoothies and since I've never tried out White Hat before, maybe now was the perfect time. I initially invited Jen and Sofi to go with me and try out their smoothies at the SM North Annex Branch. But something came up and due to unfortunate circumstances, we weren't able to try it out. In the end, I decided to take out my youngest sister Imannuelle for some quality sister time at White Hat.

My sister Immannuelle
We arrived at The White Hat branch at SM North Annex Branch late in the afternoon that Sunday. The heat was quite unbearable early in the afternoon, so much so that I didn't want to go out and commute to SM. So it was around 5 pm that I felt it was kind of safe enough to venture outside without being cooked by the heat! Me and my sister were really looking forward to getting to White Hat and enjoy the sweet and cool ambiance there. We immediately checked out what smoothies were being offered and what flavors we should get.

I was surprised by the selection of Yogurt-inspired healthy drinks that were being offered by The White Hat, purveyor of fresh authentic Italian yogurt desserts. I have yet to taste just the yogurt itself so I was really looking forward to my drink and having some bit of a yogurt on the side to make my "White Hat" experience complete. The White Hat boasts of three type of smoothies that will excite and cool our taste buds and thaw our tummies into pools of delight: 

The White Hat Smoothies Selection
1. FRUITY SMOOTHIE line includes kiwi, strawberry, bannana, mango, and blueberries -- all these REAL FRUITS and FRESH YOGURT really makes a yummy cool treat that can be super refreshing after a hot and humid day.
2. SIGNATURE BLENDS line which is composed of original recipes of the THE WHITE HAT like the Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie, Banana Walnut Honey, Mango Cream Pie, Blueberry/Grape or Peanut Butter Banana! All these drinks are of course made fresh with The White Hat FRESH yogurt
3. CREAMY TREATS line are for those who crave for some creamy delights which has Cookies & Cream, Caramel Cream, Chocolate Cream, and Almond Cream. These are definitely a great booster for those tired from shopping in the malls.

PLUS the awesome part of these refreshing, creamy, and satisfying  smoothies is the fact that they are  LOW FAT Smoothies and drinks! HOORAY! Hehehe.. When its hot and you need something to cool down, its nice to know that I now have an alternative that is healty and less fattening! haha!

So after checking out all these choices, I really had a hard time choosing what to get! They all sounded invitingly cool and delicious. I ended up asking the lady at the counter to enlighten me which were the "Top Sellers" amongst the Smoothies. According to her, the The White Hat STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE SMOOTHIE was on the top of the list. The second one I think was The White Hat Creamy Treats THE ALMOND CREAM. I consulted with my sister and we decided to go for the The White Hat Signature Blends Smoothies.


For my sister we decided to go for the bestseller - The White Hat STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE Smoothie from the Signature Blends selection.


For me, I decided to get the BANANA WALNUT HONEY Signature Blend of The White Hat Smoothies Line. I'm a huge fan of nuts. I really love chewing some little tidbits while I'm drinking. So when I saw this as part of the selection, I was really interested in finding out its flavor and taste.

The smoothies wasn't the only thing we tasted there! Since this was an official "date" with my youngest sister, I decided to splurge and really indulge ourselves here at The White Hat so I tried out the bestseller of their Waffle collection which was the The HAZELNUT PARADE. Yes I love my nuts! hihi. 

So what can we say about our The White Hat Experience? Well then, the ambiance of this branch was really  cool! I LOVE LOVE the decor! It really had the whole "Alice in Wonderland" feel to it!

I'm a big fan of their chairs (like the one I'm sitting on there!) and the "barkada" sofa chair (where my sister was seated. I thought the "coffee table" at the cozy area where we were seated was adorable! Its like two puzzle pieces that you can put together to make one big table or separate them into two lil tables. The rest of the store had the classic white rounded tables and curvy white chairs. Seriously, I really felt the Alice in Wonderland vibe!

Also the lights were really cool.. it gave a chandelier~like effect and the funky colors really made it chic! LOVE IT!

As for the The White Hat Smoothies that we tasted and the food that we ordered, I can honestly say that we enjoyed it! The smoothies were indeed refreshing and yummy. The consistency of the drink was quite heavy (remember, they used FRESH YOGURT! yum!) and with the fruits, nuts, and cake combined really was filling. It wasn't the icy slush type of drink that you would generally taste in other smoothies.. If you look carefully at the pictures, you could see the thick yogurt mixed in there so yes its definitely worth it!  My sister really loved her drink. She gave two thumbs up for it. I like mine as well! I could really taste the honey, the walnuts, and the banana. But maybe its a tad too sweet though coz when I tasted the Strawberry Cheesecake, I suddenly felt like swapping drinks with my sis! haha.. of course she would have none of that. So yeah, I totally get why Strawberry Cheesecake is the bestseller of the house. Its not too sweet, it has the perfect blend of sweet and a touch of sourness. Really loved it! Oh but the discovery of the day was the waffle.. WE BOTH LOVED IT! Yes, it was soooo yummy we had it finished in no time. haha! Thank you White Hat for inviting us!

So there you have it! If you are in the mall and looking for a yummy and cool yogurt drink, why not try out The White Hat Smoothies! They only serve it in one size (grande) but the drink is just enough to keep you full and cool. The different type of smoothies have different prices so for those in a budget, you can shave off a bit off the price if you opt for the Fruit Smoothies. Or better yet, if you need to just "cool off", why not share the smoothie with a friend or relative! YES! Its that filling! But of course its still much more fun if you have one for your very own but these are the options you may have if just in case your shopping splurge for the day depleted you too much.. haha. So go ahead and have a cool summer and try out The White Hat Smoothies!

Check out the nearest branches in your location:

Metro Manila Outlets:
SM Megamall, Fully Booked BHS, Glorietta 3, SM North Edsa, SM Marikina, Gateway Mall, Shangri-la Mall, Robinsons Manila, Robinsons Galleria, SM Mall Of Asia, Ayala Trinoma Mall, Landmark (Trinoma), Rockwell, One Archers Place La Salle Taft

Provincial Outlets:
Marquee Mall, SM Pampanga, Star Green Promenade- Dagupan

Be updated! Check out The White Hat FACEBOOK page or The White Hat Website to be informed of their latest promos and announcements! Hope you all enjoy and look forward to an awesome summer!

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